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structure than that at Plas Newydd, the seat of the Marquis of Anglesey, but that it was more ancient than the Saxon invasion.


Since the repeal of the obnoxious duties, the Slate trade of Caernarvonshire has increased rapidly and steadily. Increased demand has naturally produced a rise in price, to the extent of from five to ten shillings per thousand upon the different denominations of slates manufactured in that county.

MERTHYR TYDVIL. The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists have declared against the Union societies of the colliers, miners, and others of the Welsh founders. They require all their brethren immediately to separate from them. The Merthyr Tydvil workmen have very generally abandoned the clubs, and returned to their work. Great praise is due to the masters, for their liberality and good sense displayed towards the returning workmen. “The latter (says the Cambrian, of the 25th of November,) were received, without reproach, at their former wages, and money was advanced to enable them to resume operations.” Trade continues miserably dull.

The commissioners of Police in London have sent down qualified persons in order to establish a new police in Merthyr Tydvil. We understand that it is in contemplation to establish a full and efficient police on the same plan as other large cities and towns.


The Highland Society having offered a premium for a statement of well authenticated facts relative to the disease in sheep, known in the Border districts by the name of Louping III, two essays were received, and have been published by the Society in their Quarterly Prize Ess and Transactions. One is written by Mr. Walter Tod, Longhope, near Hawick; and the other by Mr. Robert Laing, shepherd, Concbra, Lochalsh. The first considers the disease as constituted by a loss of balance in the circulation, arising from general debility and the action of cold, the blood being repelled from the surface and forced upon the heart and other internal organs; while Mr. Laing, finding that it exhibits most of the symptoms which paralysis assumes in the human body, considers it as a nervous disease, analogous to, or identical with, that just mentioned. Bleeding and the warm bath are the remedies proposed by the former ; while the latter places little confidence in any known remedy, having found the preventive remedy the only means of ensuring safety from the attacks of the disease.


At the present time, when there is so much done to facilitate travelling, and to promote the convenience of those who go from home either on pleasure or business, it may be as well to draw the attention of visiters of the Principality to the improvements in the communication between South and North Wales. In taking the line of country from the town of Aberystwith, a direct and improving road has presented itself through the rising watering-place of Aberdovey, and the town of Towyn; from thence along the margin of Tal y llyn Lake, through the celebrated pass of Llyn-trigraienyn, to Dolgelley, and the northern towns of the Principality. The new and extensive cut through the pass first mentioned, renders, at this point, that, which before was difficult and hazardous, namely travelling, now easy and delightful. The whole line pointed out, by going direct from Aberystwith to Aberdovey, saves an inland circuit of many miles, a hilly and severe road, and a comparatively uninteresting one, while the scenery viewed from that now in the progress of improvement, is romantic and beantiful in the extreme.- Bangor Newspaper.


Births. In October, at Orielton, Pembrokeshire, Lady Owen, of a son.-Lately, at St. David's College, Lampeter, the lady of the Rev. Alfred Ollivant, of a daughter.On the 20th of October, at the Vicarage House, Meisod, the lady of the Rev. Rowland Williams, of a daughter. On the 12th of October, in Caernarvon, the lady of Captain Jones Parry, R.N. of a daughter. On the 3d of October, at Alderley park, Cheshire, the Hon. Mrs. Stanley, lady of Edward John Stanley, osq. m.P. of a daughter.-On the 30th of April last, at Jessen, Bengal, the lady of Richard Herbert Mytton, esq. of Garth, Montgomerysbire, of a daughter.On the 21st of November, at Beaumaris, tbe lady of the Rev. E. Lloyd, of a son. - In November, at Treleach Vicarage, the lady of the Rev. D.J. Thomas, of a son.-On the 26th of October, at Brynycaerau, near Llanelly, the lady of Martin Roberts, esq. of a daughter.-On the 3d of November, at Gunpherston Rectory, Pembrokeshire, the lady of the Rev. James Cowzens, of a daughter.-Lately, at Milford, the lady of G. Elliott, esq. of the Hon. East India Company's service, of a son.—On the 16th of October, the lady of Sir Edward Mostyn, bart. of a danghter.—Lately, the lady of William Evans, esq. of Haverfordwest, of a son.On the 23d of June last, at Fort St. George, Madras, the lady of Captain Charles Warren, of H. M. 55th regiment, of a son.—On the 27th of November, in Welbeck street, London, the Hon. Mrs. Irby, of Llanidan, Anglesey, of a daughter.—On the 24th of November, at Dennah House, the lady of Charles Stanley, esq. of a daughter.-On the 13th of December, Mrs. Hugh Jones, Trefriw, Anglesey, of a daughter.—On the 14th of December, at Pwllheli, the lady of William Jones, esq. of a son.-On the 21st of December, at Powis Castle, lady Lucy Clive, of a daughter.-On the 17th of December, at PlasYollin, the lady of William Leigh Hilton, esq. of a daughter.-Lately, at Pant Howell, Anglesey, the lady of R. A. Welsh, esq. of a daughter.-On the 16th of December, Mrs. Rowe, of Bersham, near Wrexham, of a daughter.

