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Diforiait ; 7. Germyn. - The Dropping of the Mash-tub


Minuét time.

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Of Sturdy race was Shenkin; Of Warlike race was Shenkin; Of Noble race was Shenkin;
Of Gallant race was Shenkin; Of Valiant race was Shenkin! Of Noble race was Shenkin!
Nor: Nynniaw was he braver, As Arthur formidable;

More noble was not Howel
Who gaind the brand,
Though oft times he

Nor' Llywarch Hên,
From Cæsar's hand,
Made-the Saxons flee

That prince of men,
When-he-us'd it like a cleaver.4 When-he-took for a shield hisTable: Who drew his descent from Coel?


A verse added. 6
Of Loyal race was Shenkin;

And still the race of Shenkin;.
of faithful race was Shenkin!

And still the race of Shenkin,
Not David Gam outmatch'd him, (Should fate ordain the trial,)
Who sav'd from the knife

Would shed their blood
King Henry's life,

For George the good,
When-his-foes would have dispatchd-him Or-the-heirs of his blood-royal.

NB.The three last lines of each verse to be repeated. 1 Prydain, the son of Aedd Mawr, was one of the most distinguished characters, of whom Bardic memorials are preserved; and from him the Island of Britain took its name. See the second volume of this work,page 5 and 6.

2 Mydan,was the grandson of Urien Rheged, a famous chieftain who lived near the close of the fifth century, 3 Brand was used for sword, by Chaucer, Spencer, and Milton.

4 Nynniaw, who was brother to the celebrated hero Caswallon, once broke through the Roman ranks that he might encounter Coesar,who aiming at him a mighty blow, his sword stuck so deep in the target of Nynniaw, that the latter som cured it as a trophy - Lewis's History of great Britain, p. 78 See also page 6, & 80 of this volume. .

5 According to Nennius, Arthur was a successful opposer of the growing power of the Saxons, till Medrod, the traitor joined them in a battle which proved fatal to the leaders on both sides. Arthur is said to be the founder of Chivalry, and of the Round Table: See page 37, & 80.

6 Howel ab Owain Gwynedd, a prince of north Wales, and an elegant poet. 7 Coel Godebog, king of Britain, lived about the third century, and was great,great,great grandfather to Lywarch Hon the poet.

8 Davydd ab Llewe yn ab Howel Vaughan, of Brecknock, was called Davydd Gam, from his squinting. He was a stiais opponent of Owen Glyndŵr; and lost his life in defending his Sovereign at the battle of Agincourt; the king in the prement of death, conferred on him the honour' of knighthood. See Pennant's Tour in wales, vol. 1.!

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