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AGREEABLY to your requeft, I have perufed « The

School of Wifdom, or American Monitor," which you obligingly put into my hands, for that purpofe; and do, without hefitation, as far as I am capable of judging, pronounce it to be a moft seasonable undertaking, as it refpects" Morals, Religion, and Government,".-containing upon all thofe fubjects, a well digefted felection" of fublime and elegant extracts from the most eminent writers."

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The preliminary observations on Elocution, &c. are, with one or two small exceptions, such as merit particular attention. The beneficial effects" of fuch affiduity, on the rifing generation, I hope will prove so abundant, as to convince you, that your "earnest endeavours to promote the best interests of mankind," cannot be too highly esteemed, or too generously rewarded, by a grateful public.

With fincere wishes for your profperity, I fubfcribe myfelf, dear Sir, your friend and fellow-citizen, WM. ROGERS, D D. Profeffor of Englife and Belles-Lettres, in the Univerfity of Pennsylvania.


Copy of a Letter, from an eminent Teacher in this City to Mr. JAMES A. NEAL, principal of the Young Ladies' Academy.


FOR OR a few evenings paft, I have been poring over a new fchool book, lately published by our friend. Mr. Carey, entitled, The AMERICAN MONITOR; and am highly pleased to find in it, fuch a rich variety of intellectual fare for our pupils. A more judicious felection, or one better calculated for the improvement of youth. has not appeared in our schools and in fome refpects it will be found fuperior to any. The pieces


are numerous, and the morals contained in them fuch as cannot fail to infpire youth with a love of thofe cardinal virtues, which unite and adorn civilized fociety. Morality feems to have been the pole-ftar of the compiler :-And good morals will lead he mind to a love of religion, as naturally as the genial warmth of the fun kindles that vegetation which spreads a profufion of flowers on the bofom of the earth.

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book, as foon as the pupil is fo far advanced as to reflect o
what he reads; and that I believe is in an earlier stage tha
is generally imagined. I concur with you in the importan
of inculcating into the minds of young people the great mor
and political truths; and that it is better to put into their har
books which, while they teach them to read, teach them
think alfo, and to think foundly. I have always believed t
Tacitus would be one of the beft fchool-books, even w
children are learning to read: they could never forget
hatred of vice and tyranny which that author inspires.
often quote a book, under the title of The Spirit of Defpe
I never before heard of it; but it is written with great ítre
of feeling and conception.

I am with great esteem, Sir,
Your most obed't ferv't,





HAVE, with much pleasure as well as profit, rea your American Monitor; and find it to be juft fuch as I have long wifhed for. The judicious felection y made, will undoubtedly have a ftrong tendency to prod Jafting and falutary effects on the minds of all by w Jeffons there inculcated will be attentively confidered.

All those who, for any confiderable time, have been in the inftruction of youth, well know what great ad refult from teaching them to read and recite fuch compofition as ftore their opening minds with juft ideas religion, liberty, and patriotifm; that by thefe leffons t for good authors is formed, noble fentiments implante exhibited in all her beauty, and vice in all its deform form a felection which should embrace all these object of fuch a price as might fuit the convenience of all, task-and that task you have, in my opinion, well p Convinced that it is well calculated to answer these I have introduced it into my school, and do warmly re it to the confideration of others. I am, Sir,

Philad. 26th Jan. 1801.

Your very humble

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equeff, 1

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melt endeavoura
not be too high

a grateful public
Where wildes for
off, dear Sir,


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