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3. In his Affections and Inclinations,

Pfal. lxxiii. 25.
III. In his Eftate and Condition.

1. Because he was made Happy.
2. Had Power over all other earthly Credo

tures, Gen. i. 28. Use. 1. Admire the Goodness of GOD in our Creation, Psal. c. 1, 2, 3.

2. Bewail our Loss of this Image.

3. Endeavour to have it repaired, Eph. iv 24: 1. Be sensible of


Loss. 2. Believe on Jesus Christ, 1 Cor. i. 30. 3. Frequent Publick Ordinances,Rom. X. 171 4. Maintain your Authority over, and be

not subject to the World. 5. Live up according to that Image you

were made in.

[blocks in formation]

Gen. xlix. 1o. The Scepter shall not depart from J20

dah, &c.


MAN being fallen from GOD, could not


recover himself. 2. Hence the Son of GOD undertook to Redeem him.

3. To do this, he was to become Man.

4. Hence a Time was set when he should become Man, Gal. iv. 4.

-5. Before he came, GOD revealed him to his People, Gen. iii. 15. c. xii. 2, 3. c. xxii. 18. To the Gentiles, Fob xix. 25. Numb. xxiv. 17. To the Jews, Ifa. vii. 14. c. ix. 6.

6. Not only his Person, but the Time also of his Appearing, was revealed.

7. There are Three Places especially that determine the Time.

1. Mal. iii. 1. Hag. ii. 9.
2. Dan. ix. 25.

3. Gen. xlix. 10.
Where understand,
I. By Scepter, Government.
2. By Departing, total Departing.

3. By Judah, the Tribe : 2 Reg. xvii. Sab maneler having carried the Ten away Captive. 4. By Lawgiver, Qui jus dicit.

. By, from between his Legs, his Posterity born of him.

.Onkel ,עד דייתי משיחא דדיליה היא מלכותא

.Rab . Bechaj ,הזכיר יעקוב משיח בשם שולה

.שילה זהמלך המשיח

6. By Shilo, Messiah.

, . NUO 170 pow, R. Sal Jarchi. So Jonath. di Targ. Hierosolym.

, So also Abrabenell. So also in the Talmud in Bereshith Rabba,

7. By the gathering of the People to him, Obedience to him, 'Qy mp!!!, in Arabick, Paruit, obediens füit. Prov. xxx. 17. On napos 112n. To Mew when the Prophecy thus explain'd

was fulfilled : Consider, 1. When Fesus was born, Herod was King, an Idumean by Father's, Arabian by Mother's fide ; though a Profelite, yet not of Judah's Pofterity.

Non defuit Judeorum Princeps ex Judeis ufque ad iftum Herodem quem primum acceperunt alienigenam Regem.": Auguft.

So Eusebius, Hift. 1. 1. C. 6.
St. Jerome.
Hence fome, 'Hpcó cho ngôvto Xesen welor, Epiph.
Herodianic Herodem regem fuscepere pro Chrifto

. Hieron.

Matt. xxii. 16. Mark iii. 6.c, viil. 15.
2. But the Jews in Herod's Time had their

, , fore which Herod himself was brought, and scarcely escaped with his Life, Jofeph. I. 14. 18.

But he after, Πάντας απέκλεινε τις ν' το συνεsela, Fosepb. 1. 14. 18.

But this Sanbedrim was taken away,

Years before

40 (ארבעים שנה קודם חורבן הבית

the Destruction of the Temple, David Ganfius, and Talmud. And so, just when our Saviour appeared in the World, Fob. xviii. 3!.

' Agua

B 3

ot GOD, in sending his Son into the

'Αμα και αυτός είς άνθρωπος παρών και η Ιεδαίων ne Fuipato Bariador. Eufeb.

3. The whole Prophesie was fulfilled at the Destruction of the Temple, for then were the Nations converted to Christ.

USE. 1. Observe the Certainty of Scripture, fore: telling Things 1700 Years to come. 2. Jesus is the Christ, fob. xx. 31.


1. For making,
2. For fulfilling this Promise, Luk. ii. 13.

14. Let your Thankfulness be expressed, 1. By a serious Meditation upon the Mercies

for this is the Mercy of all Mer. cies. 2. By a sincere and hearty Obedience to all

the Laws of so good and gracious a GOD, 3. By a liberal Contribution to the Poor,

that they may rejoyce too. 4. By addresling your selves with all Humi

lity and Reverence to the Sacrament, that you may partake of his Merits, who as upon this Day came into the World to save you from your Sins, and bring you to Heaven.


[blocks in formation]


Hich Name denotes,

I. His Existence.

II. His Essence, and in that, 1. His Unity, Deut. vi. 4. i Cor. viii. 4, 6.

Whence learn, 1. To apprehend as but one GOD, tho’

Three Persons. 2. To worship and serve but one GOD. 2. His Independency, Psal. l. 10, 11, 12.

1. Admire his Mercy.

2. Dread his Justice. 3. His Self-sufficiency, 17017, Asus, Deus.

1. Interest your felves in him.

2. Rely upon him. 4. His Causality, Act. xvii. 28. I, Acknowledge and conceive him as your

Maker. 2. Give your selves to him, who gave your ş. His Immutability, Heb. xiii. 8. Jac. i. 17. Mal. iij. 6.

1. Trust in his Promises.

2. Tremble at his Threatnings. 6. His Sovereignty, Psal. xlvii. 2. Mal. i. 14.

1. Obey his Commands chearfully.

2. Suffer his Punifhments patiently.
7. His Immensity, Psal. cxxxix. 7.

1. Often be thinking of his Presence.
2. Act always as in his Prefence.

8. His

selves to you.


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