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sent salvation : for he has opened the fountain, and has opened my heart to receive the life-giving streams. How can I but bless and adore his holy name, while I am with joy drawing water out of the wells of salvation?

O ve blessed of the Lord, who have received the same salvation out of the infinite fountain of divine grace, assist me to praise, Your rejoicing with me will increase my joys, and improve my thankfulness. So it follows in the prophet-In that day shall YE sayYE; not one only, as before ; but the many partakers of the same mercies will sing in chorus. They will join in social worship, and with one heart unite in the common tribute of praise. Praise ye the Lord, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted. "Sing unto the Lord; for he hath done excellent things; this is known in all the earth. Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Sion : for great is the holy One of Israel in the midst of thee. Great he is indeed; infinitely—everlastingly great in himself—and to be admired for his excellent

greatness in saving sinners. This is his greatest work, and it demands of them their highest praise : and they are glad to give it him. Happy are they now, when humble

or in spirit they can exalt their Saviour, God; but who can tell how happy they shall be, when he shall exalt them, and make them partakers of his own happiness? Eternal salvation will demand the tribute of their eternal praise ; and they will be most blessedly, employed in paying it, when they shall return to Sion with songs, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads. Crowned heads may well sing : for their coronation-day will last for ever; and the king of kings will put such honour upon his royal friends, that all heaven will ring with his praises. They will, with one heart and one voice, adore God the Lamb, whose gracious hand wiped away all tears from their eyes, and made sorrow and sighing flee away for ever : and who gave them his joy and gladness, such as are, even in heaven, inexpressible, and will be to eternity full of glory.

O my God, accept of my poor mite. I desire to join all the redeemed on earth and in heaven, in blessing and praising thee at all times. I would give thee praise continually with my heart and with my mouth. I would rejoice in thee, and in nothing but thee : for thou art my God, my supremne good, and mine everlasting portion. Let me, then, for thy mercy's sake, glory' in praising thee henceforth, and for ever. I ascribe it to thee now with a glad heart, rejoicing in hope, that my praise will be better ere long, and never-ceasing. Thou art worthy of all that angels and men can pay. To thee, holy Father, with the Son and Spirit, the Three in one Jehovah, be equal and endless praise. To this I give my hearty Amen.



SOLOMON WILLIAMS, of New York, and SAMUEL WHITING, (late of the house of Backus and Whiting, booksellers, Albany,) under the firm of WILLIAMS & WHITING, inform their friends and the public, that they have commenced the Bookselling business in the city of New York, No. 118, Pearl-street. They design to make their establishment particularly subservient to the interests of THEOLOGICAL, CLASSICAL, and POLITE LITERATURE.

In the prosecution of this plan, no exertions on their part shall be wanting to merit a share of public patronage. They particularly solicit, and hope to receive, the support of the friends of piety and learning generally.

Their stock on hand comprises a general assortment of American editions of theological books, selected with care ; in addition to which, they have lately received from London a choice and valuable collection of standard works in divinity and Christian literature, which they offer for sale at a small advance on the sterling cost.

Their arrangements abroad are such that, in the progress of their business, they calculate on supplying to any extent the orders of their friends, with all the ancient and rare, modern and newest productions, as they appear in their line ; as soon, and as far as intercourse is uninterrupted with Europe.

Williams & Whiting intend to re-publish, as soon and extensively as the patronage they may receive will authorize, the leading standard works on elementary and practical subjects in Christian theology. The exorbitant prices of En. glish books, and the frequent interruptions of our intercourse with Europe, encourage the patriotic hope, that the publishers will receive that liberal support in this undertaking which its importance demands : and which will enable them,

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