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CLXIII. The Book of Nature

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and Scripture. I DEHOLD the lofty sky,

D. Declares its maker God, And all his starry works on high,

Proclaim his pow'r abroad.

2 The darkness and the light,

Still keep their course the fame,. While night to day, and day to night, ..

Divinely teach his name.

3 In ev'ry diff'rent land,

Their gen’ral voice is known ::
They shew the wonders of his hand,

And orders of his throne.

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4. Tho' I walk thro' the gloomy vale,

Where death and all it's terrors are ;
My heart and hope shall never fail,
For God my Shepherd's with me there.

· Amidst

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CLXV. Self Examination, or,

Evidences of Grace.

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4 I love thy habitation Lord,

The temple where thy honours dwell, There shall I hear thy holy word,

And there thy works of wonders tell.

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CLXVI. The Church is our De

light and Safety.

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- 5 Now shall my head be lifted high

Above my foes around; And songs of joy and victory 3

Within thy temple found.

CLXVII. Free Pardon and sincere


IL APPY the man to whom his God,

I No more imputes his fin, .. But wash'd in the Redeemer's blood,

Hath made his garments clean!'..

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3 His fpirit hates deceit and Iyes,

His words are full fincere :
He guards his heart, he guards his eyes,

To keep his conscience clear.

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