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Be thou my pattern; make me bear
More of thy gracious image here ;,,
Then God, the judge, thall own my name
Among the followers of the Lamb. tis

xcix. The Vanity of Creatures:

Or, no Reft on Earth.

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C. Honour

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With Aattring looks the tempts our hearts,

But leaves a iting behind. Ho n

2 With names of virtue the deceives,

The aged and the young :.... And while the headless wretch Believes, . She makes his fetters strong.

ongi; ), !!!!! 3 She pleads for all the joys fhe bringsinio

And gives a fair pretence ;
But cheats the fout of heav'nly things; **;*

And, chains it down to fenfe.
4. So on a tree divinely fair, ;!;!'-."

Grew the forbidden food;
Our mother took the poifon there,

And tainted all her blood. '. :-
5 Flee, fingers, to the bleeding Lambag' is

'Tis he alone can save ;
Trust in the dear Redeemer's name,

And live beyond the grave.
And in handini

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2- The works and wonders which they wrought, Confirm'd the messages they brought;


The prophet'sipencucereosa his breathing in
To save the holy words from doarh. V

3 Great God! mine.eyes with pleafure look,
On the dear volume of thy book ;
There my Redeemer's face I fee,2, ...
And read his name who dy'd'for me. !

4 Let the false raptures of the mind, '

Be loft and vanish in the wind: an outis
Here I can fix my hopeileguneri :
This is thy-word, and must endure. ?x

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CIII. Sinai and Sion. Heb. turiz?** xii. 18. &c. A .13

N O T to the terrors of the Lord,

The tempeft, fire, and moke, I Not to the thunder of that word,

Which God on Sinai fpoke.

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2 But we are come to Sion's hill, The city of our God,

., IC!.1.1: Where milder words declare his will, 1 :

And spread his love abroad.

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CIV. A New Song to the Lamb

that was slain. Rev. v. 6.

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