Marriages. On the 21st of October, at the Isle of Wight, by the Rev. H. W. Majendie, J. C. Taylor, esq. of Oporto, to Elizabeth Margaret Majendie, daughter of the late bishop of Bangor.—On the 14th of October, at Llangattock, Crickhowel, by the Rev. Henry Vaughan, the Rev. Joseph Gibbs, rector of Clifton, Oxfordshire, to Emily, eldest daughter of the Rev. Charles Vaughan.-On the 12th of October, Mr. W. Irlam of Manchester, to Mary, second daughter of Jobn Conway Jones, esq. of the Lower Hall, in the valley of Elwy, North Wales.-On the 12th of October, at Knutsford, by the Rev. H. C. Cotton, rector of Hinstock and vicar of Great Neston, Salop, the Rev. J. Horden, vicar of Rostherne, in Cheshire, to Miss Maria Frances Cotton, youngest daughter of Henry Calveley Cotton, esq. -On the 15th of November, William Pemberton, esq. of Prescot, to Ellen, daughter of Thomas Makin, esq. of Llwynegrin, Flintshire.—On the 8th of November, at Llangattock, Crickhowel, W. Stretton, esq. lieutenant in the 23d or Royal Welsh Fusileers, to the Hon. Mrs. Wilkins, of Dan-y-park, widow of the late Walter Wilkins, esq.-On the 29th of October, at Moulton, Pembrokesbire, Charles Porcher Lang, esq. of Sand Rock, in the county of Surrey, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Sir John Owen, bart. M.P. of Orielton, Pembrokeshire.On the 26th of October, at Bath, E. H. Mortimer, esq. of Studley, Wilts., and of Green Park, Bath, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Col. Williams, of Norfolk crescent, Bath, and niece of the late General Sir Thomas Picton, G.C.B.

- Richard Lloyd Edwards, esq. of Nanhoran, Caernarvonshire, to Mary, only daughter of John Lloyd Wynne, esq. of Coed Coch, Denbighshire.- Owen Owen, esq. of Gadlys, to Mary Knight, fourth daughter of the Rev. R. Pritchard, of Dinham, in the county of Anglesey.-On the 26th of October, at Guernsey, by the Rev. H. Durand, James King, esq. of Presaddfed, to Mary, second daughter of the late N. Monllin, esq. of the former place.-On the 27th of October, at Llangaffo, by the Rev. Dr. Williams, Owen Owen, esq. of Gadlys, to Mary Knight, fourth daughter of the Rev. Richard Prichard, of Dinam, in the county

of Anglesey.-On the 29th of November, the Rev. Reez Lloyd, of Bronith, Radnorshire, to Jane Dorothy, daughter of the Rev. D. P. Powell, rector of Sarnesfield, Herefordshire.-On the 23d of November, at Llanbadarn-fawr, Cardiganshire, the Rev. Thomas Lewis, of Aberystwith, to Mary Ann, only daughter of Arthur Worsley, esq. of Penaberth, near Aberystwitb.-On the 30th of November, at Kerry, Montgomeryshire, by the Rev. D. Davies, Mr. John Owen, of Pool, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Matthews, of Yew-tree, Kerry.-On the 18th of September, at Tattenball, by the Rev. Prebend Bloomfield, Owen Williams, esq. of Stafford street, Liverpool, to Emma, youngest daughter of Samuel Bromfield, esq. of Gatesheath, near Chester.--On the 8th of November, at St. Philip's church, Liverpool, by the Rev. John Lingard, B.D., John Joshua, son of the late Joshua Hatton, esq. of Barbadoes, to Emma, daughter of the late John Thomas, esq. of St. Asaph.—On the 15th of December, at Llangar, Merionethshire, by the Rev. Peter Williams, rector, Morris Powell Jones, esq. of Plas 'n Bonwm, near Corwen, to Anne, second daughter of the late Rev. Robert Roberts, D.D., rector of Barnwell, Northamptonshire.

