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Trwy'r Dolydd taro'r Delyn, Strike the Harp, whose echoes Thrill

« Si quid mea carmina poffunt,
Oni bo’r jás yn y Bryn ; Pierce and shake the distant hill;

Aonio ftatuam sublimes, vertice Bardos ;
O gywair Dant, a gyr di Far along the winding vale

6 Bardos Pieridum cultores, atque canentis
Awr erhoen i Eryri !" Send the sounds, till every gale

« Phæbi delicias, quibus est data cura perennis
From the bright harmonic string

Dicere nobilium clarishma fa&a virorum,
Many a tone of rapture bring,

Aureaque excelsam

famam super aftra locare."
And to Snowdon waft on high

Lelandus in Affertione Arturi.
An hour of tuneful extafy! -

LONDON : Printed for the AUTHOR, at the Office of Robes, St. James's Palace. 1808.
And fold by William Miller, Bookseller, in Albemarle Street : by T. PAYNE, No. 88, Pall Mall: by JOHN WHITE,
at No. 63, in Fleet Street: by Longman, Rees, and Co. No. 39, in Paternoster Row: by B. Crosby, and Co. in Stationers

Court : at BIRCHALL's Music Shop, No. 133; and Goulding, and Co. No. 117, in New Bond Street: at PRESTON’s Music
Shop, No. 97, in the Strand; and at CLEMENTI, and Co. No. 22, in Cheapfide.

The following Works

are published by the fame Author ;
National Greek, Walachian, and Turkish Airs, with a Differtation, price 158.-Original German Waltzes ; Maltese, and Norwegian
Airs ; Musical Trifles; and Popular Ballads ; price 78. 6d. each ;-A Book of Musical Miscellany; and, Musical Remains, price
1os. 6d. each.
Entered at Stationers Dall,

[Price ul. 11s. 60.]

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Royal Highnes
George i Augustus Frederich Prinw of Habis

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Thise ancient (Remains of the Melsh Burds, which I presume to tay (rjere your Royal Highmojs, are, I would hope, not unworthy of such distinguished patronage.

in the country from which you derive your anqust uile, Music has ever been numbered among its choseri entertainmenlos and vishen united with Poetry afforded a species of luxury, innocent and instructive.

There was a time, when the Prime, oj Malis claimed, as therra prerogative, to preside in the Congress o thi Bards, and thought it not unbecoming their station ' aforign in person those rewards

, which were deereed te merit in that famco solemnity. The name "fameo selemmily. The name of the Báre was re

Bard -vrra by Royalty itself and the number and skill of his pocs garo dup -niły the throne of the Prince, and stability to his renown.

Many of the pollering compositions have often resounded, in the day of prishval through the Halls of your illustrious Predecepson: áno I am persuaded that your Royal Highnojis will feel some interest in

, restoring to publie notice, what has received so honourable a sanction; ind n'ill deign to ralijy with your approbation these venerable remains of Harmony and Poetry, which descend to you as your hereditary right

. The facility with which your Royal Highnops" has conde-scended to become the Patron w/ this work, w a noble proof an early attachment to the intereils.cí polite literature, and jarenr. -able prosage of its future and permanent wetpåre.

Mhatever be the succépes of this attempt wisare from oblırwn the remaining restrijus of the Kards, it will serve as a memorial o '

/ the zealous veneration is shall over entertain pir your Royal Highnepis person anwo noble protretion of the tots, while I have the honoúr toʻle.

Your Royal Highwezig

Host Putopil and
Most Dereted Serrant,


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dwand jones

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