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3 From Chepstow's walls,at dawn of morn,

And sooth they swore the sun arose, Was heard a-far the bugle-horn,

And Rymny's wave with crimson glows; And forth in banded pomp,and pride,

For Clare's red banner, floating wide, Stout Clare,and fiery Nevill ride;

Rolld down the stream to Severns side. They swear their banners broad should gleam, And sooth they vow'd_ the trampled green, In crimson light on Rymny's stream;

Show'd where hot Nevill's charge had been; They vow'd Caerphili's sod should feel,

In ev'ry sahle hoof-tram stood The Norman charger's spurning heel.

A Norman horseman's curdling blood.

Old Chepstow's brides may curse the toil
That armd stout Clare for Cambrians broil;
Their onphans long the art may rye,
For Nevill's war-horse forged the shoe!
No more the stamp of armed steed
Shall dint Glamorgan's velvet mead;
Nor trace be there in early spring,

Save of the fairies emerald ring. *

Morganwg, Gwlâd-Morgan, or Glamorganshire; so called from a Prince of that territory, about A.D.960:aCountry remarkable for its pleasantness and fertility; which formerly was so extensive, that it had Eighteen Castles, and thirty-six Knights fees, whithin the Lordship.In the reign of William Rufus, for the Red Duke of Normandy) Iestyn ab Gwrgant was the Lord thereof; who having revolted from his naturalPrince, Rhys ab Tudor, and being unable to maintain his rebellion,did very unadvisedly call to his assistance, (by the mediation of Enion ab Cadivor) RobertFitz Hamon, a Norman Baron; who forthwith levied an army of well disciplined Soldiers, and selected 12 Knights, as adventurers in that enterprize: he first marched to attack Prince Rys,who was slain in the Battle:after that, being allured with the fertility of the Country,he treacherously turned his forces against Prince lestin, his employer,and by doing that so unexpectedly, he soon deprived him of the inheritance of his ancestors; and divided the country among his Norman associates the mountains he granted to Enion, but the more fertile plains he retained for himself, and the remainder he divided amongst his twelve Knights,&c.He then. established himself in Caerdydd,or Cardiff Castle, as the Supreme Lord of South Wales, about the year 1091,

where he assumed a regal Court and magnificence; and obliged his Knights by tenure, to pay him homage at his Castle, on the first monday in every month, where each of them had separate apartments for that purpose. The Clares, after the

conquest of Glamorgan by the Normans possessed Caer-went or Chepstow, and Caer-phily Castle; afterwards were created Earls of Strighul or Strig-hill,and Pembroke; of whom was descended Richard de Clare, the last earl of that name,who was a man of invincible courage and strength,surnamed Strong bow,from his excellency in archery, about the year 1168.

Nevil, was Baron ofAber-gavenni;and one of his descendants was created hy Edward the first, Lord of Aber-gavenni Castle, in Monmouthshire.Providentially King Henry the Eighth abolished the feudal tyranny of those Norman Knights,or Lord Marchers; by meliorating those oppressive laws which had previously been administered to the Welsh, and substituted a more mild and im -partial distribution of Justice, similar to that of England;be also, divided Wales into 12 Counties, appointed Sheriffs, and Judges; and added Monmouthshire,Herefordshire,and a great part of Shropshire,and Cheshire to be English Counties.

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13 Stung with terror fly the deer,

Fly the Doves when Kites pursue? The Pack's wild uproar bursting near:

Dastards! so we rush on you: So, by HURLECH's voice dismay'd,

Flight Chąll fail, nor Force withstand, Hofts of Heroes shrunk and fled.

Death, and Horror fill your Land. I am much indebted 'to the Rev! m! Lambert, for this animated and faithful version of the Poem by Meirion Goch of Eryri. *Probuhly,this Morgan was Captain of the Glamorganshire Men, about the year 1294; who gallantfy defended his country from the incursions

of the Saxons, and who difpelsessed the Earl of Glocefter of those lands which had formerly been taken from Morgan's Forfathers. But afterwards, this brave Warrior was betrayed and made a prisoner, at the instigation of K:Edward the First. See, Hwels Hift:of Wales P:


Majestic &

Erddigan tror tant. --Awake Harmonious Strings







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