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Tudor O'ır Harps,our Tabors and Crwths sweet hummingFor thee,my sweet Princess,make musical moans: Our morris maid-marrian's desire to fee A true love knot tied, between thee and me.

Queen No pleasure in country by me can be seen, That have been maintain'd so long here a Queen, And fed on the blessings.that daily were given, Into iny brave palace,by angels from heaven.

Our green-leav'd tree's will dance with the wind,
Where birds sit rejoicing according to kind;
Our sheep with our lambs will skip and rebound,
To see thee come tripping along on the ground.

What if a kind Princess should fo be content,
By meekness thus moved to give her consent,
And humble her honors, and base her degree,
To tye her best fortunes, brave Tudor, to thee!

If to a Kingdom I born were by birth,
And had at commandment all nations on earth, feet,
Their crowns and their fceptres should lye at thy-
And thou be my Empress,my darling so fweet.

Queen I fear not to fancy thy love tempting tongue, For Cupid is coming, his bow very strong; Queen Venus once mistress of heart-wishing pleasu We over-kind women repent us at leisure.

Tudor May never fair morning shew forth his bright But cover my falfhoods with greatest extremes, If not as theTurtle I lye with my. Dove, My gentle kind Princess,my Lady, my love.

Queen Hie then into Wales and our wedding provide, For thou art my bridegroomjand i'll be thy bride, Get gloves and fine ribbons, with bride-laces fair, Of filk and of silver for ladies to wear.

Tudor with garlands of roses,our house-wifely, wives, To have them adorned most lovingly strives; Their bride-cakes be ready,our Pibgorns do play, Whilst I stand attending to lead thee the way.

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This is a key peculiar to the Ancient Welsh Mufic; which is calla Gogywair: The E,or third above the Key-note being flat.

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we - les flwch gan Gwen - -0, ai lond 6 snifin yn - - ddo; ni - -f - feu wabth it

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Cerdd yr hìn-nir. or Coed. - The Song of the old man of the Wood,



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