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mor and Shechem his son came unto the gate of their city, and communed with the men of their city, saying, 21. * These men are peaceable with us, "therefore let them dwell in the land, "and trade therein: for the land, be"hold, it is large enough for them: let "us take their daughters to us for wives, "and let us give them our daughters. "22. Only herein will the men consent "unto us, for to dwell with us, to be "one people, if every male among us "be circumcised, as they are circum"cised. 23. Shall not their cattle, and "their substance, and every beast of "their's be ours? only let us consent "unto them, and they will dwell with "us." 24. And unto Hamor and unto Shechem his son, hearkened all that went out of the gate of his city: and every male was circumcised, all that went out of the gate of his city. 25. And it came to pass on the third day, when they were sore, that two of the sons of Jacob, (») Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brethren, took each man his sword, and came upon the city boldly, and slew all the males. 26. And they slew Hamor and Shechem his son with the edge of the sword, and took Dinah out of Shechem's house; and went out. 27. The sons of Jacob came upon the slain, and spoiled the city, because they liad denied their sister. 28. They took their sheep, and their oxen, and their asses, and that which was in the city, and that which was in the field. 29. And all their wealth, and all their little ones, and their wives took they captive, and spoiled even all that was in the house. 30. And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, "Ye have troubled me, to make "me to stink among the inhabitants of "the land, amongst the Canaanites, and "the Perizzites: and I being few in "number, they shall gather them

(v) o. 25. " Simeon and Levi." This perfidy and cruelty brought down upon them the denunciation of their father, when he called his sons together to tell them what should befall them in the last days, and when he pronounced over their younger brpther Judah the important prophecy, "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah,

"selves together against me and slay "me, and I shall be destroyed, I and "my house." 31. And they said, "Should he deal with our sister, as "with an harlot?"


And Joseph was brought down to Egypt: and Potiphar an officer of Pharaoh, captain of the guard, an Egyptian, bought him of the hands ol the Ishmaelites, which had brought him down thither. 2. And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man: and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian. 3. And his master saw that the Lord was with him, and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand. 4. And Joseph found grace in his sight, and he serveil him: and he made him overseer over his house, and all that he had he put into his hand. 5. And it came to pass, from the time that he had made him overseer in his house, and over all that he had, that the Lord blessed the Egyptian's house for Joseph's sake: and the blessing of the Lord was upon all that he had in the house, and in the field. 6. And he left all that he had in Joseph's hand; and he knew not ought he had, save the bread which he did eat: and Joseph was a goodly person, and well-favoured. 7. And it came to pass after these things, that his master's wife cast her eyes upon Joseph; and she said, "Lie with me." 8. But he refused, and said unto his master's wife, "Behold, my master (w) wotteth not "what is with me in the house, and he "hath committed all that he hath to my "hand. 9. There is none greater in "this house than I; neidier hath he "kept back any thing from me, but "thee, because thou art his wife: (x) how "then can I do this great wickedness,

"nor a lawgiver from between his feet, '* until Shiloh come: and unto him shall "the gathering of the people be. Gen. xlix. "5, 6, 7. 10." On this prophecy see Newton, and 2. Hales, 168.

(to) v. 8. " Wotteth," i. e. "knoweth." (x) v. 9. For "how then," read "and "how." The original warrants it, and it "and sin against God?' 10. And it came to pass, as she spake to Joseph day by day, that lie hearkened not unto her, to lie by her, or to be with her.

11. And it came to pass, (y) about this time that Joseph went into the house to do his business; and there was none of the men of the house there within.

12. And she caught him by his garment, saying, "Lie with me:" and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out. 13. And it came to pass when she saw that he had left his garment in her hand, and was fled forth, 14. That she called unto the men of her house, and spake unto them, saying, 4i See, he hath brought in an Hebrew "unto us, to mock us : he came in unto "me to lie with me, and 1 cried with a "loud voice. 15. And it came to pass, "when he heard that I lifted up my "voice, and cried, that he left his gar"ment with me, and fled, and got nim "out." 16. And she laid up his garment by her, until his lord came home. 17. And she spake unto him according to these words, saying, "The Hebrew "servant which thou hast brought unto "us, came in unto me to mock me. "18. And it came to pass, as I lifted up *' my voice, and cried, that he left his "garment with me, and fled out."

