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Had the love I had loved, been inconstant or gay,
Enduring at most but a long summer's day,
Growing cold when the splendor of noontide hath set,
I might have forgotten that ever we met.

But long as Eryri its peak shall expose
To the sunshine of summer, or winter's cold snows,

My love will endure for Llan Meilen's sweet Rose.
Then bid me not, maiden, remember no more
A name which affection and love must adore,
'Till affection and love become one with the breath
Of life in the silent oblivion of death.

Perchance in that hour of the spirit's repose,
But not until then, when the dark eyelids close,

Can this fond heart forget thee, Llan Meilen's sweet Rose. The selection concluded with the glee and chorus, “Sons of the Fair Isle," and “God save the King."


On the anniversary of St. David, a number of its friends met for its celebration, at the King's llead inn, where Mr. Spencer presided, and Mr. Johnstone filled the vice chair. After partaking of a most excellent dinner, the evening was spent in the utmost hilarity, and the company did not separate until a late hour. After “The immortal memory of St. David, the titular Saint,” and the usual loyal toasts had been proposed from the chair, amongst others were drunk—Sir J. T. Stanley, bart.; the Lord Lieutenant of the county; W.O. Stanley, esq., and Mrs. Stanley; the Member for the County; the Town and Trade of Holyhead, &c. &c.

BEAUMARIS EISTEDDVOD. The spirited and liberal President of the approaching Eisteddvod in Mona, Sir Richard Williams Bulkely, bart. M.P. is determined to do all in his power to render it a most brilliant one: the present intentions are to arrange the various amusements thus:

First morning, bards and minstrels. Evening, a concert.
Second morning, bards, &c. &c. Evening, a ball.

Third morning, harpers and pennillion singers. Evening, a concert. Fourth morning, regata. Evening, a ball.

The President has authorized Mr. Parry, Bardd Alaw, to engage for the concerts Mr. and Mrs. W. Knyvett, Mr. and Miss Cramer, Mr. Horncastle, and Mr. Parry, Junr.; Mr. Nicholson, (flute,) Mr. Harper, (trumpet) and Mr. Lindley, (violoncello.) The band to be completed by superior performers from Liverpool, &c. &c. Besides the subjects already advertised, the President offers ten guineas for the best elegy in Welsh, on the laté patriotic Owen Jones, Myfyr. The Royal Cambrian Institution will present two medals, and the Gwyneddigion one, which will add to the interest of the Eisteddvod.

TRANSLATION OF THE “BRITA SAGUR” INTO SCANDINAVIAN. In a report made to the Royal Dublin Society, by John D’Alton, esq., on the subject of Ancient British and Irish historical records in Denmark, Mr. D'Alton quotes, from a Danish letter received by him, the following interesting passage:

“There exists, further, at Copenhagen, old manuscripts, which form a No. XIV.

cyclus of the so called 'Brita Sagur,' or 'Tales of King Arthur of Britain,' whose expeditions to the north are accredited by Suhm and Schoning (the greatest historians of Denmark and Norway); also accounts of his court, its princes and heroes, as Ivan, Vigoles, Fertram, Perceval, Valoer, Erce, Elis, Tristram, &c. translated from the Welsh into the ancient Scandinavian language, by command of the Norwegian king, Hakon Hakonson, in the interval between the years 1218 and 1250. To these belong two prophetic poems of the Welsh prophet and magician Merlin, or Merdlin, the authenticity of which has been proved by Owen, Davies, More, and others.”

Cefn, esq.

SHERIFFS. Shropshire. William Oakeley, of Denbighshire. Edward Lloyd, of Oakeley Park, esq.

Cheshire. John Hurleston Leche, Flintshire. Sir John Hanmer, of of Carden, esq.

Bettisfield Park, bart. Staffordshire. Sir Thos. Fletcher Breconshire. Jas. Price Gwynne Fenton Boughey, of Aqualate, bart. Holford, of Buckland, esq.

Herefordshire. John Freeman, of Cardiganshire. Henry Lewis Gaines, esq.

Edwardes Gwynne, of Landery, esq. Worcestershire. Joseph John Caermarthenshire. John Lavelin Martin, of Ham Court, esq. Puxley, of Lletherllestry, esq.

