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CXVII. Clirist's Humiliation

and Exaltation. Rev. v. 1123

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CXVIII. The Names and Titles

of Christ, from several Scriptures. I T IS from the treafures of his word,

1 I borrow titles for my Lord; Nor art, nor nature, can supply Sufficient forms of majesty.

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2 Bright image of the Father's face,

Shining with undiminilh'd rays;
Th' Eternal God's beloved Son, so

The heir and partner of his-throne.
3 The King of kings, the Lord mof high,.

Writes his own name upon his thigh :
He wears a garment dipe in blood.

And breaks the nations with his rod.
4 Where grace can neither melt nor move,

The Lamb resents his injur'd love,

Awakes his wrath without delay,
© And Judah's lion tears the prey.
5 But when for works of peace he comes,
Wh at winning titles he assumes !

Light of the world, and life of men ;
Nor bears those characters in vain.

6 With tender in his heart, .
He acts the mediator's part;, ;
A friend and brother he appears,
And well fulfils the names he wears.

7 At length the judge his throne 'ascends,

Divides the rebels from his friends ;
And saints in full fruition prove,
His rich variety of love.

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2 Night unto night, his name repeats ;

The day tenews the found;

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6 Dear God, let all my hours be thine, ...

Whilft I enjoy the light;
Then shall my fun in (miles decline,

And bring a pleasant night.


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