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Royal Denbighshire Militia, of Summer-hill, to Jane Frances Horseman, eldest daughter of Mrs. Barber, Upper Stanhope-street, Liverpool.-On the 230 July, at Llandysilio, Anglesey, by the Rev. David Griffith, Captain Thomas Jones, of Burlington-street, Liverpool, to Mrs. Fisher, late of Whitehaven.—On the 19th of July, at Dolgelly, by the Rev. H. W. White, Thomas Jones Stevens, esq. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, to Anne, daughter of the late Humphrey Owen, esq. of Doleserey.-On the 3d of July, R. Woodcock, esq. to Miss Ashmore, both of Llanfyllin.-On the 5th of July, at Llanferris, Denbighshire, by the Rev. Charles Butler Clough, John, youngest son of Wm. Hughes, esq. of Thankerton House, Lanarkshire, to Dorothea, eldest daughter of the late Richard Hughes Lloyd, esq. of Gwerclas, Merionethshire.—On the 26th of July, at Dolgelley, Merionethshire, — Stephens, esq. of Cambridge, to Miss Ann Owen, daughter of the late Humphrey Owen, esq. of Dolserey. Considerable surprise was occasioned: as it was reported that a professional gentleman from Holyhead was expected next day to demand the hand of the bride. His arrival was therefore“ the day after the fair.”-On the 2d of August, at St. George's, Hanover-square, London, the ceremony

having been first performed according to the rites of the Church of Rome, Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams Bulkeley, of Baron Hill, in the county of Anglesey, bart. M. P. to Maria Frances, the only daughter of Sir Thomas Stanley Massey Stanley, of Hooton, in the county of Chester, bart. and granddaughter of Lady Haggerston, of Haggerston Castle, Northumberland. On the 15th of August, at Llanfihangel Ysgeifiog, Anglesey, Mr. Moses Williams, late of Ty-hen, to Miss Mary Jones, of Ynysfant.-On the 30th of July, a Llanasa, by the Rev. Henry Parry, vicar, Edward Morgan, esq. of Golden-grove, to Alice, second daughter of John Douglas.—On the 1st of August, at Neath, the Hon. John Wingfield Stratford, of Addington-place, Kent, to Harriette, daughter of the late Henry Grant, esq. of the Gnoll, Glamorganshire.—On the 28th of July, at Strata Florida, John Maurice Davies, esq. of Crygie, Cardiganshire, to Margareta Jeannetta, only daughter of Thos. Davies, esq. of Pantyfedwen, in the same county.—On the 4th of August, at St. James's, Viscount Sydney, to Lady Emily Paget, daughter of the Marquis of Anglesey-On the 1st of August, at Penegoes, Montgomeryshire, by the Rev. T. Hughes, M. A., the Rev. W. K. Fletcher, m. A., Chaplain to the Hon. East India Company, to Miss Jewsbury, the celebrated poetess.—On the 28th of July, E. Phillips, esq. of Ruabon, Denbighshire, to Miss Eliza Puttenham, of Liverpool-road, Wavertree.—On the 7th of July, at Abergavenny, Frederick Tanner, esq.of Exeter, to Anna Maria, daughter of Vere Herbert Smith, esq. of Abergavenny.-On the 2d of July, at Llanferres, Denbighshire, John, son of William Hughes, esq. of Thankerton House, Lanarkshire, to Dorothea, daughter of the late R. Hughes Lloyd, Esq. of Gwerclas, Merionethshire. On the 8th of August, at St. Mary's church, Chester, John Humphreys, esq. of Higher Berse, near Wrexham, to Mrs. Price, of Lower Berse.—On the 7th of August, at Erbistock church, by the Rev. Geo. Robson, Wm. Shone, esq. of Overton-bridge, to Miss Francis, of Erbistock.-On the 16th of August, at St. George's, Hanover-square, London, by the venerable Archdeacon Onslow, Edward Thos. Foley, esq. M. P. of Stoke Edith Park, Herefordshire, to the Lady Emily Graham, third daughter of the Duke of Montrose, and sister to Lady L. Clive, of Powis castle.-On the 24th of August, the Rev. Mr. Hollis, to Miss Francis, of Penstrowed, Montgomeryshire.-On the 28th of August, at Beaumaris, Thos. Holesworth, esq. of Wakefield, Yorkshire, to Miss Eliza Jane, only daughter of the late Rev. William Jones, rector of Llanbadric, Anglesey.-On the 21st of August, at Llanbeblig, by the Rev. J. W. Trevor, William Barton Panton, esq. Hermitage, Beaumaris, youngest son of Jones Panton,