Deaths. At Caernarvon, aged 24, Jobn, only son of the Rev. Richard Lloyd, of Beaumaris: his death was caused by the shock received at his witnessing some of the melancholy effects of the late wreck of the Rothsay Castle.-On the 17th of October, W. Owen Brigstocke, esq. of Blaenpant, near Cardigan.- In October, aged 14, William, youngest son of the Rev. T. Ellis, of Tanrallt, Bangor.-On the 24th of September, at Caernarvon, aged 70, Capt. Evan Evans, of Caernarvon. -On the 8th of October, at Dolgarreg, Caermarthenshire, aged 67, John Rees Bishop, esq. for many years a magistrate.-On the 29th of September, after severe illness of many months' duration, the Rev. J. B. Roberts, pastor of the Baptist church, in Pwllheli.—On the 28th of September, aged 34, Richard Augustus, son of J. Wynne Griffith, esq. of Garn, in the county of Denbigh; his generous, amiable character obtained for him a very numerous circle of friends in the Principality, who do not cease to lament the loss they have sustained by his premature decease.-Lately, in Chester, aged 74, Mary, relict of the late Price Jones, esq. of Rhuabon, Denbighsbire.-On the 7th of November, at his house, South Parade, York, aged 77, the Rev. Wm. Jones, rector of Holmton, and vicar of Welwich, in the connty of York. Mr. Jones was a native of Llaneilian, Denbighshire.--On the 14th of November, Mrs. Edwards, relict of the late Richard Edwards, esq. of Nanboran.-On the 12th of November, in Dublin, Jane Anne, wife of Capt. J. M. Bennett, and only child of the late W. Williams, esq. of Rhidw, Caernarvon.-On the 1st of November, at Woodside, Richard, eldest son of James Boydell, esq. of the Rossett, in the county of Denbigh, aged 29.At Norton, near Presteigne, Richard Jones, aged 102.—On the 21st of November, Marianna, second daughter of Joshua Peel, esq. of Shrewsbury.-On the 21st of November, Thomas Evans, esq. of Cotton Hall, near Denbigh. He was a man of strict integrity, and a sincere friend,—what he was as a husband and father, they only can know who most deeply feel and lament his loss.-On the 9th of November, aged 56, Mrs. Lewis, relict of the late J. Lewis, esq. of Pantyrhaid, Caermarthenshire.-On the 5th of November, at his residence at Clifton, the Rev. David Davies, d.d.of Werndrevy, Caermarthenshire.-On the 14th of November, at his fatber's house, after a severe illness, Thomas, son of John Jones, esq. of Ruthin.-At Mold, on the 30th of October, aged 49, Mr. Robert Jones: for some years he was employed as a pressman in Mr. Gee's printing establishment at Denbigh: bis exemplary diligence enabled him to maintain a numerous family in comfort; he was remarkable for his intimate acquaintance with his native language ; and, as a Welsh poet, be arrived at considerable eminence.-Lately, after a short illness, Thomas Longueville Longueville, esq. of Oswestry.-On the 20th of May last, on board the Hon. East India Company's armed schooner, the Royal Tiger, while on the passage from Persia to Bombay, Edward, second son of Edward Owen, esq. of Maesmynan, in the county of Denbigh.-On the 9th of December, at Hull, in the prime of life, after a few hours' illness, occasioned by a fall in attempting to board his vessel, Capt. Simon Roberts, of the

schooner John, of Nevin. Lately, the Hon. Miss Ponsonby, of Plasnewydd, Llangollen.-On the 9th of December, at Aberystwith, Anna, youngest daughter of Lieutenant J. R. Lane, R.N.-On the 15th of November, Owen Roberts, mariner, of Lumber street, Liverpool. The deceased was a well-known cbaracter in the neighbourhood where he resided, having, in the latter years of his life, obtained a partial subsistence by selling in the streets a small history of his “Voyages and Travels." He was born in the island of Anglesey, in March 1739, and commenced his maritine career in the reign of George the Second, since which time he has sailed to the coast of Africa and other places upwards of forty times. Con. sidering the vicissitudes to which this veteran tar must have been exposed in the course of his long and arduous existence, he affords an instance of longevity which the seafaring life could scarcely be believed to allow.-On the 17th of October, W. Owen Brigstoke, esq. of Blaenpant, near Cardigan.-On the same day, at Cardigan, Miss Anna Maria Noott, youngest daughter of Mr. Noott, surgeon, aged 17 years.—Lately, at Kilgerran, near Cardigan, aged 70, the Rev. Thomas Morris, of that place.- Lately, aged 45, at her residence, Glandwr, Bank Quay, Caernarvon, Catherine, relict of the late Robert Roberts, esq.- Aged 56, deeply regretted, Mrs. Lewis, relict of the late J. Lewis, esq. of Pantyrbaidd, Caermarthenshire.—On the 25th of November, at bis seat, Taliaris, Caermarthenshire, at the advanced age of 83, the Right Hon. Lord Robert Seymour.- On the 10th of November, at her son's house, at the advanced age of 88, Mrs. Downs, mother of David Price Downs, esq. of Hendre Rhys Gethyn.-On the 27th of November, at Bodorgan, Anglesey, the seat of ber brother, Owen Fuller Meyricke, esq., Mary, fourth danghter of_Augustus Eliott Fuller, esq. aged 14.-On the 9th of October, aged 71, Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, at Havod Hedrod, Cardiganshire, daughter of the late Mr. Richard Williams, of Pen-y-Gwndwn, in the said parish. -On the 6th of December, in London, Mr. Hugh Griffith Jones, late of Pwllhehi, on his return from Paris to Wales.- Lately, Miss Diana Foulkes, at Erthig, near Wrexham, sister of the Rev. Principal of Jesus College, Oxford.

