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The Christian Encouraged. GRANT. 12 Oh how slowly bave I often 1 Know, my soul, thy full salvation;

Followed where thy hand would draw| Rise o'er sin and fear and care;

How thy kindness failed to soften! Joy to find, in every station,

How thy chastening failed to awe! Something still to do or bear.

Make me for thy rest more ready Think what spirit dwells within thee; As thy path is longer trod;

Think what Father's smiles are thine; Keep me in thy friendship steady, Think what Jesus did to win thee.

Till thou call me home, my God. Child of heaven, canst thou repine ? 2 Haste thee on from grace to glory, 292.

For the Gifts of the Spirit.
Armed with faith and winged with

1 Holy Spirit, source of gladness, Heaven's eternal day's before thee,

Shine amid the clouds of night;
God's own hand shall guide thee there.

O'er our weariness and sadness
Soon shall close thine earthly mission, Breathe thy life and shed thy light.
Soon shall pass thy pilgrim-days;

Send us thine illumination,
Hope shall change to glad fruition,

Banish all our fears at length,
Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.


this congregation,

Spirit of unfailing strength. 291. I On how kindly hast thou led me,

2 Let that love which knows no measure, Heavenly Father, day by day;

Now in quickening showers descend, Found my dwelling, clothed and fed me, Bringing us the richest treasure

Furnished friends to cheer my way! Man can wish or God can send : Didst thou bless me, didst thou chastev, Hear our earnest supplication, With thy smile, or with thy rod,

Every struggling heart release; 'Twas that still my step might hasten Rest upon this congregation,

Homeward, heavenward, to my God. Spirit of eternal peace.

Trust in God.


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3 Let me never from thee stray,

Keep me in the narrow way;
Fill my soul with joy divine;
Keep me, Lord, for ever thine.

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2 Every mournful spirit cheer;

Scatter all our guilty gloom :
Love of God, appear, appear,

To thy human temples come. 2 Come, in this accepted hour,

Bring thy heavenly kingdom in;
Fill us with thy glorious power,

Rooting out the seeds of sin.
4 Nothing more can we require;

We will covet nothing less :
Be thou all our heart's desire,

All our joy, and all our peace. 296.

For the Holy Spirit. BTOOKER. 1 GRACIOUS Spirit, Love divine,

Let thy light within me shine;
All my guilty fears remove,
Fill me with thy heavenly love.

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Watchfulness. EXETBR COL. 1 2 Though every earthly trust may break, 1 Great God, my Father and my Friend, Infinite might belongs to thee; On whom I cast my constant care,

Though every earthly friend forsake, On whom for all things I depend,

Unchangeable thou still wilt be. To thee I raise my humble prayer.

3 Though clouds may gather darkly round, 2 Endue ine with a holy fear;

They cannot veil us from thy sight; The frailty of my heart reveal :

Though vain all human aid be found, Sin and its snares are always near; Thou every grief canst turn to light. Thee may I always nearer feel.

4 All things thy wise designs fulfil, 3 Oh that to thee my constant mind

In earth beneath, and heaven above, May with a steady flame aspire;

And good breaks out from every ill, Pride in its earliest motions find,

Through faith in thine encircling love. And check the rise of wrong desire ! 4 Oh that my watchful soul may fly

300. For Steadiness of Principle. Ikert koos. The first perceived approach of sin ; Look up to thee when danger's nigh,

1 AMIDST a world of hopes and fears.

A wild of cares and toils and tears, And feel thy fear control within !

Where foes alarm, and dangers threat,

And pleasures kill, and glories cheat; 299.

GABKELL 1 O FATHER! humbly we repose

2 Shed down, O Lord! a heavenly ray Our souls on thee, who dwell'st above; To guide me in the doubtful way; And bless thee for the peace which flows And o'er me hold thy shield of power, Froin faith in hine encircling love. To guard me in the dangerous hour.

Faith in God's Love.

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