esq.of Plas Gwyn, Anglesey, 10 Miss Ann Williams, only daughter of Henry Rumsey Williams, esq. Penrhos, near Carnarvon.

Deaths. On the 11th June, at his father's house, aged 22, Prochorus Roberts Jones, second son of the Rev. Edward Jones, Wesleyan minister, Wrexham, of pulmonary consumption.--On the 15th of June, in Chester, Mary, the wife of the Rev. T. M. Davies, rector of Trefilan, Cardiganshire, and daughter of the late Alderman Bedward.—On the 20th of June, at Heullan Vicarage, Denbighshire, Mrs. Bonnor, wife of the Rev. Richard Bonnor.On the 18th of June, of spasmodic cholera, Captain Henry Wynn, of the Royal Welsh Fusileers. This distinguished officer joined the above regiment in Egypt; was present at the taking of Martinique, at Walcheren, throughout the Peninsular war up to the surrender of Paris, and at the battle of Waterloo. At Paris, his lady, after giving birth to a daughter, now 16 years of age, died, and lies interred adjoining the tomb of Abelard and Heloise, in Pere la Chaise. He had been four times severely wounded, and had been complimented on several occasions for his conduct.-On the 5th of July, at Rose-hill, Ermin, relict of the late Richard Harry Kenrick, esq. of Nantclwyd, in the county of Denbigh, and youngest daughter and coheiress of the late Sir Thomas Kyffin, of Maynan, Carnarvonshire. On the 9th of July, at his father's house, in Grafton-street, London, after a long illness, Watkin Henry, eldest son of the Right Hon. C.W.Williams Wynn, in the 17th year of his age.--On the 4th of July, at Hashford, Evan Thomas, esq. of Sully, Glamorganshire, and of Llwynmadoc, Breconshire, in the 54th year of his age.--In July, at Aberystwith, William Jones, esq. solicitor and town-clerk of that town.-On the 17th of July, in his 73d year, at his residence, in Bridge-place, Richard Buckley, esq. Mayor of Chester.—On the 10th of July, at Caer Groes, near ilanrwst, Jane, relict of William Owen, esq. of Pencraig Inco, Carnarvonshire.--On the 10th of July, in the 84th year of her age, Mrs. Jones, of Gelliwig, in this county, mother of the late Col. Jones, of the 22d Welsh Fusiliers.-At Ynys Fantach, in the parish of Llanidan, Anglesey, at the advanced age of 100, Mr. David James, late of Ffridd Bach, in the above parish.—On the 27th of July, at Ruthin, aged 33, Humphrey Maesmore, esq.-On the 31st of July, of a slow decline, which he bore with meek resignation to the divine will, Lewis Vaughan, esq. of Penmaen Dovey, Merionethshire, in his 77th year.–On the 3d of July, at his residence Garth View, Thomas Roberts, esq. in the 65th year of his age.By accident we have omitted, in the two last numbers, to place upon record the death of Mr. Griffith Jones, late Secretary to the Cymmrodorion Society. Mr. Jones was a native of Merionethshire; formerly he possessed a great facility in public speaking, but his merits rested not alone on the powers of elocution, he was warmly attached and ever alive to the interests of his native country : pieces of plate, medals, &c. had been presented to him as an acknowledgment of his patriotic services.Lately, at an advanced age, Mr. Henry Jones, of Bala, father of the Rev. J. Jones, (Tegid,) of Christ Church, Oxford.—On the 28th of July, at an advanced age, David Williams, esq. of Pen-y-hont, near Bala, and father of the Rev. W. W.Williams, of Plas Llanfair, Anglesey:-On the 3d of Aug. at Presteign, Wm. Meredith, esq. of Knighton, Radnorshire.—On the 6th of August, at Gloucester, Mary Eliza, wife of W. Cother, esq. and eldest daughter of the late John Bill, esq. of Llandrinio Hall, Montgomeryshire.In his 52d year, at the Isle of Wight, greatly regretted, Wm. Watkin Anwyl, esq. m. D. of Bala, Merionethshire. Three brothers in this respectable family have thus been consigned to the grave within a very short period. At Abbotsford, on the 21st of September, Sir Walter Scott. We regret that our limits preclude us from giving a full account of this celebrated literary character in the present number; but which we promise to do in our next.



