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Of the CEREMONIES observed in the

Of the KINGS and QUEENS of
E N G L A N D.


1. The Form of the Royal Letters of Sum- X. A Description of the Royal and Sacred

sent to the Peers and Peeresses, to at. Ornaments, and of the Crowns and Scepters,
tend the Solemnity of the Coronation. &c. wherewith their Majefties are crowned
II. The usual Disposition of the Horse and and invefted; together with a brief History
Foot-Guards, and their respective Habits,

of the Ancient Chair, called St. Edward's.
Parades, and Stations on the Coronation. Chair, in which the King is crowned.

XI. The Ceremony of the Proceedings at the
III. The Apparelling and Robing of the

Coronations of King WILLIAM and
King and Queen, and their Majefties re Queen MARY, of Queen Arse, and of
pairing to Wejimintter-Hall.

his late Majesty King GEORGE I. By
IV. The Marshalling and Conducting into comparing which with the preceding Hi.

Westminster-Ball, the leveral Persons who ftory, the Reader will be able to form a
are to march in the Procession.

complete Idea of the Ceremonies which will
V. Their Majefties Enıring the said Hall, and be observed at the CORUNATION of his

the Ceremony of presenting the Regalia, present Majesty King GEORGE II. and bis
&c, to the King.

Royal Consort Queen CAROLINE.
VI. The Grand Proceeding to the Coron XII. A complete List of the Lords Spia

TION, with the usual Seating and Placing ritual and Temporal, the Knights of the
of the several Persons after their Entrance Most Noble Order of the Garter, and of
into the Church.

the Knights of the Bath · Whereby the
VII. The usual Ceremony of the CORONA Reader will have, at one View, most of the
TIONS as performed in the Church.

Names of the illuftrious Persons who will
VIII. The manner of their Majefties Re have Place in the Grand Solemnity of the
turn to Weftminster-Hall.

IX. The Ceremony of the Champion's Chal. MAJESTIES

lenge, and of the Heralds proclaiming the XIII. A BILL of FARE at a former
King's Style in Latin, French, and English. Coronation-Feast.


With many other Notable Particulars, for which the Reader is referred to the INDEX.
The whole Adorn'd with Curious Cors, representing on a Copper-Plate the manner of the

Champion's Challenge, as also the Imperial Crowns, Scepters, Orb, Queen's Circler, the
two pointed Swords, and Curtana, the King's and Queen's Rings, St. Edward's Chair, &c.
To which is also prefix'd a very large and curious COPPER-PLATE, exhibiting (in that of
King William and Queen Mary) the magnificent Form of the Procession wually observed
in the CORONATION of the Kings and Queens of England.


Painred for J. ROBERTS, in Warwick-Lane ; J. STAGG, in Westminster-Hall;

and D. BROWNE, without Temple-Bar. 1727. [Price £6.68.)

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