19. And it came to pass, when his master heard the words of his wife which she spake unto him, saying, "After this manner did thy servant to *' me;" that his wrath was kindled.

20. And Joseph's master took him, and put him into die prison, a place where the king's prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison. 21. But the Lord was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, anil gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison. 22. And the keeper of the prison committed to Joseph's hand, all the prison

is the most usual construction of the words. There are then ttvo reasons given for Joseph's conduct, gratitude to his master, and duty towards God: the compliance would have been ungrateful and wicked. Kennic. Rem. 36.

(y) v. 11. For "about this time," read t' at a certain time."

ers that were in the prison; and whatsoever they did there, he was the doer of it. 23. The keeper of the prison looked not to any thing that was under his hand; because the Lord was with him: and that which he did, die Lord made it to prosper.


Now when Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt, Jacob said unto his sons, "Why do ye look one upon another?" 2. And he said, "Behold I have heard "that there is corn in Egypt: get ye "down thither, and buy for us from "thence, that we may live, and not "die." 3. And Joseph's ten brethren went down to buy corn in Egypt. 4. But Benjamin, Joseph's (z) brother, Jacob sent not with his brethren: for he said, "Lest peradventure mischief "befall him." 5. And the sons of Israel came to buy corn among those that came: for die famine was in the land of Canaan. 6. And Joseph was the governor over the land, and he it was that sold to all the people of the land; and Joseph's brethren came, and bowed down themselves before him with their faces to the earth. 7. And Joseph saw his brethren: and he knew them, but made himself strange unto them, and spake roughly unto them; and he said unto tnem, "Whence "come ye?" and they said, "From "the land of Canaan to buy food." 8. And Joseph knew his brethren, but they knew not him. 9. And Joseph remembered (a) the dreams which he dreamed of them, and said unto them, "Ye are spies; to see the nakedness of "the land you are come." 10. And they said unto him, "Nay, my lord, but to "buy food are thy servants come. "11. We are all one man's sons: we aw


"true men, thy servants are no spies.

(z) v. 4. "Joseph's brother." Joseph and Benjamin were the only children by Rachel, Jacob's favourite wife.

(a) v. 9. " The dreams which he dreamed "of them." They are recorded Gen. xxxvii. 7. 9. The one signified that he should be above his brethren, and l"» brethren make obeisance unto him; wl

12. And lie said unto them, " Nay, but

"to see the nakedness of the land you

"are come." 13. And they said, "Thy

"servants are twelve brethren, the sons

"of one man in the land of Canaan;

"and behold, the youngest is this day

"with our father, and one (b) is not."

14. And Joseph said unto them, "That

"is it that I spake unto you, saying,

"Ye are spies. 15. Hereby shall ye

"be proved; by the life of Pharaoh ye

"shall not go forth hence, except your

"youngest brother come hither.

"16. Send one of you, and let him

"fetch your brother, and ye shall be

"kept in prison, that your words

"may be proved whether there be any

"truth in you, or else by the life of

"Pharaoh surely ye are spies." 17. And

he put diem altogether into ward, three

days. 18. And Joseph said unto

them the third day, "This do, and live:

"for I fear (c) God. 19. If ye be true

"men, let one of your brethren be

"bound in the house of your prisons:

"8° ve» carry corn for the famine of

"your houses. 20. But bring your

"youngest brother unto me; so shall

"your words be verified, and ye shall

'' not die." And they did so. 21. And

they said one to another, "We are ve

"rily guilty concerning (rf) our brother,

"in that we saw the anguish of his soul

"when he besought us, and we would

"not hear: therefore (e) is this distress

"come upon us." 22. And Reuben

answered them, saying, "Spake I not

"unto you, saying, Do not sin against

"the child; and ye would not hear?

"therefore, behold also his blood is re

"quired." 23. And they knew not

that Joseph understood than; for he

spake unto them by an interpreter.

24. And he turned himself about from

the other, that his father and mother, and also his brethren, should bow down themselves before him. (A) v. 13. " Is not," i. e. " is dead."

(c) v. 18. «« God." "Hira whom you "worship, not the gods of the Egyptians."

