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also, for the information as well as the loan of two single Sermons which could not otherwise have been obtained.

The Publishers beg thus openly, both for themselves and on the part of their readers, to express their grateful acknowledgments of the valuable assistance which was thus kindly rendered, and which has thus made the edition in every respect complete.

It will doubtless be observed, that there is not included a work under the specific title of “ Seven Sermons on Faith," which was first sent out with that designation by the Countess of Huntingdon, and which has since become a very popular book. This volume was made up of the first and last sermons of the work entitled, “ A Lifting up for the Downcast, accompanied with the three smaller pieces on the same subject which follow that work in this edition. It may be presumed, that as in that disjointed state it obtained so much approbation, the whole of the work, and indeed the whole of the author's works, of which it may be regarded as a specimen, will gain a still greater share of esteem.

The “ Word to the Aged” was published anonymously, and was also privately printed. Independently of the similarity of style and the circumstance of one or two similes being repeated in this work which the author had employed in his earlier writings, and which would be sufficient proof that it is a genuine production of William Bridge, it may be added, that in one brief biographical account of him, it is assigned to him without



A sermon entitled, “ Joab’s Counsel and King David's Seasonable Hearing of it," was published in 1643, with the name,“ W. Bridges, Preacher of the Gospel at Dunstan's in the East," as the author of it. Although the Publishers could not discover that William Bridge was ever connected with that parish, and although the name also was spelt differ

entit, a Crimstance not untrenment in those times, ther har nearty concludes that i masi be his readnction, from a allusion in the pretace to his controversy witt. Dr. Fearne. Further mvestigation, horrerer. hraushi to their riep town other pamphlets or this samC 1. Bridges. And in one of thich. entitled « Digor Dividec, or Rui's Forerunner Discovered and Decypneten," he has signed his name at the ent of the pretari ai large. Tlalter Bridges, thus settling the point a ii respected al the threr which there there course al. passel. .

One pampilet hoceter, entitled, “The 10 Comers," has the author's name. W. Bridges, Fithout any further addition. The Punishers are themselves inclined to heline that this also as Walter Bridges, who took the same side with William Bridge in the controterey on the subiect of resistance ; but a there was no clue to determine the point, that have decided to include it herein. It wouli ser that Ds. Hammond published a trace, entitled. * The Lamelonverl," and which in favour of the portal nirge, Bridges has in his pamphlet reprinted the whole of Dr. Hammond's, with his men annotations thereupon. The annotations alone, therefore, constitute the writing of W. Bridges

The last piere in the series, and which only reached the Poblishers when just concluding the last volume is a posthemon pisce. The preface Armanded thereto snitcienti mani. fosts the duabial character of its authorship and 1 sm Bridge, therefore, ont not to be held vedle for pret sentiment i mer contain It is added as making the whole complete

The two letters of William Breg puwwerved in HD Desiderata Curiosa," are inserted in the memoin

The Publishers congratulate themselves in being able su pis an undoubtedly correct likeness of their renerabie

author. It is engraved fac-simile from the original plate, the painting from which that was taken, being still preserved in the vestry of the Independent chapel at Great Yarmouth.

They cannot close this brief advertisement without expressing the satisfaction they have derived in thus bringing before the church the writings, now first collected, of one of her ablest ministers. It is their earnest desire that the Lord who so largely blessed his labours when living, may renew that blessing still more abundantly upon the valued legacy he hath left behind, and that thereby many may be established in our most holy faith.

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A Lifting up for the Downcast.
The Spiritual Actings of Faith through Natural Impossibilities.
The Great Things Faith can do.
The Great Things Faith can suffer.
The Freeness of the Grace and Love of God to Believers discovered.

Christ and the Covenant, the Work and Way of Meditation, God's re-

turn to the Soul or Nation, together with his Preventing Mercy.
Christ in Travail.
Seasonable Truths in Evil Timcs.

Seventeen Single Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions.
Evangelical Repentance.

The Sinfulness of Sin and the Fulness of Christ.

14 1061

A Word to the Aged.
The Wounded Conscience Cured and the Weak One Strengthened.

The Truth of the Times Vindicated.

The Loyal Convert, According to the Oxford Copy, with Annotations


The Doctrine of Justification by Faith opened and applied,
General Index.

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