Montgomeryshire. Sir Charles Glamorganshire. F. Fredericks, Thos. Jones, of Broadway, knt.

of Dyffryn, esq. Carnarvonshire. John Rowlands, Pembrokeshire. David Davies, of of Plastirion, esq.

Caernacherwen, esq. Anglesey. Sir John Williams, Radnorshire. Thomas Evans, of Tyfry, bart.

Llwynbarried, esq. Merionethshire. William Turner, of Croycer, esq.


The following is a comparative account of the population of Wales in 1821 and 1831. 1821–717,438; 1831–805,236. Increase, 87,798.


Births. Jan. 8, at Llanbedrog, Carnarvonshire, the lady of Colonel Jones Parry, of a son and beir.—December 20, the lady of F. R. West, esq. m.p.of a daughter.—Jan. 6, the lady of the Rev. St. G. A. Williams, of Carnarvon, of a daughter. --Jan. 3, Mrs. Nicholas Treweek, of Carnarvon, of a son and heir.- December 25, Mrs. Roberts, of Penbol, Anglesey, of a son.-January 24, at Edern rectory, the lady of the Rev. J. P. Jones Parry, of a daughter. The Countess of Denbigh of a son.-Lady Charlotte, wife of W. T. Egerton, esq. M.P., of a son and heir.-February 5, Mrs. Jones, wife of the Rev. J. T. Jones, of Pendre, Carnarvon, of a daughter.–At Llanstinan, Pembrokesbire, the lady of H.Owen, esq. m.p. of a son.—January 31, at Parkygroes, Cardiganshire, the lady of William Henry Webley Parry, jun. esq. of a son.– February 12, at Pern Hill, Caermarthenshire, the lady of William Tringham, esq. of a son.-February 27, at the rectory, Aberffraw, Anglesey, the lady of the Rev. Jobo Roberts, of a daughter.-Same day, the lady of R. H. Barnston, esq. of Crewe Hill, of a son. - March 7, at Pine Grange, Staffordshire, the lady of Captain Majendie, of a daughter.—February 27, at Caversham Grove, Oxfordshire, the Indy of Vincent Vaughan, esq. of a daughter.

Marriages. Edward Hobhouse, esq. of the Guards, son of the late Sir B. Hobhouse, bart. to the Hon. Hester Charlotte Graves, daughter of the late Lord Graves.David Jones, esq. banker, ('aermarthen, to Miss Joner, of Bayly bedw.- llenry

Touchett, esq. late of Lloyd Jack, Cardiganshire, to Charlotte Eliza, only daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Davies.—The Rev. John Williams, M.A. Fellow of Jesus Coll. Oxon. to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Birley, esq. of Belsay house, Leamington.—John Jones, esq. of Vedw Lwyd, to Anna, fourth daughter of the Rev. Simon Lloyd, of Bala, Merionethshire.--Edward Servante, esq. captain in the Madras army, to Jane, daughter of Captain Daykin, Royal Montgomeryshire Militia. Macmichael, esq. of Birmingham, to Eliza, third daughter of the late Benjamin Whitehouse, esq. of Redbrook Iron Works. -Mr. Davies, of Liverpool, to Alice Lloyd, youngest daughter of the late G. Davies, esq. of Bala.--At Christ church, St. Marylebone, and afterwards at the Catholic chapel, Spanish place, Wm. Buckley, esq. of the Madras army, to Emma, eldest danghter of the late G. W. Smythe, esq. of Acton Burnell, in the county of Salop.—Harry Mainwaring, esq. eldest son of Sir H. M. Mainwaring, bart. of Over Peover, to Emma, daughter of the late T. W. Tatton, esq. of Withenshaw, both in the county of Chester.-Sir Baldwin Leighton, bart. of Loton Park, to Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas Netherton Parker, esq. of Sweeny Hall, near Oswestry.—Edward D. Bennion, esq. surgeon, to Miss S. Roberts, of Union Place, Oswestry.—The Rev. William Squire Mirehouse, m.a. to Eliza Brunetta, only daughter of the late G. A. Herbert, esq. of Glanbafren, Montgomeryshire.—Robert Parry Pugh, esq. only son of John Wynn Pugh, esq. late of Garthmaelon, near Dolgelley, to Anne, second daughter of the late John Jones, esq. of Cwymbychanbach, near Machynlleth. -Mr. William Price, of the Broak Oak, to Miss Craven, of Brunnington.Wm. Jones, esq. of Aberhirnant, to Anne, fourth daughter of Owen Owens, esq. of Bala.—Robert Anwyl, esq. of Bodgynwch, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Tho. Williams, of Plas Ashpool, Denbighshire.-W.Owen Stanley, esq. son of Sir John Thomas Stanley, bart. to Ellen, youngest sister of Sir John Williams, bart. of Bodlewyddan.- Frederick Brandstrom, esq. solicitor, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Matthews, Tynyrhelig, Newtown.—Major-General the Hon. Henry King, to Catherine, daughter of the late Rev. E. Phillips, of Lampeter, Pembrokeshire.

