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HYMNS for the Lord's


per instituted i Cor. xi. 23. &c. .. .is,'.,!.''!..

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CCLXXXV. Communion with

Christ, and with Saints.. I Cor.
X. 16, 17.

(1 JESUS invites his saints, ..

J To meet around his board; 'i. Here pardon's rebels fit and hold .

Communion with the Lord., , .

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Confirm th' engagement to my Lord,

And make my humble cláim.
3 The light, and strength, and pard'ning graces

And glory shall be mine; ..
My soul, and life, and heart, and ferb,
And all my pow'rs are thine.

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na sisi .. tiiviste Fulfills

Fulfills his Father's great decree,

And all our wants fupplies. CCLXXXVIII. Christ crucified

the Wisdom and Power of God.

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