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3 Blest day! thine hours too soon will | 5 And, filled and quickened by thy breath, cease ;

Our souls are strong and free Yet, while they gently roll,

To rise o'er sin and fear and death. Breathe, heavenly Spirit, source of peace, O love of God, to thee !

A sabbath o'er my soul !





The manifold Grace of God. 1 Thou Grace Divine, encircling all,

A shoreless, soundless sea, Wherein at last our souls must fall,

O love of God most free!

? When over dizzy heights we go,

One soft hand blinds our eyes, The other leads us safe and slow,

O love of God most wise !

Invoking Compassion.
1 0 God! whose dread and dazzling brow

Love never yet forsook,
On those who seek thy presence now.

In deep compassion look ;
2 For many a frail and erring heart

Is in thy holy sight,
And feet too willing to depart

From the plain way of right.
3 Yet, pleased the humble prayer to hear

And kind to all that live,
Thou, when thou seest the contrite teai

Art ready to forgive.
4 Lord, aid us with thy heavenly grace,

Our truest bliss to find;
In mercy view our erring race,

So feeble and so blind.

8 And though we turn us from thy face,

And wander wide and long,
Thou hold'st us still in thine embrace,

O love of God most strong!

4 The saddened heart, the restless soul,

The toil-worn frame and mind, Alike confess thy sweet control,

O love of God most kind !

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Unirersal Praise. JOHN BOWDLER. | 2 Within the temple of thy grace, | Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice; We bow before our Father's face, From realm to realm the notes shall Thy grace and glory we adore, sound,

And learn the wonders of thy power. And heaven's exulting sons rejoice

3 Here, when our spirit faints and dies, To bear the full hosanna round.

And conscience smarts with inward stings, 2 When, starting from the shades of night,

The Sun of Righteousness shall rise, At dread Jehovah's high behest,

With healing beams beneath his wings. The sun arrayed his limbs in light, And earth her virgin beauty drest,

4 Father, our souls would still abide

Within thy temple, near thy side; 3 Thy praise transported nature sung,

But, if our feet must hence depart, In pealing chorus, loud and far;

Still keep thy dwelling in our heart The echoing vault with rapture rung,

And shouted every morning star.
4 Thy praise shall fill each grateful voice, 162.

Daily Bread.
Shall bid the song of rapture sound;
And heaven's exulting sons rejoice

1 The name be hallowed everinore; To bear the full hosanna round.

O God! thy kingdom come with power,

Thy will be done, and day by day 61. The Peace and Comfort of Worship. WATTS.

Give us our daily bread, we pray. | Away from every mortal care,

2 Lord, evermore to us be given From this world's worthless joys afar, The living bread that came from heaven Away from earth, our souls retreat. Water of life on us bestow; And wait and worship near thy feet. Thou art the Source, the Giver thou.


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Morning Hmn. EPISCOPAL COL. 2 Should it be with clouds o'ercast, 1 Now the shades of night are gone;

Clouds of sorrow gathering fast, Now the morning light is come,

Thou, who givest light divine, Lord, may we be thine to-day !

Shine within me, Lord, oh shine! Drive the shades of sin away.

3 Show me, if I tempted be, 2 Fill our souls with heavenly light,

How to find all strength in thee, Banish doubt, and clear our sight;

And a perfect triumph win In thy service, Lord, to-day,

Over every bosom sin. May we stand and watch and pray.

4 Keep my feet from secret snares, 3 Keep our haughty passions bound; Keep mine eyes, O God! from tears ; Save us from our foes around;

Every step thy love attend, Going out and coming in,

And my soul from death defend. Keep us safe from every sin. 4 When our work of life is past, 65.

Safety in God. SPIRIT OF THE PSALMS Oh receive us then at last; Night and sin will be no more, 1 THEY who on the Lord rely, When we reach the heavenly shore. Safely dwell though danger's nigh;

Lo! his sheltering wings are spread 64.

O'er each faithful servant's head. Morning Hymn. FURNESS. | In the morning I will pray

2 When they wake, or when they sleep, For God's blessing on the day:

Angel guards their vigils keep; What this day shall be my lot,

Death and danger may be near, Light or darkness, - know I not.

Faith and love have nought to fear.

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