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“ ARE you ready for your steeple-chase, Lorraine, Lor

raine, Lorrèe ? Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Baree. You're booked to ride your capping race to-day at Coul

terlee, You're booked to ride Vindictive, for all the world to see, To keep him straight, and keep him first, and win the

run for me.' Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Baree. She clasped her new-born baby, poor Lorraine, Lorraine,

Lorrée, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Barum, Baree. “I cannot ride Vindictive, as any man might see, And I will not ride Vindictive, with this baby on my


He's killed a boy, he's killed a man, and why should

he kill me?

“Unless you ride Vindictive, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorrèe, Unless you ride Vindictive, to-day at Coulterlee, And land him safe across the brook, and win the blank

for me,


you may keep your baby, for you'll get no keep

from me."

“That husbands could be cruel,” said Lorraine, Lor

raine, Lorrèe,

“That husbands could be cruel, I have known for sea

sons three; But oh! to ride Vindictive, while a baby cries for me, And be killed across a fence at last for all the world

to see!”

She mastered young Vindictive, – oh! the gallant lass

was she! And kept him straight, and won the race, as near as

near could be ; But he killed her at the brook against a pollard willow

tree, Oh, he killed her at the brook, the brute, for all the

world to see, And no one but the baby cried for poor Lorraine, Lorrèe. .



The wind was soft and heavy,

Where African palm-trees tower,
Hardly stirring the river,

Hardly shaking a flower;
The night was grave and splendid,

A dead queen lying in state,
With all her jewels upon her,

And trumpets at her gate.
The wild notes waved and linger'd,

And fainted along the air,

Sometimes like defiance,

And sometimes like despair; When down the moonlit mountain,

And beside the river-calms, The line of a dismal procession

Unwound between the palms.

A train of driven captives,

Weary, weak, amazed, Eighty hopeless faces,

Never once upraised ;
Bleeding from the journey,

Longing for the grave:
Men, and women, and children,

Every one a slave.

Lashed, and crying, and crouching,

They pass’d, suspecting not There were three or four English

Whose hearts grew very hot, Men who had come from a distance,

Whose lives were in their hands, To tell the love of Jesus

Among the heathen lands;

Studious men and gentle,

But not in the least afraid : With fire enough amongst them

To furnish a crusade. And when they saw the slave-troop

Come hurrying down the hill,

Each man look'd at the other,

Unable to be still.

They did not care for treaties,

And death they did not fear;
One great wrong would have roused them, —

There were eighty here.
They were not doing man's work,
They were doing the Lord's

So they went and stopp'd the savages

With these amazing words :“ We are three or four English,

Get away to your mountains,

And set the people free!”
You should have seen the black men,

How gray their faces turn;
They think the name of England

Is something that will burn.
They break, they fly like water

In a rushing, mighty wind;
The slaves stretch out uncertain hands,

By long despair made blind,
Till in a wonderful moment

The gasp of freedom came,
Like the leap of a tropical sunrise,

That sets the world aflame.

A blast of weeping and shouting

Cleansed all the guilty place ;

And God was able to undraw

The curtain from His Face.
A hundred years of preaching

Could not proclaim the creed
Of Love, and Power, and Pity

So well as that one deed.

A glorious gift is Prudence;

And they are useful friends
Who never make beginnings

Till they can see the ends;
But give us now and then a man,

That we may make him king,
Just to scorn the consequence,

And just to DO THE THING.



Boys will quarrel, and when they quarrel will sometimes fight. Learn to box, then, as you learn to play cricket and football. Not one of you will be the worse but very much the better for learning to box well. Should you never have to use it in earnest, there's no exercise in the world so good for the temper and for the muscles of the back and legs.

As to fighting, keep out of it if you can, by all means. When the time comes, if it ever should, that you have

No” to a challenge to fight, say


to say

66 Yes” or

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