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DX *In the reignbof kin Edward the third, The Queen, or the Counters of salithtry, is said to have dropt ner Garter, in dancing a Minuet at Com (Query, whether it was Mafgart, wife of Sir Win Peito; fee Afinote: pon which the kinrockup and the im Text of his nobles fimile, he faid'Honitoit

quam! penderithe tolion that evil thinks: this entre Motto of the Garter,declenny chinner flerhand he cone to that filken tie that the best of their thuilahe


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* The Dratis always commenced their celebrationsfrom the preceding Night. Cæsar's. Commentaries Book 6 Chap:16.

Sus faufting and mirthore univerfal in Wults, to this day, on the eve of the New year

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