(d) v. 21. "Our brother," i.e. "Jo"seph." Some of them had proposed to Oil him, because they were jealous of the extraordinary love his father showed him,

them, and wept, and returned to them again, and communed with them, and took from them Simeon, and bound him before their eyes. 25. Then Joseph commanded to fill their sacks with corn, and to restore every man's money into his sack, and to give them provision for the way; and thus did he unto them. 26. And they laded their asses with the corn, and departed thence. 27. And as one of them opened his sack to give his ass provender in the inn, he espied his money: for behold it was in his sack's mouth. 28. And he said unto his brethren, "My money is restored; and "lo, it is even in my sack:" and their heart failed them, and they were afraid, saying one to another, "What is this that God hath done unto us?" 29. And they come unto Jacob their father, unto the land of Canaan, and told him all that befel unto them, saying, 30. "The "man who is the lord of the land, spake "roughly to us, and took us for spies "of the country. 31. And we said "unto him, We are true men; we are "no spies. 32. We be twelve brethren, "sons of our father: one is not, and "the youngest is this day with our fa"ther in the land of Canaan. 33. And "the man, the lord of the country, said "unto us, Hereby shall I know that ye "are true men; leave one of your "brethren here with me, and take food "for the famine of your households, and "be gone. 34. And bring your young"est brother unto me: then shall I "know that you are no spies, but that "you are true men: so will I deliver "you your brother, and ye shall traffick "in the land." 35. And it came to pass as they emptied their sacks, that behold, every man's bundle of money was in his sack: and when both they

and because of the dreams mentioned in the note to verse 9. Reuben (as on expedient to save him) recommended casting him into a pit in the wilderness: and at length, upon the suggestion of Judah, they sold him to the Ishmaelites, who carried him into Egypt.

(e) t).21. " Therefore, &c." A striking instance of the workings of conscience: imputing present distress to past sin.

and their father saw the bundles of money, they were afraid. 36. And Jacob their father said unto them, "Me have "ye bereaved of my children: Joseph is "not, and Simeon is not, and ye will ** take Benjamin away: all these things "are against me." 87. And Reuben spake unto his fiuher, saying, " Slay ** my two sous, if I bring him not to *' thee: deliver him into my hand, and *' I will bring him to thee again." 38. And he said, *' My son shall not "go down with you: for bis brother is ** dead, and he is left alone; if mischief "befall him by the way in the which ye "go, then shall ye bring down my grey "hairs with sorrow to the grave."


And the famine was sore in the (^)land2. And it came to pass when they had eaten up the corn which they (h) had brought out of Egypt, their father said unto diem, "Go again, buy us a little "food." 3. And Judah spake unto him, saying, " The (/') man did solemnly pro"test unto us, saying, Ye shall not see "my face except your (?) brother be with "you. 4. If thou wilt send our brother "with us, we will go down and buy thee "food. 5. But if thou wilt not send him, ** we will not go down: for the (») man "said unto us, "Ye shall not see my face, "except your (») brother be with you." 6. And (k) Israel said, "Wherefore dealt M ye so ill with me, as to tell the man "whether ye had yet a brother?" 7. And they said, "The man asked us straitly "of our state, and of our kindred, say"ing, "is your father yet alive? have ** ye another brother?" and we told "him according to the tenour of these ** words: Could we certainly know that "he would say, Bring your brother "down?' 8. And Judah said unto Israel his father, "Send the lad with ** me, and we will arise, and go; that *• we may live and not die, both we, and "thou, and also our little ones. 9. I

