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Reprinted ii 1967 by Lithography al

The l.a>sion Hilsv Buntingford for

Oceana Publications Inc.. Sew York

and Wildv & Sons Lid., London.



Os the Study, Nature and Extent os the Laws os England.

Sect. I.
On the Study of the Law. Page 3.

Sect. II.
Os the Nature C/laws in general. 38.

Sect. III.
O//^ Laws C/englan'd. 63,

Sect. IV.
Os the Countries subjeft to the Laws of England. 93.

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-fc. TF any Reader os this Edition meets with some Words uncommonly
A. spelled, he is requested, not hastily to blame the American Editor;
because Report sayeth, the Last British Edition was corrected under
the immediate Inspection of the learned Author, and it has of late been
the Practice of several great Men to spell many Words in their Own pe-
culiar Manner.—Therefore, the American Editor, to make this American
Edition a perseel Transcript of the Iast Britifi Edition, hath ad-
hered to it as literally as possible.

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