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CCXXIX. All Things work to

gether for Good to the Saints. Rom. viii. 28.

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CCXXX. The Privelege of the

Living above the Dead.

IA WAKE, my żeal, awake my love,

And serve my Saviour here below; In works which all the saints above,

Which holy angels cannot do.

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CCXXXII. The Death of Kin.

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IM UST friends and kindred drop and die ?

1 Must helpers be withdrawn? While forrow with a weeping eye,

Counts up our comforts gone.

2 Be thou our comfort, mighty God;

Our helper and our friend :
Nor leave us in this dang'rous road,

'Till all our trials end.

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O Aeth and nature dread to die?

And tim'rous thoughts our minds enslave?
But grace can raise our hopes on high,
And quell the terrors of the grave.

2 What!

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