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CXI. A Vision of the Lamb.

Rev. V. 6, 8, 9.

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4 Our voices join the heav'nly ftrain; ;';

And with transporting pleafure fing'; Esowi Worthy the Lamb that once was flain,

To be our teacher and our king...

s His words of prophecy teveal,

Eternal counsels, deep designs; '
His grace and vengeance hall fulfil

The peaceful, and the dreadful Tines.

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6 Thou haft redeem'd our fouls from death,

With thy invaluable blood;
And wretches that did once rebel, .

Are now made fons and heirs of God." !

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CXII. Juftification by. Faith,

not by Works: Or, the Law condemns, Grace justifies. Rom. iii. 19, 22.


V AIN are the hopes the fons of men,' ;'

V On their own works have built; Their hearts by nature all unclean,

And all their actions guilt.

2 Let Jew and Gontile stop their mouths,
. Without a murm'ring word;
And the whole race of Adam stand

Guilty before the Lord.

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INTOT with our mortal eyes,

Have we beheld the Lord ; Yet we rejoice to hear his name, · And love him in his word.

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. 3 The Spirit takes delight to view, .

The holy foul he form'd anew!..
And faints and angels join to fing,
The growing empire of our king.

growing and angeli idanever you

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