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3 Then let my foul march boldly on,

Press forward to the hearinly gate; There peace and joy eternal reign,

And glitt'ring robes for conq'rors wait. 4 There shall I wear a starry crown,

And triumph in Almighty grace ; While all the armies of the kies,

Join in my glorious leader's praise.

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1W HEN the first parents of our race,

Rebelld and lost their God, And the infection of their fin,

Had tainted all our blood.

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4 His living pow'r, and dying love,

Redeem'd unhappy men;
And rais'd the ruins of our race,

To life and God again..

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L. Freedom from Sin and

misery in Heaven.

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(3 Alas! the cruel spear,

Went deep into his fide ;
And the rich drops of purple gore,

Their wondrous weapons dy'd.]

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en There the Redeemer fits, : .

High on his Father's throne ;
The Father lays his vengeance by,

And smiles upon his Son... ..

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3: INNERS, behold the Saviour's love,

U And lay afide dispair ; B i Behold the pangs he bore for you,, ...

All, all your help is there...

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3 What tho’your mighty guilt beyond. The wide creation Twells.. .


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