Puerto Rico, a Unique Culture: History, People and Traditions

Balboa Press, 2018 M06 27 - 286 páginas
Puerto Rico, a Unique Culture: History, People and Traditions is a delightful and enjoyable must-buy book about this Caribbean island, written from the viewpoint of Puerto Rican author Hilda Iriarte. Recent events have placed the island in the news. Learn about its unique history, the people that have distinguished themselves as firsts in their fields, some of its traditions, and relevant facts. You will learn much more to be able to understand the culture and the love of the people for their island. Learn about the many Puerto Ricans that have distinguished themselves in the world with their tenacity, hard work, and distinct personalities, having to sometimes rise above difficult odds.

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History of Puerto Ricos Coat of Arms
The Puerto Rican Flag and the Official Flags of Puerto Rico
Discovery of The New World
The Discovery of Puerto Rico
Taino Indians and the Taíno Vocabulary
The Spanish Colonization Period
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
The Historic November 2004 Elections
Distinguished Politicians and Governors
Beauty Pageants in Puerto Rico
Customs and Traditions in Puerto Rico
Famous Legends and Folklore
Native Birds of Puerto Rico
Hurricanes in Puerto Rico

Our Heritage and Cultural Influences
The Fort of San Felipe del Morro
The English Attack of 1797
Consequences of the SpanishAmerican
Location and Smaller Islands of Puerto Rico
Distinguished People and Personalities
Hurricane María in 2017
Ponce A City to Visit
Difference between Patriotism and Nationalism
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Hilda Iriarte is a Puerto Rican writer, sociologist and English teacher. She is the mother of three children. As a young girl, she moved to the United States with her family where she attended primary and intermediate school. Back in Puerto Rico, she graduated with a B.A degree from the (UPR-RP) University of Puerto Rico, at the Rio Piedras Campus. She majored in Sociology and Political Sciences and met her husband, Rafael Capo. She began studies for a Masters degree in Education, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce, to obtain her teachers certificate in Puerto Rico. Hilda then worked as a Middle and High School English teacher where she coordinated and tutored students for the schools Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest. As a teacher, she organized an English theater production for her students, and joined an English language international Pen-pal program so her students could correspond in English with other students from all over the world. She also studied and obtained her Real Estate license in Puerto Rico. She was elected President of FERNI in 1993-94, a womens non-profit, volunteer organization, founded in 1983 by Rotary Anns to help children with disabilities in Puerto Rico. Hilda received a Smith-Kline Beecham Award in 1994 for her work as President of FERNI and for her contributions to help children with disabilities in Puerto Rico. She promoted and organized the first official drawing contest with prizes hosted by FERNI. This contest had as main purpose the development of artistic and motor skills in children with disabilities up to the age of sixteen. This drawing contest is still held today in Puerto Rico.

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