Deaths. December 18, Stansall Williams, esq. veterinary surgeon, Bath.-At Brecon, Griffith James, esq. land surveyor.–At Cardigan, Capt. E. Penrose.-January 1, at Peniarth, Merionethsbire, Owen, third son of W. Wynne, esq. of that place. - January 3, Mrs. Williams, of Gwyssaney Hall, near Mold.- December 30, Mr. David Hughes, surgeon, St. Asaph.—January 4, Mr. E. H. Williams, of the Stamp Office, Bangor.-January 2, at Treiddon, Anglesey, 0. Prichard, esq.---January 12, William Williams, esq. of Bryngoleu, near Pwllheli. January 7, at Carnarvon, Joseph William, fourth son of Captain Haslam.-January 13, at Nannerch cottage, Thomas Mostyn Edwards, esq. of Kilken Hall, Flintshire.- At Stourbridge, Dame Elizabeth, relict of the late Sir John Evans, knt., of Erbistock Hall, Flintshire. — January 12, Mary Bate, of Worthenbury.-- January 4, at Greenwich-park, aged 46, Captain Benjamin Back bouse, formerly of the Royal Welsh Fusileers.-- January 11, at Tredwr, Cardigansbire, D. Rees, esq. m.D.-January 7, aged 102, Mr. Hugh Evang.January 22, aged 69, Griffith Griffith, esq. Dolgelley. - January 26, at Aberystwith, John Nathaniel Williams, esq. of Castle Hill.-January 17, at Balaam’s Heath, near Munslow, Shropshire, Mary Sargeon, aged 104 years.January 12, at Llandovery, Thomas Bishop, esq. solicitor.—January 12, at Bwll Glas, Mold, William Matthews, esq.-January 31, at the Bell Ion, Brecon, B. Williams, esq. of Troscoed, Breconsbire.–At Plasbach, Kilie Ayron, Cardiganshire, Margaret, second daughter to the late Rev. D. Jones, rector of that parish.– February 3, at the rectory, Trowbridge, in bis 78th year, the Rev. George Crabbe, L.L.B., the distinguished poet. He was the oldest living British bard, and has added to our national literature many poems of almost unequalled vigour and beauty:- February 8, at Trevorgan, near Cardigan, Evan Davies, esq.-February 17, Thomas Picton St. George, only son of the Rev. St. George A. Williams, Carnarvon.-February 3, at Barmouth, aged 85,

Mrs. Owen, relict of the late Watkin Owen, esq.-February 4, Mrs. Jones, widow of the late Rev. Thomas Jones, of Carmarthen. - February 6, the Rev. J. Herring, minister of the Baptist connexion, Cardigan.-February 9, at the Ferry Side, Mrs. Margaret Bowen, eldest daughter of Thomas Edwards, esq. of Bertbllwyd.-January 23, on the North Parade, Bath, Elizabeth, relict of the late Thomas Brereton, esq. of Pickhill, Denbigh.-February 23, at his house, 41, Berkeley square, London, aged 70, Owen Williams, esq. of Craig y don, in the county of Anglesea, M.P. for Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire. -July 28, in India, G. P. Lloyd, esq. of the 2d regiment of B. N. Cavalry, Brigade Major at Cawnpoor. — February 20, at Monmouth, Lieutenant Burton, R.n.

