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II. My Light, that which makes me to see, and that whereby I fee, illuminatio de lux mea e lumen, lux in himself, lumen to us.

IJI. My Salvation, in the Syriack 2005 my Redemption, in the my Saviour ; but to translate it as the Chald. Syr. and our Translation have it, my Salvation, is more agreeable both to the Original Word "Yun and the scope of the place; for GOD is not Arictly our Saviour as 7170 but bearbpwrG; as Ocarbowro our Saviour, as 77979 our Salvation it self. Indeed I have sometimes thought that the Word yui here should more properly have been translated Safety than Salvation, as it commonly fignifies; because Salvation properly denotes an Act, and therefore not a fit Attribute of a Substance ; but since considering it more seriously in my Mind, I find that therefore because it is an Act, it is the more competible to GOD, who is actus puriffimus; who is not only our Light, but our Illumination, not only our Tower, but

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our Protection, not only our Guide, but our Direction, and so not only our Safeguard, but our Salvation.

IV. The Strength of my Life, 9 nyn Gr. ÚREpaotish's Protetor, the Arab. translates it e a . the Defender of my Life. But nyo denotes not the Protector or Defender, but the Protection, Defence and Strength of our Life. And so GOD is not only he that gives Strength unto our Life, but himself is the Strength of our Life.

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more than the former, a Fear accompanied with Grief, Commotion and Affliction of Spirit, Syr.

commotus sum. Obs. 1. The Lord Jehovah is a Saint's Light,

Salvation, and the Strength of his Life. 2. The consideration thereof should keep

out all fear and trouble from our Spi. rits. 1. The Lord Febovah is a Saint's Light,

Mic. vii. 8. John i. 9, &c. 1. A Saint's Light, compared to Light. J. Because without Light we cannot

see to do any business, John xv. 2. Without Light we cannot see to

go any whither.
3. We cannot enjoy comfort in any

thing, Psal. iv. 6.
2. Our Salvation, as the chiefeft

is our Salvation.
1. From the Evil of Sin.

2. From the Evil of Punishment.
3. The Strength, of our Life. 1. Original.


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2. Support. 3. Confort of,
1. Our natural Life.
2. Our Spiritual Life, fro

ons, Corruptions.
3. Our Eternal Life.,
Obr. 2. The consideration of GOD's being

thus our Light, our Salvation, and the
Strength of our Life, should keep us from
being too sorrowful for any thing that
hath, and too fearful of any thing that
may, happen in the World.
1. From being too sorrowful, because

whatsoever hath happened, ftill GOD
is the same to us that he was before,
and so we have loft nothing though

we have lost all things. 2. From being too feaarful. 1. Do we fear going astray from GOD!

GOD himself is our Light: 2. _ The evil of Sin? GOD is our

Salvation. 3.-_Of Punishment ? ftill GOD is our

Salvation, who will save us from the evil of the Punishment; he both

will and can save us. 4. Death ? He is the Strength of

our Life Natural, 5.- Corruptions? He is the Strength

of our Life Spiritual. 6. —Hell? He is the Strength of our

Life Eternal.

Use I. Make him thy Light, Salvation, and the Strength of thy Life.' Then, . 2. Be humbled under all the manifestations

of this thy Father's and thy GOD's Displeasure.

2. Endeavour to find out the true Cause of

it: What eminent sin hath gone before: What secret fin still remains: Or what Duty it is GOD points at that thou

shouldīt do. 4. Yet all this while still resolve to let go

neither thy hold of GOD, nor thy joy

in him. But,
s. Still live like one that hath GOD to be

his Light, &C.
1. By placing thy Affections on him.
2. By giving up thy self unto him.

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4. Particularly for the Affection or Passion

of fear placed upon GOD as its only Object.

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