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failings in duty, through risings of corruption, or through manifold temptations, then he discovers to them the treasures of covenant love, and enables them to draw rich consolation from that heavenly storehouse. An heir of promise under his teaching is often supported in this way—“ It is true, I am in trouble, but not forsaken. What if every thing I have and am in myself makes against me, yet God is on my side, a covenant God: for I believe the eternal Three entered into covenant before all worlds, and with manifold wisdom ordered all things relating to the heirs of promise. For their sakes, and to end all strife in their consciences about the certainty of their salvation, it pleased the blessed Trinity to enter into covenant, and to confirm their covenant by oath ; thus giving them two immutable things to trust in, in which it is impossible for God to lie. O, how strengthening to faith is this view of the unchangeableness of covenant love! If it be

but a man's covenant, being properly signed # and sealed, no one disannulleth or addeth

thereto. And who shall disanpul or add to

the covenant of the Trinity? The creature cannot. God will not. His purpose of bringing many sons to glory is unalterably fixed in his own mind, and in order to make it a sure ground for their faith, he confirmed his immutable covenant by his immutable oath. On this security I rest my soul. A covenant God has enabled me to trust in his covenant engagements. Hence I see every thing relating to my salvation absolutely certain in the counsel and covenant of God; and I look upon my faith to be one of the effects of my being in the covenant. And faith, as a covenant gift, is an immutable gift. What a blessing is it, that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance! It has been given me on the behalf of Christ to believe. And is not this from covenant love? What else could bring me to trust in covenant faithfulness? Therefore by believing I have immutable things to depend upon for the certainty of my salvation. Upon them would I stay my soul, as well as I may, and fix my heart upon them. O that I could bring more glory to my covenant God, by trusting him

with unshaken confidence! His love to me demands it at my hands. His love contrived the plan of salvation. Love provided every thing needful to carry it into execution. The evidence which he has given of this, was from the overflowings of love. His word of promise, ratified by covenant, confirmed by oath, the oath of the holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, made to satisfy the heirs of promise of the immutability of the divine will concerning them-0 what miracles of love are these! And all to assure them, that the heart of Jehovah is invariably towards them for good! Yes, Lord, this is the great love wherewith thou lovest me. And this is the evidence of love. Thou hast brought me to believe it, and to put some honour upon it. I desire to trust to thy covenant engagements without wavering. Establish, strengthen, settle my faith. Increase it from day to day, that I may grow in the knowledge and experience of that love which passeth knowledge. For,

It is a free covenant, and also EVERLASTING love. This is another of its most glorious properties. His love knows neither be

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ginning nor end. It is without variableness, or shadow of turning. The heart of God is always one and the same towards his chosen people : for he loveth them freely. The motives to it were all in, and from his own breast. The covenant was distinguishing love, secured to the heirs of promise by the most solemn engagements. And this crowns all. His love is of the same date with the covenant-not only before all worlds, but also from eternity. Therefore it is frequently called in scripture an everlasting covenant, and covenant-love is said to be according to the eternal purpose, which he had purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord; whereby, before the foundations of the world were laid, he hath constantly decreed by his counsel, secret to us, to deliver from curse and damnation those whom he hath chosen in Christ out of mankind, and to bring them by Christ to everlasting salvation, as vessels. made to honour. Here is a never-failing source of comfort to a believing heart. Meditate, O my soul, upon it. Consider, what God hath done for thee, and give him the

glory of his precious love. Has he not called thee by his Spirit, working in thee in due. season? Hast thou not obeyed the call? Dost thou not depend upon the finished work of God thy Saviour? Art thou not justified frcely by faith in him? Art thou not seeking daily to mortify the works of the flesh, and thy earthly members, and that thy mind may be drawn up to high and heavenly things? Certainly these are good proofs of the purposes of the Father's love towards thee : because these are the happy effects of his purposes, now taking place in thy soul. O! how greatly should this consideration establish and confirm thy faith of eternal salvation to be enjoyed by Christ, and thereby kindle thy love towards God. He has, indeed, drawn thee by the sweet attraction of his Spirit unto himself, and he has explained to thee the motive for his so doing—" Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love ; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn thee.” His love, discovered to thee in time, is the fruit of his love before time : for the one is the effect of the other. If love had not been

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