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2. That can make us contented, 1 Tim.

vi. 6.

- That can sanctify Poverty, Jam. ii.s.
2. Vox oppref.
1. It is only God that can turn the Oppeslor's

Heart, Gen. xxxix. 21.
2. — Tiehis Hands, Psa. cxix. 122. .
3. Vox tentati.
1. It is he alone that permits Satan to tempt

us, Job i, 6. .
2. —— That enables us to withstand the Tem-

ptations, Jam. iv.7.
3. — And to overcome them, 1 Cor.x. 13.
4. And make us better by them, 2 Cor.

xii. 8, 9.
4. Vox ægroti.
1. It is he alone that can enable us to be par

tient under Sickness.
2. ---- Directs us to proper means for Re-

covery, 2 Chron xvi. 12.
3. - That can bless those means, Mark.

viii. 23. 2 Kings v. 14.
5. Vox moribundi. He alone that can supply

us with what we want.
1. Pardón our Sins, Exod. xxxiv. 6.
2. Accept our Persons, Rom. viii. 33.
3. Support our Hearts.
4. With-hold the Tempter.
5. Fit us for himself.
6. Deliver us from the Pangs of Death, by

admitting us into the joys of Life.
7. Make us happy after Death.

1. Expect Troubles,
2. Prepare for them.

3. Look

3. Look up to GOD only for Deliverance

from them, 2 Cbron. xx. 12. Pfa. xlvi. 1,2. 4. Make sure of Help from GOD, especially

in the general Trouble of Death. 1. By repenting. 2. By getting an Interest in Christ. 3. By being fanctifyed by the Spirit, Heb. xii.


PSA L. cxxiv. 1, 2, 3. Ver. 1. If it had not been the Lord who was on our fide, now may Israel Say: : Ver. 2. If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when Men rose up against us;

Ver. 3. Then they had swallowed us up quick, when their Wrath was kindled against us.


UR Deliverance from Enemies must be aU scribed wholly to GOD.

I. Man, whilft GOD was his Friend, had no Enemies that could hurt him.

II. Being fallen, hath,

1. Spiritual.
.: i. The Devil, :IWA I Pet. y. 8.

2. The World.

. 3. Him.

3. Himself, Hos. xiii. 9. 2. Temporal Men. III. It is GOD alone that preserves or delivers us from our Enemies. 1. Spiritual.

1. Illuminating our Minds to see, • I. That they are Enemies,

2. And dangerous Enemies. 2. Sanctifying our Wills.

3. Bringing our Affections into Order. 2. Temporal. 1. God alone hath Power in himself, Gen.

xvii. 1. 2. All Creatures derive their Power from

him, Aits xvii. 28. 3. Hence it is he alone that can limit the

Power of our Enemies, Pfa.lxxvi. 10. 4. And that can give us Power against them,

2 Chron. x. 12. As in this Cause, 1. Whatsoever Prudence there is in our

Commanders, fam, i. 17. 2. Strength in our Ships, 3. Courage in our Soldiers, is only from

God, Psa. cxliv. I. 4. And whatsoever Success these have, is also

from him, Pfa.xxi. 31. Use. Be thankful to GOD. So as, 1. To acknowledge this Deliverance came

not from our selves.
2. That we did not deserve it..
3. And therefore ascribe all to GOD.
1. His Wisdom

2. His

2. His Power.

3. His Mercy, Lami. iii, 22.
This our Thankfulness we should express,

1. In our Hearts.
2. With our Lips.
3. In our Lives.

1. By rejoicing in him.
2. By trusting on him for the future.

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III. Wherein doth his Mercy appear?

1. In revealing his Will to us.
2. In continuing our Lives to us.

3. In his pathetical Expoftulations with us,

Hof. xi.8. Ezek. xxxiii. II.
4. In vouchsafing his Ordinances to us.
5. In his Judgments upon us.
6. In sending his Son to die for us,

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