An Account of the Most Important Public Records of Great Britain: And the Publications of the Record Commissioners : Together with Other Miscellaneous, Historical, and Antiquarian Information. Comp. from Various Printed Books and Manuscripts, Volumen1

Baldwin and Cradock, 1832

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Página 172 - That every Act made after the Commencement of this Act shall be deemed and taken to be a Public Act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such, unless the contrary be expressly provided and declared by such Act.
Página 258 - The Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to inquire into the state of the...
Página 284 - Record, because all the taxes, as well to our Kings as the Popes, were regulated by it, until the Survey made in the Twenty-sixth year of Henry the Eighth ; and because the statutes of Colleges which were founded before the Reformation are also interpreted by this criterion, according to which their benefices, under a certain value, are exempted from the restriction in the statute 21 Henry VIII. concerning pluralities.
Página 16 - Winchelsea moved for the appointment of a Select Committee of the House of Commons, 'to inquire into the state of Education of the Lower Orders of the People in London, Westminster, and Southwark.
Página 176 - Parliament ; when complete they include the adjournments, and all of the common and daily occurrences and proceedings from the opening to the close of each Parliament, with the several petitions or bills, and the answers given thereto, not only on public matters, on which the statute was afterwards framed, but also on private concerns. In some few instances the statute as drawn up in form is entered on the Parliament Roll ; but in general the petition and answer only, are found entered...
Página 283 - King's precept was begun in that year (1288) and finished as to the Province of Canterbury in 1291, and as to that of York, in the following year ; the whole being under the direction of John, Bishop of Win ton, and Oliver, Bishop of Lincoln...
Página 295 - They were taken by virtue of writs, directed to the escheator of each county; when any grant of a market, fair, or other privilege or licence of alienation of lands was solicited, to enquire by a Jury whether such grant or alienation was prejudicial to the King, or to others, in case the same should be made.
Página 307 - House at Westminster. Together with Catalogues of the Records brought to Berwick from the Royal Treasury at Edinburgh ; of such " as were transmitted to the Exchequer at Westminster ; and of those which were removed to different parts of Scotland by order of King Edward I. The Proceedings relating to the carrying back the Records of Scotland into that Kingdom ; and the Transactions of the Parliament there from the 15th May 1639 to the 8th March 1650.
Página 294 - IV., (AD 1483): They contain Royal Grants of Privileges to Cities, Towns, Bodies Corporate, and private Trading Companies belonging to those Cities and Towns; Grants of Markets, Fairs and Free Warrens; Grants of Creation of Nobility from the Eleventh Year of the Reign of Edward II., to the End of the Reign of Edward IV.; Grants of Privileges to Religious Houses, &c. The Calendar to the "INQUISITIONES AD QUOD DAMNUM...
Página 348 - Marches of the same; but that the King's Highness, his heirs and successors kings of this realm shall have the whole and sole power and authority, thereof united and knit to the imperial crown of this realm as of good right and equity it appertaineth; any grants, usages, prescriptions, allowances, act or acts of parliament or any other thing to the contrary hereof notwithstanding.

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