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How men like brothers did appear-
How harsh have I condemn'd them here!"
And now thy harshness thou may'st see,
In likeness I did answer thee,
That I was griev'd for man the same,
And said they did not know my name;
And this I said to thee at first,
That wrong men's judgment all was plac'd ;
But now the changes I see here,
And like thy answer I'll appear;
For I can not condemn them all.
If strong my judgments now do fall,
Like thee, in love I'll think on men;
I know and see what they have done.
Because it is in love to me
That they have shewn their love to thee;
And so I say 'tis for my sake
The mock of fools they now do take,
To bear their scorn and still go on :
They'll find, like thee, in love to man,
That all my promise I'll fulfil,
And all their wounds I'll surely heal.

“ But, when I speak the words of man,
Both sexes together here I mean;
Because 'tis for the human race
That I have so unveil'd my face
But I shall still unveil it more,
Till I've unbolted every door
That hath a heart to let me in,
And so the victories I shall win.
But where the bolts are made so strong,
That Satan guards I cannot come;
Then I shall leave them for his prey,
And from that door I'll turn away;
But where 'tis bolted but by man,
I'll find a way to overcome.

?? So here's the difference in the two;
Now see the change before your view,
That at this time is come to thee;
Yet greater change they'll find in ME.
But now thy writings must appear,
And what thou judg’dst of man before.
So both together let them weigh';
Then see the dawning of the day ;
Because my heart they'll find like thine,
To turn to men when they prove kind,

And wish to know my perfect love;
This change in thee they'll surely prove
To find it in the Lord the same,
And they shall find my.every name.”

In the year 1794, after the Scriptures had been explained to me in an extraordinary manner; and the truth of my writings in 1792, appeared in 1793, of the war, and which still was going on in 1794, I was ordered to write to the Methodists as I was foretold the end of all things was at hand, and I should not conceal what was revealed to me, but send to Mr. Leech, to warn all men of approaching dangers. I did as I was bid; he sent me back a few lines to say, if it was so, what could he do? He would not give warning of what he did not believe: he said he believed, as many more did, that we should see good days; and did not think there was any danger. This letter surprised me, coming from a minister of the Gospel: I read it, on my knees in prayer to the Lord, and was answered in a manner that quite astonished me; and I thought to send him the words given me in answer to his letter; but as the people all joined with bin, by saying they hoped I would trouble them no more, as he had other things to mind; this prevented my sending the

Their words might have been umnoticed by some, but they were not by me; as my eye is quick in discerning, my heart is tender in feeling, deep are my meditations, strong is my meniory, and everyone's conduct laid clear before me. And, when I was forsaken by all, that I thought men cared for none but theirşelves; as they well knew that I believed it from the Lord, and many of the truths had then appeared; but they took no pains to convince me, if they thought it was not from the Lord ; nor shewed any regard to search out the truth, if it was from him; and as


they were all great professors of religion, this made me think that true religion was gone out of doors; for I had as good an opinion of the man I sent the letter to, as I had of any one I knew. But their answer made me say with David

“ Since godly men decay, O Lord,

" Do thou my cause defend;
“ For scarce these wretched times afford

“ One just and faithful friend.”
My soul was overwhelm'd with woe,

When tidings to me came-
The anger of the Lord was great

If I conceal'd his name :
The things that he reveald to me

Should public fly abroad,
That all the world may see and know-

He is the living Lord.
I ask'd the world what they could do

In this my grand concern;
But not a word of answer then

I to such question learn'd.
But all that they could do for me

It plainly did appear,
That 'if I was oppress'd with grief,

My burden I might bear :
As I had fish'd so might I fry,

For ought that they could tell ;
And as Pd liv'd so might I die,

And in the darkness dwell.
Their thoughts were otherwise employ'd

On whom they should court next,
For the great things they all enjoy'd,

And laugh'd to see me vex'd.
Oh, then I turn'd about to him

Who faithful is and true,
And bid this false, deceitful world,

And all mankind adieu.
With broken heart, and broken speech,

Most earnestly I pray'd,
That I might live to be set free

From this false-hearted world;
At whose false smiles God was estrang'd,

Whilst I on rocks was hurl'd.
For all the former things of old

Came quickly to my mind,
And how the conduct of most men

To me had prov'd unkind.

P'll do no more to court their love,

Nor seek their friendship more;
The happiness that I shall prove

Lies not within their power.
I want the pinions of a dove

To climb the heavenly road;
There sits my Saviour dress'd in love,

And there's my smiling God.
For now the world I bid adieu,

Since now I plainly see
The hearts of men in checker'd lines

Lie open unto me :
For some have my destruction sought,

With arts as deep as hell,
When disappointed of their wiles,

With malice next did swell.
I then thought on religious men,

Some comfort there to find;
But disappointed were my hopes;

Their conduct prov'd unkind.
So now the world I plainly see

In colours black and white :
Farewell, vain world! adieu to thee!

For God is my delight.
Now I've been tried, as gold by fire;

But blessed be the cross
Which purifies my soul thereby

To cleanse me from the drous.
Lord, in thy Spirit may I drink

Much deeper every day,
'Till I arrive at Jordan's brink,
And thou direct the

way ;
Then lead me up to Pisgah's top,

The promis'd land to see;
There would my spirit long to drop;

And dwell, dear Lord, with thee!

When I had written this I was stopped with the following words:

“ Now stop thy hand ere thou dost further go ;
Read back thy writings, I do bid thee do;
For in the end I heard thy mournful tale –
I am not man; thy God will never fail.
The top and bottom must together come-
Drink in the spirit of thy God, not mạn;
Then as a God to reason I'll begin;
For now I say I heard thy mournful tale :
Here is the woman left unto herself;

Cast out by all, when miseries did come on.
Bring forth your arguments, ye sons of men ;
As all your conduct I did clearly spy :
I am not man : the truth I'll not deny;
For all thou'st written I well know is true;
Thou well may'st say, thou bidd’st the world adieu.
For in it thou'st not found a faithful friend,
But these two women of whom thou hast penn'd;
And of the world they both may say the same.
Bring forth your arguments, ye sons of men,
Your hearts are broken all by cruelty;
I'll break the hearts of men, they all shall see.
I made the woman to complete your bliss ;

have robb’d her of her every peace;
And now,


I'll be the woman's friend,
And prove the truth of all that thou hast penn'd.”

This was written in 1794, when I had not one friend in the world to depend upon, amongst all my religious acquaintance, but only Mrs. Woolland and Mrs. Minifie; and, as to my father's house, they had all forsaken me, brothers and sisters, through unbelief.

The Answer of the SPIRIT.

December 31st, 1813. « Now I shall answer thee. Know the answer I

gave thee then, when thou wert sinking in despair; I said that thou shouldest find me God, and not man; and therefore I should not fail thee. And now appeal to thy own conscience, whether I have not fulfilled the promise that I made thee, to deliver thee out of the hands of these people, who so wounded and dejected thy spirits; because they could not see that thy visitation was from the Lord, but expected the visitation to be to theirselves; and so to theirselves I left them; and, according to iny promises, I raised friends for thee; then now on my promises do thou rely, and thou wilt find all fulfilled in the end.

“ Now I shall call thee back, to judge of thy

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