64 et seq.

39 et seq.
48 et seq.

254 et seq.

ABERGELE, Englyn, in the Churchyard (see Poetry)
Abergwessyn, romantic Situation of
Anglesea, value of Church Livings temp. Henry VIII. and Eliz. 61 et seq.
Annotations to the above
Army, Promotion in the

Arkite Worship

144 et seq.
A barfraw, Copper-inscribed Plate found at, in the 17th Century 246
Anacreon's Ode (see Poetry)

All-hallow Tide, curious Scotch Superstitious Ceremony on

Ancient Road from Anglesea to the Isle of Wight

373 et seq.
Brenner Mont, the Alp, derivation from the Welsh

Brook of the She-Wolf

Brittany, Tour through

38 et seq.
Battle, Extracts from an old Account of a, between 30 English and

30 Britons
Britto, William (see Poetry)
Burns, Robert (see Poetry)

Byron, Lord (see Poetry)


134, 284,420, 552
Britain's Historical Drama, Review of
British Isles known to the ancient Inhabitants of India

386, 469
Bible, the, Remarks upon the Rev. John Jones's new Version of 98-9
Broom Coffee

Brydges, Sir Harford Jones, an excellent Oriental Scholar

Brecon Infirmary

Birmingham and London Railway of great importance to Wales, 243 et seq.
Bedd, Argraffiadau (see Poetry)

Beaver, the, in Wales within the recollection of living Persons

Beli Duiose

Barm, first substituted for Leaven

Backgammon, Game of, a Welsh Invention

Bees anciently made Game

Celts, Historical Account of the
Celtic Annals, Review of

100, 259 et seq.
Cisalpina, called Welshland

Ceven Digoll (the Long Mountain), Queries as to the Name and
Legend of

Reply to the Queries respecting

Camden's Britannia noticed by Edward Lhwyd
Commercial Code, Letter on the Necessity of a
Coffee made of Broom

Cairn in Ireland, curious one, containing four Chambers

Commonwealth, Welsh Members during the
Corpse Candles, Superstition of, in Wales


438 et seq.

1 et seq.

246 et seq.
288 et seq.

335 et seq.
106 et seq.

Cymmrodorion Society defended
“ Cur” and “ Corryn,” derivation of

Combermere, Lord, a Welshman--Birthplace of

૨ ૧


96 et seq.
122 et seq.

277 et seq.

537 et seq.

Carbury, Derivation of

Clerical Legacy, The, Review of
Cavalry, excellence of the Celtic

Cattle, Custom of Ilerding the, in Dwelling-houses common amongst
the Celts, and still done in the Mountains of Wales

Cynddelw, Prose Translation of a Poem of

Chester, old Petition to the Mayor of

Cornish Language, Specimens of, contrasted with Welsh
Cromwell, Oliver, Review of the Life of
Canal Shares, Prices of, in Wales

136, 286, 422
Conjux Ejus (sec l'oetry)

Day, Thomas, Esq. Anecdote of


135 et seq. 285 et seq.421 et seq. 554
Danan, the Three Sons of, Adepts in the Black Art

Davydd Llwyd Llewelyn ab Gruffydd, (see Poetry)

David, St., celebration of the Day
Doomsday Book, Account of

Death, Apostrophe to, (see Poetry)

Egyptian Legend

Eich Dyn, the Prince of Wales's Motto, Examination of its Deriva-
tives, (see Ich Dien)

Eistedvodd, Notice of the forthcoming

132, 284
Ditto, ditto, ditto

Long Account of the, at Beaumaris
Eurgain, St.

