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6 But to draw near to thee, my God,

Shall be my sweet employ; ..
My tongue shall found thy works abroad,

And tell the world my joy.

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4 Bleit

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s Bleft are souls that find a place,

Within the temple of thy grace,
There they behold thy gentler rays,
And seek thy face, and learn thy praise.

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CLXXXVIII. Delight, in Ordi

nances. Pral. lxxxiv.

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6 Lord, while my Saviour is within,

I at thy door would wait, Rather than dwell in tents of fin,

Or fill a throne of state.

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CLXXXIX. A general Song of

Praise to God. Plalm. lxxxv. 8, 13.

I A MONG the princes, earthly Gods,

There's none hath pow'r divine;
Nor is their nature, mighty Lord,
Nor are their works like thine.

2 The nations thou hast made shall bring its

Their offrings round thy throne : *
For thou alone doft wondrous things;

For thou art God alone.

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