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A XOBLE national music, if not a cer. verse, are but very indifferently pro. tain mark, is yet a probable indication vided vith yoke-fellows; but it is not of many national virtues. The gene. necessary, in order to produce a powerral diffusion of beautiful traditionary ful effect, that the words of a song melodies among a people implies the should be equal to the music. Rude prevalence of refined taste and of ten. and feeble expressions may be sufficient der or exalted feelings. Such com- to give a definite object and distinct positions could not be produced, ap- character to a melody, and may, in compreciated, or preserved, among men bination with its influence, create im. whose hearts were engrossed with sen- pressions equal to those which proceed sual or sordid things, or refused ad. from much superior poetry. The poetimittance to the kindly and imaginative cal feelings, that are thus called into sensibilities of which music is the action, will necessarily belong to the powerful and universal expression. better parts of our nature, and, by the We shall not deny that the qualities exercise which is given to them, will which are akin to musical taste may tend to ameliorate the character. At sometimes nationally, as well as per the same time, and by the same prosonally, degenerate into softness and cess, the music of a country will beeffeminacy, or wander into impetuosity come linked more strongly with those and violence. But, if properly regulated local objects and events that are most and attuned, the same affections that are cherished and most memorable. It awakened by musical sounds, which are will become the depository of all that but the echoes of a higher and holier is interesting to human feelings or dear harmony, will not be insensible to the to national pride ; and, by the indu. voice of moral sympathies. Popular merable recollections which it involves, music, too, it will be remembered, is ge- united with its natural power to exnerally the parent or the sister of popu- cite emotion, it will acquire a magic lar poetry. The mass of mankind are influence over the heart wbich no other too sensuous in their constitution, too art can lay claim to. The love of fond of vivid and tangible images, to country, a love which is the concenrest contented with the shadowy sug- tration of all social and domestic chagestions and wandering idealities of rities, appears to be the passion that is mere melody in its ethereal state, while most powerfully moved by means of unincorporated with significant lan- national music. A few characteristic guage. National music is thus the notes, breathed from a simple reed, or frequent origin, as well as subject, of sung by a rugged voice, will, to men poetical genius. It will often, indeed, at a distance from their native land, happen that the finest melodies, in- more readily and forcibly recall the stead of being married to immortal images and feelings of home than the


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