190 et seq.
Epicure, on the Death of an, (see Poetry)

Evan Bane, a Highland Legend, &c. Review of

Elfenau Rhifyddiaeth, Review of

Englyn, old Punning, (see Poetry)

Einion ab Gwgan, Translation of a Poem of

Enchanted Mantle, Earl Percy's Ballad, taken from a Welsh Legend 474
Fishing, Objections to the Sport of
Funds, Foreign

136, 286, 422

136, 286, 422
Fire, Holy

311 et seq.

Friends, a Member of the, in Wales
Geology of Noricum

Greeks, the, acquainted with Noricum

Genealogical (Welsh) Information
Gal, the Word
Gauls, Emigration of, to Noricum
Gipsy, Letter from an Amateur
Gododin, (see Poetry)

Gloucester, Robert of, (see Poetry)

Game Act, the New, defective-proposed Amendments
Gwyliedydd Magazine

Gwyneddigion Society

80 et seq.

Genii of the Night, of the Whirlwind, of Death

Grey, Lady Jane

Gladiosus Lacustus, the

Goatherd's Family, Melancholy Fate of

Graphic and Historical Illustrator, Review of

Habitations of the Celts

11 et seq.
Herbert's Hymn, (see Poetry)



345 et seq.

395 et seq.

4 et seq.
25 et seq.

55 et seq.
370 et seq.
381 et seq.

144 et seq.

373 et seq.

437 et seq.

Hunting, Objections to

Harding, Mr. Justice, (see Poetry)

Harp of the West, (see Poetry)

Henry the Seventh, King (see Poetry)

Holt, Legend on the Bridge at (see Poetry)

Hywel Dda, short Account of

Hywel and Ursela, a Border Fragment
Hebrew, Comparison between, and the Welsh
Hopton, some Account of the Family of

Ilell-hounds, Superstitious Belief in

Harness (see Withes)

Jones, Sir William, Anecdote of

his deep Studies in Oriental Literature

Intemperance, frequency of, in Wales

Irish Mythology, Letter from Sir S. R. Meyrick, upon
Druid Teinples

151 et seq. 311 et seq.
Irelaud, Lakes and Rivers sacred in

formerly remarkable for livination

Ich Dien, Letter on the Derivation of the Words

241, 397
Jones, Mary, Execution of, a dreadful Instance of sanguinary Law;
pronounced to be Murder hy Sir IV. Meredith

Colonel Jenkin, curious Anecdote of

Ideal Grief, (see l'oetry)

Isle of Ilight, ancient Road from, to Anglesea
Idris, known to the Aralians

Iron, Peat, manufactured

Jaques, Dr. Jean
Katschwald and Cotswold, Derivation of

Kenyon, lion. Lloyd, Extract from his Speech on the Reform

Knowledge, the Guide to, Review of,

Kent, Duchess of, and Princess Victoria, Tour of, through Wales, 566 et seq.
Lewis Glyn Cothi

Literary Notices

130, 275, 413, 525
London and Provincial News

130 et seq. 276 et seq. 414 et seq.
Lampeter College, Distribution of Prizes at

Louping Ill, the, a Visease in Sheep
Long Mountain, Queries as to its llelsh Name

Answer to the above

Lhwyd, Edward, of the Ashunolean Library, unpublished Letters

Llywarch the Aged, short Account of

Lordon and Birmingham Railway of great Importance to Wales
Llan-y Mawddwy, the Vale of
Legends and Traditions
Love-stricken, The, a Tale
Muchar, Professor, his History of the Celts
Morris, Mr. J. Genealogical Labours of
Maniac Maid, the
Monybere, Hertford, Derivation of
My Lady Love (see Poetry)

73 et seq.

526 et seq.


244 et seq.

123 et seq.
441 et seq.
457 et seq.
491 et seq.

1 et seq.
389 et seq.
327 et seq.


Madoc Ben Gwyllt (see Poetry)

Music-“ Oh, when do I wish for Thee?"
Meyrick Family, Information respecting the

95, 82

83 et seq.

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