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How rich he spread his royal board,

And bleft the food, and fung!
2 Happy the man that'eat' this bread,

But doubly blest was he
That gently bow'd his loving head,

And lean'd it, Lord, on thee:

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CCXCI. The Sufferings of Christ

viewed by Faith.

IN OW let our pains be all forgot.

Our hearts no more repine ; Our fuff'rings are not worth a thought,

When, Lord, compar'd with thine.

2 In lively figures here we fee

The bleeding prince of love ; And each believes he dy'd for me,

And then our griefs remove.

3 Grace, wisdom, justice, join'd and wrought;

The wonders of that day :
No mortal tongue, nor mortal thought,

Can equal thanks repay.

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CCXCII. Grace and Glory by

the Death of Christ.

i ITTING around our Father's board,

We raise a tuneful breath ; .. .
Our faith beholds our dying Lord,
And dooms our fins to death.


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CCXCIII. The Memorial of our

absent Lord. John. xvi. 16. Luk. xxii. 19. I T ESUS is gone above the skies, on

J Where our weak senfes reach him not ;
And carnal objects court our eyes,
To thrust our Saviour from our thought.

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11 st. Chrift

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I ET God the Father, and the Son,

L. And Spirit be ador’d, While there are works to make him knowns. • Or faints to love the Lord.' .

1 THE God of mercy be ador'd,"

Who calls our souls from death,”
Who faves by his redeeming word,

And new creating breath.
2 To praise the Father and the Son,'

And Spirit all divine, i
The One in Three, and Three in One;'
Let saints and angels join,

- III, Ye

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