PRICES OF SHARES OF CANALS IN WALES. Breckpock and Abergavenny, 90; Glamorganshire, 290; Monmouthshire, -; Montgomery, 80; Shrewsbury, 250; Swansea, 180.


Closing price Dec. 19th. Austrian -; Brazilian, 444; Buenos Ayres, 24; Chilian, 184; Colombian, 119; Ditto, 1824, 12}; Danish, 661; Greek, 23; Mexican, 1825, 367; Peruvian, 11); Portuguese, 504; Prussian, 1818, 100; Ditto, 1822, 100); Russian, 1822, 991 ; Spanish, 1821 and 1822, 143; Ditto, 1823, 134; Dutch, 424; French Rentes, 694.

ENGLISH FUNDS. Dec. 29. Bank Stock, 1923; 3 per cent. cons. shut; 34 per cent. 903); 3 per cent. red. 827; 3per cent. red. 0015; 4 per cent. 993); Long Annuities, 16 9-164; India Stock, shut.

Corrigenda. The article " Tithe Composition," in our last Number, unfortunately was not submitted to the particular revision for which it was destined, which has rendered a few corrections pecessary. Page 489 line 3

from bottom, for “ impropriation” read "impropriate." 493 - A, after “monopoly prices add " were to be realised." 493 – 25, after“ distinguish," instead of the three following i nes, read “the required augmentation of

food from that of manufactured commodities. Capital may be employed without limit

in the extension of manufactures at the same rate of profit as before, &c." 493 -- 7 from bottom, for "as short food will raise a monopoly," read "in short, food will reach a

monopoly priee,” 494 23, for changes" read charges." 496 - 16, for expensive" read "extensive."

408-18, for much," read so much."
408 - 6 in the Note, for Hendre," read

from bottom, for “ Bwlch," read

411 - 14, for Baiton," read Bacton."

18, for “ Lloyd's," read Llhuyd's."

Page 415 line 2 from bottom, for “ Cascor,' read

Cascob." 417 31, for a latter," read its contents." 421 40, for "translation," read " nomina

tion." 428 36, for "Llanbedr," read "Llanbieter."





Celtic Repertory.

No. 14.-APRIL 2, 1832.-Vol. IV.

A LETTER to the LORD CHANCELLOR on the Expediency of Establishing a

General State Insurance, to defray the Expense of an efficient Rural Police, and to operate towards the gradual Reduction of the Poor Rates.

MY LORD, The alarming increase of pauperism, vagrancy, and crime, more particularly incendiarism, together with the consequent accumulating burthen of the Poor Rates, call loudly for the remedial interposition of the legislature. Indeed, unless some speedy cure be devised for these crying evils, we cannot but feel the most serious apprehensions, lest, at no distant period, the richest country in the world, however paradoxical the assertion, may become overwhelmed by its own pauperism.

Various projects have been proposed, and others are said to be now in contemplation, but it is evident no remedy will be effectual that shall not assure the attainment of this fourfold object, viz.

1. Provision for the invalid poor unable to work.

2. Work for those poor who are unwilling to labour, or unable to procure employment.

3. The prevention, repression, and speedy correction of crime, combined with that general “surveillance” of the country, which shall afford effectual protection to the persons and property of its inhabitants.

4. And, lastly, an alleviation of the present onerous pressure of the parochial rates.

The writer presumes to flatter himself that the accomplishment of these four desirable purposes may be simultaneously effected by the adoption of a system, the general outlines of which he has

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