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SUAL Form of Letters by him to the Lord Great Cham

of Summons to the Peers berlain, who lays them on the Table U and Peeresses to attend before the King

14 the Coronation Page 6 Form of the Dean and Prebendaries

Form of Letters of Dir. proceeding up the Hall with the pensation to those who cannot con Regalia

ibid. veniently attend

ibid. The Manner of delivering the RegaUsual Places of Parade, and Habits lia to the Noblemen appointed by

and Disposition of the Horse and the King, to carry the lame in the Foot-Guards, on the Day of the Grand Procession

15 Coronation

7 The four Bishops usually summoned The Lord Great Chamberlain's aparel to support the King and Queen 12

ing the King in the Morning of The Disposition and Service of the the Coronation


Barons of the Cinque Ports, SerHis Majesty's Arrival at Westminster, jeants at Arms, and Gentlemen and the Robes he is there first in. Pensioners

16 vested with

ibid. The Disposition and Form of the The Queen's Aparelling by her Ladies, Grand Procession from Westminsterand Arrival at Westminster

Hall, to the,

17 The Assembling of the Peers and The spreading of 1220 Yards of Blue

Peerefles, Archbishops, Bishops, Cloth, and it rewing the same with Judges, doc. at Westminster ibid. Flowers

24 The Manner of Marshalling the seve- Anthem usually sung by the Choir in

ral Classes of Gentry and Nobility, their way from the Hall to the in order for the grand Procession,


25 and their Entring into Westminster. The Manner of Disposing, Seating, Hall

and Placing their Majesties, and the The Seating of the King and Queen several Perfons after their Entrance in the Hall, bo.

into the Church

26 The Manner of the Regalia being Anthem that has been fung by the

brought by the Dean and Preben Choir, when the King and Queen daries of Westminster to the Hall ib. are in the Church

ibid. The Sword of State presented by the Acclamations of the King's Scholars

Master of the Jewel-Office to the at the King and Queen's Entrance Lord High-Constable ibid. into the Church

27 A particular Description thereof ibid. The Recognition

28 The Sword Curtana, and two pointed The second Anthem

29 Swords, and Golden Spurs, present. The first Oblation

ibid. ed to the Lord High-Constable, and



22 pr.gog Wir

Ι Ν D Ε Χ.

3 The Litany

31 The Form of the Heralds proclaiming The Sermon


the King's Style in Latin, French, The Oath

and English

56 The Anointing

34 The Ceremony of carrying up the The third Anthem ibid. second Courie

ibid. Prayers of the Archbishop and Re Three Maple Cups presented to the sponses

35 King by the Lord of Nether BillingThe fourth Anthem ibid. ton Manor

ibid. The Investing

Page 36 Lord Mayor of London, aslifted in the The Crowning


Butlership by the Mayor of Oxford, The Investiture per Annulum Baccue presents a Bowlof Wine to the King, lum

40 who gives as a Fee to the Mayor of The 2d Oblation and Benediction ib. Oxford the aforesaid 3 Maple Cups 57 The Inthroning and Homage 41 Chargers of Wafers presented to their The fifth Anthem

43 Majesties by the Lord of Lyston The Anointing, Crowning and In Manor

ibid. throning of the Queen ibid. Cold Cup presented to the Lord The fixth Anthem

45 Mayor of London for his Fee ibid. The Manner of their Majefties Re- Ceremony of their Majesties second turn to Westminster-Hall


ibid. The Manner of covering, doc. the Their Majesties Return to the Royal Royal Table

SI Palace at the Conclusion of the The Disposition of the other Tables Grand Solemnity

ibid. in the Hall, for the Coronation Dinner


The Manner of the King and Queen's An Explanation of the Sacred and
Entrance into the Hall to Dinner

Royal Habits, and otherOrnaments, ibid.

wherewith the King is invested at The magnificent Manner of serving up his Coronation, viz. to His Majesty's Table the firft The Dalmatica

58 Course of hot Meat 52 The Supertunica

ibid. The D:llegrout brought up to the Royal The Armil

ibid. Table by Ld. of Adington Manor $3 The Colobium Sindonis

ibid. The Form observed in bringing the The Surcoat

ibid. great Bason and Ewer for the King The Buskins

ibid. ibid. The Sandals The Towel held by the Lord of Heydon The Spurs


ibid. Manor

ibid. Grace said by the Dean of the Chapel The Anointing Spoon

ibid. Royal

ibid. King Edward's Chair, with a DescripThe Manner of their Majesties being

tion and Sculpture thereof ibid. attended during the Time they are The Sword Curtaxa, and the two at Dinner


pointed Swords described, with a The first Cup of Drink presented to

Sculpture of all three

60 His Majesty by the Ld. of Wimondley Manor

54 A Description of the Crowns, Scepters, The Form of Entrance of the King's

&c. viz. Champion, with a Sculpture there. Of St. Edward's Crown, with a Sculp. of on a Copper. Plate ibid. ture thereof

61 The Words of the Challenge 55 Of the Crown of State, with a SculpThe Champion's Fee

ture thereof

62 Of

to Wash

ibid. The Ampul


A 2

faciassod 8.6 -31 Avn


Ι Ν D Ε Χ. 4 Of the Queen's Circlet, with a Sculp- Ceremonial observed at the Coronatiture thereof

Page 62 on of King WILLIAM and Queen Of theOrb, with a Sculpture thereof 63 MARY, April 11. 1689. 66 Of the Crown, wherewith the Queen Form of the Grand Procession at the

is usually crowned, with a Sculp Coronation of Her Majesty Queen ture thereof ibid. ANNE, April 23. 1702.

69 Of the Crown which her Majesty usu. Form of the Grand Procession at the

ally wears in her Return to West Coronation of his late Majesty King minster-Hall, with a Sculpture there

GEORGE I. 08. 20. 1714. 71 of

64 A complete Lift of the present Of St. Edward's Staff

Peerage of England

74 Of the King's Scepter with the Dove ib. A List of the Knights of the most Of the King's Scepter with the Cross ib. Noble Order of the Garter 78 Of the Queen's Scepter with the A List of the Knights of the Honour. Cross

65 able Order of the Bath ibid. Of the Queen's Ivory Rod ibid. The Bill of Fare at the CoronationOf the King's Coronation Ring ibid. Feast of King James II. and his Of the Queen's Coronation Ring ibid.


79 With Sculptures of each.

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