- At Cardigan, Mrs. Thomas, wife of the Rev Griffith Thomas, vicar of Cardigan. -At Dolgelley, Mrs. Price.--February 22, at Mynydd Ednyfed, near Criocieth, the Rev. O. Jones, M.A. late rector of Criccieth.-At Harlyn, Cornwall, Mrs. Peter, relict of H. Peter, esq.-March 3, at the Cottage, Bangor, Mrs. Owen, relict of the late Rev. T. E. Owen, rector of Llandyfrydog, Anglesey.-Feb. 13, Sarah, second daughter of the late Mr. Christopher Llewelyn, surgeon, Llanymynech.-February 13, at Mwrog Cottage, Ruthin, Mrs. Jones, aged 82, late of Argoed Hall, Mold. - February 27, at Fir Court, Churchstoke, in her 66th year, Miss Margaretta Maria Downes. This lady, from her early infancy, was afflicted with the dropsy, to be relieved from which she underwent operations one hundred and fourteen times !-- February 27, in London, John Ennis, esq. formerly of Oswestry.-March 2, Edward Edwards, esq. solicitor, Oswestry.March 7, at Mount-hazel,' near Carnarvon, the Rev. G. B. Lewis.—March 4, at Corwen, Mrs. Morgan, widow of the late Richard Morgan, vicar of Llanfawr. -January 7, at Old Ford, Richard Evans, esq. of Queen street, Cheapside, aged 39. He was born at Lanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire, an obscure locality, which also claims the honour of being the birth-place of the late Dr. Rees, editor of the Encyclopedia. Mr. Evans's powerful and active mind overbalanced the energies of a delicate and weak constitution, predisposed to the insidious attack of consumption: during a protracted and severe illness his unexampled patriotism and anxiety to promote the diffusion of useful knowledge amongst the Welsh, continued unabated to his last breath. In the vicinity of one of his warehouses he had established a little colony of Welsh, consisting of more than twenty families, supplied with medicine and medical attendance at his own expense. Lectures were also delivered in the Welsh language, once a week, on Mechanics. At the time of his demise, Mr. Evans was president of the Cymreigyddion, and conservator of the ancient Welsh mss. of the Royal Cambrian Society. He has lest a widow, but no children, to deplore his irreparable loss.- July 11, abroad, aged 37, Lieut. William Williams, formerly of Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, and late of the Brazilian Naval Service.-February 13, at Great Malvern, after a long and severe illness, Sarab, the lady of Harford Jones Brydges, bart. of Boultibrook, near Prestigne, Radnorshire.-February 12, after a short illness, in the 65th year of her age, Elizabeth, relict of the late John Williams Hugbes, esq. of Tregib, Carmarthenshire, and daughter and sole heiress of the late Richard Phillips, of the Platt Mills in the same county.


Brecknock and Abergavenny, 80; Glamorganshire, 290; Monmouthshire, 193 ; Montgomery, 80 ; Shrewsbury, 250; Swansea, 165.


Closing price, March 28. Austrian 90; Brazilian, 45%; Buenos Ayres, 20; Cbilian, 161; Colombian, 1824, 12; Danish, 67); Greek, 281; Mexican, 6 per cents. 314; Peruvian, 11; Portuguese, 50; Prussian, 1822, 100; Russian, 1822, 97}; Spanish, 1821 and 1822, 134; ditto 1823, 13; Dutcb, 424 ; French Rentes, 69.


Bank Stock, shut; 3 per cent. cons. 833; 34 per cent. 903; 3 per cent, red. shut; 3 per cent. red. shut; 4 per cent. sbut; Long Annuities, shut.



Celtic Repertory.

No. 15.-JULY 2, 1832.-Vol. IV.




Lord High CHANCELLOR; &c. &c. &c. MY LORD, In my last letter to your lordship, on the expediency of “An universal State Insurance, as combined with the establishment of a more vigorous and effective Rural Police, and as conducive to the gradual reduction of the Poor Rates," I took occasion to advert to the policy of adopting those portions of the French preventive and judicial system of Police, which the exigencies of the times seem to require, and which appear to me to be the least discordant to our habits and institutions.

Pardon me for again presuming to request your lordship to cast another glance across the channel, for the purpose of comparing the French and English systems of commercial jurisprudence.

To that enlightened judge and statesman, who has not disdained to introduce into his Bill for the creation of courts of local judicature, the preliminary “Conciliation" of the French code, in the place of our old Imparlances,” originally intended for the same benevolent and conciliatory purpose, nothing I am persuaded will appear contemptible or unworthy of consideration merely because it is French; but every suggestion for the improvement of our civil polity will be measured by its own intrinsic merit, without reference to the quarter from whence it comes.

Fas est et ab hoste doceri :-but, thank God! France and England are no longer enemies. There now exists no contention



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