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A few that have not been pub-

lished before.

Sing ye Praises with Understanding.

Pfal. xlvii 7.

H A L L F A X:

Printed by E. JACOB, M DCC LXXII.


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S it will probably be expected, that the compilers and publishers of the following Hymns,

should conform to the modern custom, in giving the reader an account of the work, it is hoped. that a few hints respecting the subject matter of them, the defign kept in view in compiling them, and the method observed, in order to accomplish that design: may not be wholly unacceptable.

1. As to the subject matter of them; they con. tain, according to our judgment, the chief branches of doctrinal, practical, and experimental religion; and may, we think, be vindicated and illustrated by those text on which we humbly apprehend the fol. lowing truths are founded. Viz. God made man in a state of perfect purity, free from all defilement, in every power, faculty, and passion of his soul. Eccle. vii. 29. All men are fallen from this state of purity, and every man comes into the world, polluted and defiled in the powers of his mind; and all

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