"will be surety for him: of my hand "shalt thou require him: If I bring "him not unto thee, and set him before "thee, then let me bear the blame for "ever. 10. For except we had lingered, "surely now we had returned this se"cond time." 11. And their father Israel said unto them, "If it must be so "now, do this; take of the best fruits in "the land in your vessels, and cam "down the man a present, a little balm, "and a little honey, spices and myrrh, "nuts and almonds. 12. And take "double money in your hand; and the "money that was brought again in the "mouth of your sacks, carry it again in "your hand; peradventure it taw an 11 oversight. 13. Take also your bro"ther, and arise, go again unto die man. "14. And God Almighty give you "mercy before the man, that he may *• send away your other (/) brother, ami "Benjamin r If I be bereaved of«? "children, I am bereaved." 15. And the men took that present, and they took double money in their hand, and Benjamin: and rose up, and went down to Egypt, and stood before Joseph. 16. And when Joseph saw Benjamin with them, he said to the ruler of his house, "Bring "these men home, and slay, and make "ready: for these men shall dine with "me at noon." 17. And die man did as Joseph bade: and the man brought the men into Joseph's house. 18. And the men were afraid, because they were brought into Joseph's house, and they said, "Because of the money that was "returned in our sacks at the first time, "are we brought in; that he may seek "occasion against us, and fall upon us, "and take us for bondmen, and our "asses." 19. And they came near to the steward of Joseph's house, and they communed with him at the door of the house, 20. And said, " O sir, we came "indeed down at the first time to buy "food. 21. And it came to pass when "we came to the inn, that we opened

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"our sacks, and behold, every man's "money was in the mouth of his sack, "our money in full weight: and we have "brought it again in our hand. 22. And "other money tyave we brought down "in our hands to buy food: wp cannot "tell who put our money in our sacks." 23. And he said, "Peace be to you, fear "not: your God, and the God of your "father hath given you treasure in your "sacks: I had your money." And he brought Simeon out unto them. 24. And the man brought the men into Joseph's house, and gave them water, and they washed their feet, and he gave their asses provender. 25. And they made ready the present against Joseph came at noon: for they heard that they should eat bread there. 26. And when Joseph came home, they brought him the present which was in their hand into the house, and bowed themselves to him to the earth. 27. And he asked them of their welfare, and said, "/* your father well, the old man of "whom ye spake? Js he yet alive?" 28. And they answered, "Thy servant >' our father is in good health, he is yet "alive;" and they bowed down their heads, and made obeisance. 29. And he lift up his eyes, and saw his brother Benjamin his mother's son, and said, "Is this your younger brother, of whom "ye spake unto me? And he said, "God be gracious unto thee, my son."

30. And Joseph made haste, for his bowels did yearn upon his brodier: and he sought where to weep, and he entered into his chamber, and wept there.

31. And he washed his lace, and went out, and refrained himself, and said, "Set on bread." 32. And they set on for him by himself, and for them by themselves, and for the Egyptians which did eat with him, by themselves: because the Egyptians might not eat bread with the Hebrews; for that is an abomination unto the Egyptians. 33. And they sat before him, the first-born according to his birth-right, and the youngest according to his youth: and the men marvelled one at another. 34- And he took and sent messes unto them from before him: but Benjamin's mess was five times so much as any of theirs. And they drank, and were merry with him.

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I Hen Joseph could not refrain himself before all them that stood by him; and he cried, "Cause every man to go out "from me:" and diere stood no man with him, while Joseph made himself known unto his brethren. 2. And he wept aloud; and the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh heard. 3. And Joseph said unto his brethren, "I am Joseph; "Doth my father yet live?" And his brethren could not answer him: for they were troubled at his presence. 4. And Joseph said unto his brethren, " Come "near to me, I pray you;" and they came near i and he said, " I am Joseph your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt. 5. Now therefore be not grieved nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you, to preserve life. 6. For these two years hath the famine been in die land: and yet there are five years, in the which there shall neither be earing nor harvest. 7. And God sent me before you, to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance. 8. So now it was not you that sent me hither, but God: and he hath made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt. 9. Haste you, and go up to my father, and say onto him, Thus saith thy son Joseph, God hath made me lord of all Egypt; come down unto me, tarry not.

10. And thou shalt dwell in the land of Goshen, and thou shalt be near unto me, thou, and thy children, and thy children's children, and thy flocks, and thy herds, and all that thou hast.

11. And there will I nourish thee (for yet there are five years of famine), lest thou, and thy houshold, and all that thou hast, come to poverty. 12. And behold, your eyes see, and the eyes of my brother Benjamin, that it is my mouth that speaketh unto you. 13. And you shall tell my father of all my glory in Egypt, and of all that you have seen; and ye shall haste,

"and bring down my father hither." 14. And he fell upon bis brother Ben

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