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inity, and Affectation, and to recommend a general Simplicity in our Drefs, our Difcourfe, and our Behaviour. No Man has a better Judgment for the Discovery, or a nobler Spirit for the Contempt of all Imposture, than your self; which Qualities render you the most proper Patron for the Author of these Eflays. In the general, the Defign, however executed, has met with fo great Success, that there is hardly a Name now eminent among us for Power, Wit, Beauty, Valour, or Wisdom, which is not fubfcribed, for the Encouragement of these Volumes. This is indeed an Honour for which it is impoffible to express a fuitable Gratitude; and there is nothing could be an Addition to the Pleasure I take in it, but the Reflection, that it gives me the moft confpicuous Occafion I can ever have, of subscribing my felf, SIR, Your most Obliged, Moft Obedient, and Moft Humble Servant,

Ifaac Bickerftaff.







ARL of Abercorn.

Earl of Abingdon.

Duke of St. Albans.

Duke of Argyle.
Earl of Arran.

Lord Bishop of St. Afaph.
Lord Afhburnham.

Lady Abergavenny.
Right Hon. Lady Arran.

Sir-Abercromy, Bar.

Jo. Addifon Efq;
John Aiflabie Efq;
James Anderfon Efq;
Sir James Afh.
James Ashburn Efq;
J. Afhburnham Efq;
Mr. Mor. Afhley.
William Afhurst Efq;

Sir Thomas Afton, of Afton in
Cheshire, Baronet.
Mr. Robert Attwood Merchant.
Admiral Aylmer

Whitgift Aylmer Efq; [for Six
Books. ]
Philip Ayscough, 4. M.


Earl of Barrymore.
Earl of Bath.

Duke of Beaufort.

Duke of Bedford, [Three Books.]
Lord Blefington.
Duke of Balton, [Two Bocks.]
Earl of Bridgewater, [Two Books.]

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Henry Baker Efq;
Mr. Barnes.

Mr. Mofes Barrow.
Datre Barrett Efq;
Mrs. Barton.
Mr. Bathurst.
Arthur Bayley Efq;
Mr. Alexander Bayne.
William Bellamy Efq;
Mr. Richard Bellafyte.
of Lincolns-Inn.
Sir J. Bennet.
John Benfon Efq;
Mr. Benfon.
Mr. J. Bentinck.

Mr. Mofes Beranger.
George Berkley, A. M. Fellow of
Trin. Coll. Dublin.
Mr. Jonathan Blackwell.
Colonel Bladen.

The Hon. Vere Boothe Efq;
Mr. Peter Bowen.

Lady Bowyer.

Right Hon H, Boyle Efq; Princi

pal Secretary of State. Mr. James Brain Junior. Mr. Tho. Brand. Charles Breffey Efq; Col. Breton.

John Brewer Efq;


William Bridges Efq;
Mrs. Katherine Bridgman.
Mr. Robert Briftow.
Mr. William Brockman.
Mr. Tho. Brodrick.
Mr. Edmund Brome, Fellow of
St. John's College, Cambridge.
Mr. Philip Browne.
Mr. Walter Brudenell.
William Bryan Gent.
Francis Brydges Efq;
Mr. Brydges.

Mr. John ô Bryen.

Mr. Euftace Budgell.

Capt. Peter Buer.

Mr. Richard Bull, Druggift.

the Admiralty.

Mrs. Cadworth. Mr. Tho. Cæfar.

Mr. George Camocke.
Mr. George Caswall.
A. Cardonnel Efq; Sec. of War.
Sir Alexander Cairns Baronet.
Sir Carew Baronet

Mr. John Carruthers.
Capt. Henry Cartwright, at

The Hon Mrs. Cartwright of Agno in Northamptonshire. Mrs. Mary Cary.

Mr. Nat Caftleton [For Two Books.]

Tho. Caverley Efq;

Jofias Burchet Efq; Secretary of Mr John Chadwick.

Mr. Tho. Burgh.
John Buridg Efq;
Mr J. Burlington.
William Burt Efq;

Mr. Lancelot Burton.
Mr. Baron Bury.
J. Buxton Efq;

[blocks in formation]

Hugh Chamberlen, M.D.
Mr. Jo. Charlton.

Mr. Robert Chester.

Chetwynd Efq;

Stephen Child Efq;

Charles Cholmondely of Che-
fter Efq;
Hugh Chomley Efq;
Lady Clargis.

Mr. Edmund Clark.

Mr James Clarke.

Mr. Sam. Clarke.

Mr. Cobington,

Earl of Cholmondely, [ Five Mr. Joh. Cock, Merchant,[2 Books.]


Lord Coningsby.

Lord Conway.

Lord Cornwallis.

Lord Craven.

Earl of Crawford.

William Cowper, Lord Bingham, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain,

Countess of Carlisle.
The Right Hon. Lady Crew.

Mrs. Bridget Cadogan.
Mr. John Cadwell, Merchant.

Mrs. Collins, [for Mrs T.-]
The Hon. Spencer Compton Efq;
Mr Cook, Vice-Chamberlain,
Mr. Thomas Cootes, Merchant.
Sir John Cope.
Mr. John Corbet.
Thomas Corbet Efq;
Henry Cornifh Efq;
William Cotefworth Efq;
Mr. Coventry.
Sir Charles Cox
Mr. Thomas Cox.

