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STOCKWELL. 88 & 78. D. E. JONES (New CAR. SAO.).

God is Love.


Bowring. 12 Yes, o'er me, o'er me he watcheth, I God is love: bis mercy brightens

Ceaseless watcheth, night and day: All the path in which we rove;

Yes, even me, even me he snatcheth Bliss he wakes, and woe he lightens :

From the perils of the way. God is wisdom, God is love.

3 Yes, in me abroad he sheddeth 2 Chance and change are busy ever;

Joys unearthly, love and light; Man decays, and ages move;

And to cover me he spreadeth But his mercy waneth never:

His paternal wing of might. God is wisdom, God is love.

4 Yes, in me, in me he dwelleth; 3 E'en the hour that darkest seemeth

I in him, and he in me: Will his changeless goodness prove;

And my empty soul he filleth,
From the gloom his brightness streameth:

Here and through eternity.
God is wisdom, God is love.
A He with earthly cares entwineth 165.

Redeeming Love.
Hope and comfort from above;
Everywhere his glory shineth:

1 FATHER, source of every blessing,

my heart to grateful lays: God is wisdom, God is love.

Streams of mercy, never ceasing,

Call for ceaseless songs of praise. 164.

He careth for us. 1 Yes, for me, for me He careth

2 Teach me some melodious measure, With a father's tender care;

Sung by raptured saints above; Yes, with me, with me he shareth

Fill my soul with sacred pleasure, Every burden, every fear.

While I sing redeeming love.



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4 By thy hand restored, defended,


Praise to the God of Nature.
Safe through life thus far I've come:
Safe, O Lord! when life is ended, 1 Blessed be thy name for ever,
Bring me to my heavenly home. Thou of life the Guard and Giver:

Thou who slumberest not nor sleepest, 166.

Blest are they thou kinilly keepest.
Praise the Lord. DUBLIN COL.
I PRAISE the Lord; ye heavens, adore him: 12 God of stillness and of motion,

Praise him, angels, in the height; Of the rainbow and the ocean,
Sun and moon, rejoice before him; of the mountain, rock, and river,

Praise him, all ye stars of light. Blessed be thy name for ever.

2 Praise the Lord, for he hath spoken;

Worlds his mighty voice obeyed : Laws, which never can be broken,

For their guidance he hath made.

3 God of evening's peaceful ray,

God of every dawning day,
Rising from the distant sea.
Breathing of eternity!

3 Praise the Lord, for he is glorious;

Never shall his promise fail :
God hath made his saints victorious ;

Sin and death shall not prevail.

4 Thine the flaming sphere of light,

Thine the darkness of the night:
God of life that fade shall never,
Glory to thy name for ever.

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Goodness of God. GIBBONS. | 2 He bows the heavens; the mountains 1 The goodness, Lord, our souls confess; stand, Thy goodness we adore,

A highway for our God:
A spring whose blessings never fail, He walks amidst the desert-land;
A sea without a shore.

'Tis Eden where he trod.

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Mighty in Power." 1 I sing the mighty power of God,

That made the mountains rise;
That spread the flowing seas abroad,

And built the lofty skies.
I sing the wisdom that ordained

The sun to rule the day:
The moon shines full at his command,

And all the stars obey. 2 I sing the goodness of the Lord,

That filled the earth with food : lle formed the creatures with his word,

And then pronounced them good.
Lord, how thy wonders are displayed,

Where'er I turn my eye;
If I survey the ground I tread,

Or gaze upon the sky!
3 There's not a plant or flower below,

But makes thy glories known;
And clouds arise, and tempests blow,

By order from thy throne.
Creatures that borrow life from thee

Are subject to thy care:
There's not a place where we can fee,

But God is present there


Nature's Hymn. 1 The heavenly spheres to thee, O God!

Attune their evening hymn :
All wise, all holy, thou art praised

In song of seraphim.
Unnumbered systems, suns, and worlds

Unite to worship thee,
While thy majestic greatness fills

Space, time, eternity.
2 Nature, - a temple worthy thee,

That beams with light and love; Whose flowers so sweetly bloom below

Whose stars rejoice above;
Whose altars are the mountain cliffs

That rise along the shore;
Whose anthems, the sublime accord

Of storm and ocean roar.

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3 Her song of gratitude is sung

spring's awakening hours; Her summer offers at thy shrine

Its earliest, loveliest flowers;
Her autumn brings its ripened fruits

In glorious luxury given;
While winter's silver heights reflect

Tuy brightness back to beaven.

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