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PSAL. liii. 4.

They have not called upon God.

IT is a fin not to call upon GOD.

I. What is it to call upon GOD? PODEUXH εσιν αιτησις αγαθών παρα των ευσεβών εις θεόν γινομένη προσευχή έσιν ανάβασις, Bail. Να προς θεόν ή αιτησις των προσκόντων παραθεί, Damarc. πάς προσευχόμενα τα θες διαλέγεθαι, Chry/. Three things required to it.

1. A drawing near to him.
2. A speaking to him, nogo neopoeuxós and

evedo. I Sam. i. 12, 13.
3. A praying of him.
II. How should we call upon GOD?
1. Reverertly; considering,

I. GOD's Holiness and Greatness.
2. Our own sin and weakness, Gen. xviii.

2. Understandingly, 1 Cor. xiv. 15.

1. Of what we ask.

2. Of whom we ask it. 3. Submissively. 4. Believingly, Mark xi. 24. Jam. i. 6, 5. Sincerely, Jam. iv. 3. 6. Constantly, 18. Thes. v. 17. Luke

Xviii. Ι. προς το δών πάντοτε πe9σέυχεθαι και

un enxertiv , 1. So as to be always in a praying frame. 2. So as to take all occasions of pouring forth

our Souls in Prayer to GOD.

3. So as to let no Day slip without Prayer.

For, 1. We are commanded to serve GOD

all the days of our Life, Luke i. 75, 2. We are commanded to ask Bread eve

ry Day, Mat. vi. 7. 11. tov å prov sijão

τον έπιέσιον δος ημίν σήμερον. . 3. We every Day stand in need of Mercy

which we ought to pray for.
4. This has been the custom of GOD's

People in all Ages, Pfal. lv. 17.
Dan. vi. 10. Aits x.' 9. Aas iii. 1.

Psal. cxix. 164. III. How appcars it to be a sin not to call upon GOD? 1. He hath commanded it, Ifa. lv. 6. I Tim.

ii. 8. s. Because praying is one of the principal parts

of Worship we owe to GOD, whereby we acknowledge our dependance upon him. Si invocare domini nomen & adorare derim unum & idem eft, Orig.

IV. Who are guilty of this fin? 1. All that pray to any one else but GOD,

μόνον γαρ προσευκτέον τώ επί αασι θεώ, Orig. Hæc ab alio orare non poffum quam a quo me

suo consequuturum, Tertul. 2. All that neglect either Publick, Family, or

private Prayers. 3. All that Pray, but not aright. Use I Reproof. 2. Exhortation; call on GOD, pray to him. 1 Dirctions.

1. Before Prayer.

ix. 4: 5:

1. Consider whom thou art going to. 2. What thou ftandeft in need of to be

prayed for. 3. Renew thy Resolutions against sin,

Psal. lxvi. 18. 4. Forgive whatsoever thou hast against

any Person, Mat. vi. 14, 15. i Tim.

ii. 8. 2. In Prayer. 1. Acknowledge thy fins against GOD,

before thou askest Mercies from him, Esra ix. 6. Neb. i.


Dan. . 2. Ask Spiritual before Temporal Mer;

cies, as in the Lord's Prayer. 3. Let thy Thoughts go along with

thy Tongue. 4. Remember others as well as thy felt

in Prayer, iTim, ii. 1. Eph. vi. 18.

Fam. v. 16. Mat. V. 44. 5. Bless GOD for what thou haft, as

well as ask of him what thou

wanteft, Pbil. iv. 6. 6. Ask nothing but in the Name of

Chrift, Eph. iii. 12. John xvi. 23, Qui reite invocat deum per filium invocat, & qui prope accedit per Chri . ftum accedit, Greg. I haumat, tãour μεν δέησιν, Oc. αναπεμπέον τα επί πάσι θεώ δια τα επί πάντων αγγέλων και

αρχιερέως εμψύχε λόγο και θες. Orig. 7. Ask in Faith, Jam. i. 6. 1 Tim. ii, 8.

Mark xi. 24. 8. If thou woulust be sure to make a

right Prayer, amongst thy others use that which Chrilt himself made and appointed, Luke xi. 2.

3. After

3. After Prayer.

1. Consider how thou haft prayed.
2. What thou hast asked.

3. Expect a gracious answer, Psal. v. 3:
1. By Prayer, thou drawest nigh to GOD,

and enjoyeft Communion with him. 2. If thou call upon him, he will draw nigh

to thee, Psal. cxlv. 18. 3. Call on him and he'll deliver you, Pfal. 1.

IS. 4. Thou hast a promise that he'll hear thee,

Job xxii. 27. Psal, lxv. 2. I John v. 14, 15

PSAL. lvi. 3. What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.


Hensoever we are afraid of any evil, we

are still to put our trust upon GOD. I. What is it to put our trust in GOD? 1. To keep your Hearts from desponding or

finking down under any fears. 2. To comfort our selves in GOD. 3. To expect deliverance from him.

II. What is there in GOD we ought to put our trust in? 1. In his Promises, Psal. cxix. 42. Ifa. xliii. 2.

Jer. xxxiii. 3.

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2. His Properties. Psal. xxxiii. 21.

1. His Power.
2. Wisdom.
3. Justice.
4. Mercy, Psal. lii. 8.
5. All-sufficiency.

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ÍII. Why should we in all our fears put our trust in GOD?. 1. Because there is none else that can secure us

from our fears, Prov, xi. 28. Whereas, 2. There are no fears but GOD can secure us

from them, either by removing the thing
feared, or by subduing the fear of the thing,

Job xi. 16.

Exhort. In all your fears still trust in GOD.
1. Are thy fears Spiritual?
1. Deiertions of GOD? Psal. ix. 18.
Lam. iii

. 3 i. Ifa. liv. 8.
2. Temptations from Satan? Rom. xvi.
3. Transgressions committed by thce? Ifa.
4. Corruptions remaining in thee, Mic. vii.

19. Ezek. xxxvi. 27

1. Poverty? Isa. xiii. s. Ifa. xliii. 20.
2. Disgrace? 1 Sam. ii. 30.
3. Ene inies? Deut.xxviii. 7. Pfal. xviii. 3.

Isa. xli. 11.
4. Loss of Friends?
5. Sickpess? fer. xxx. 17.

6. D-ath? Psal. xxiii. 4. Fob xiii.
I: This is the best way to allay thy fears,

Pfal, cxxy. 1, 2.
Vol. I.


xliii. 25


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