Mrs. Crake, Supervisor of the

State-Lottery, A. D. 1710. Mr. John Crew.

Mr. Phea

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Earl of Delorain.

Duke of Devonshire, [Three Books]

Countess of Effex.

William Eaft Efq;
Mr. James Eckerfall.
Lieutenant-General Ecklin,
Mr. Kenrick Edesbury.
R. Edgecomb Efq;
Francis Edwards Efq;

Marq of Dorchefter, [3 Books.]Capt. John Edwards.

Earl of Dorfet.

The Lady Dacres.

Sir David Dalrymple.

Mr. Edwards of the Exchequer.
Sir G. Elliott.

Mr. William Elliott.
Lieutenant-General Erle.

Henry Erthman Efq; [2 Books.]

Sir Abftrupus Danby, of Swin-William Etherick Efq; [2 Books.]

ton in Yorkshire.
Mr. Thomas D'Ath.
Brigadier Davenport.
Ralph Davifon Gent.
Mr. W. Dawes.
Mr. Francis Delafarelle.
Mr. Delavall.

William Delaune, D. D.
Mr. Robert Dalgardno.
Mr. Alexander Denton.
M. R. Devonshire.
Mr. Robert Dickins.
Mr. Thomas Dodd.

Mr. George Dodington, Com.
miffioner of the Admiralty.
Gilbert Dolben Efq;
Mrs. Dolben.

John Dormer Efq;

Col. Richard Dormer..

Capt. Dorrell.

Mr. Henry Dottin.

Mr. Peter Downer.

Mr. Charles Dubois, Merchant.
Sir Matthew Dudley Bar.
Mr. Matthew Dukes.
Mr. Dunch.

Mrs. Dutton.

Richard Dyett Efq;


L° Ord Bishop of Ely.

Earl of Ellex.

John Ewer Efq;

Mr. John Eyles.

Sir Robert Eyres, one of the Fuftices of the Queen's Bench. The Lady Eyre.

Lord Ferrers.


Lord Viscount Fitzharding.

Hon. Lady Mildmay Fane.
Hon. John Fane.
Edward Farmer Efq;
Mr. Edward Faulkner.
Mr. Nath. Fran. Fauquier.
Mr. John-Fran. Fauquier.
Mr. James Fell.

Mr. Robert Fern.

Mr. Ifaac Fernandes-Nunes.
Thomas Ferrers Efq;

The Rev. Mr. James Field.
Sir W.Fitzackerly, Chamberlain
of London.

Mrs. Frances Fitzherbert.
Mr. W. Fleetwood.

Alderman Fryer.

Sir William Forrefter.
Mr. Forefter.
Hugh Fortefcue Efq;
Major Patrick Fox.
Mr. Richard Francks.

Sir Thomas Frankland.

Thomas Frankland Efq;

Will. Frankland Efq;

Afh. Frowde Efq;


Arl of Hadington.

Lord Halifax, [Five Books.]

Sir Henry Furnefe, Kt, and Bar. Duke of Hamilton.

Mr. Ro. Furnese.

Sir Comport Fytche.


Arl of Godolphin, Lord High Treaf. of Gr. Brit. [3 Books.] Lord Gerard Duke of Grafton. Earl of Grantham.

Dutchess of Grafton.

Mr. Nathaniel Garland.
Dr. Garth, [Three Books.]
Robert Gayer Efq;
Mr. Barnabas Geary.
Mr. Edward Gee
Mr. Joshua Gee.
Mr. Charles Gere:
Mr. Charles Gervas.
Colonel Gledhill.
Colonel Godfrey.
John Godfry Efq;
George Goodday Efq;
Mr. Richard Goodlad.
William Gore Efq;
Mr. Harry Goring.

Mr. Chriftian Gottlieb-Pauli.
Richard Gough Efq;
Richard Graham Efq;
Colonel Grant.

Mr. Kend. Grantham
Charles Grayden Efq;
Mr. Nathaniel Green.
Mr. William Green.
Mr. Thomas Green.
Mr. Ifaac Guiguer.
Lady Guife.

Mr. D. Gybfon.
Mr. R. Gypps.

Marquifs of Harold, Son to the Duke of Kent

Lord William Hay.

Lord Herbert.

Lord Hertford.
Lord Hervey:
Earl of Holderness.

Lady Harper.

Rt. Hon. Lady Betty Harris.
Rt. Hon. Lady B. Haftings.

Mr. William Hales

Hugh Hammerfley, of the Inner-Temple, Efq;

Anthony Hammon Efq; Com miffioner of the Navy.

Mrs. Hanbel.

Mrs. Hanbury.

Mrs. Catherine Harbon.
Sir Simon Harcourt Knt.
Mr. Edw. Harley.

Mr. Went. Harman.
Mr. George Harrison.

Mr. James Harrison of Lincolns-

Mr. D. Harvey.
Mr. Nath. Hathed.

Mr. Math. Hawkins.
Francis Hawfe Esq;
Captain Heath.
Mr. William Hedges
Nathaniel Hern Efq;
William Hide Efq.
Charles Hodges Efq;
Sir J. Holland, Bar. Comptroller
of the Houshold.

Mr. Abraham Holditch
Sir Charles Holt
Robert Holt Efq;

Nicholas Hooper Eft; Serjeant

at Law.

Sir Charles Hotham


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