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That it has answered

DIVINE PROVIDENCE, under whose patronage alone the CHRISTIAN'S was commenced, has brought it successfully to the close of the first year. its professed end, in promoting the edification of the many thousands of its readers, the numerous letters from Clergymen of the Church of England, and Ministers and Friends of different denominations, acknowledging their obligation, amply testify. In thus advancing the glory of God in the welfare of men, its Conductors have richly received their most valued reward. They have endeavoured to furnish a series of the most instructive papers, illustrative of the WONDERFUL WORKS-the UNIVERSAL PROVIDENCE-and the INSPIRED WORD of the ever-blessed GoD, worthy of the sacred title which their humble Periodical assumes; and in some good measure they have succeeded. At the same time they are confident that no sentiment has been inculcated at variance with EVANGELICAL CHARITY, or with those divine doctrines, which are the glory of PROTESTANT CHRISTIANITY.

To their various and respectable Correspondents, the Conductors of the Christian's Penny Magazine present their grateful acknowledgments, requesting the continuance of their esteemed favours. To their numerous and increasing Readers, they would offer their assurance, that their Publication, in the new year, will contain an improved succession of valuable papers, from the pens of those, who have merited the esteem and confidence of the public, by their interesting writings and labours.

The appetite for intellectual food is increasing. So great is the craving for it, that no period of our history has exhibited the same degree of solicitude; and it must now receive that aliment with which it will be satisfied. The rising generation and youth of our country are thirsting; and unless the streams of "the water of life" are made to flow towards them, the enemies of God and truth will supply them with the impurities and poisons of the lake of death. While, therefore, we sincerely rejoice in the prosperity of every Society, and of every Publication, having for their object the "Diffusion of Useful Knowledge," we cannot forget that Earth is not the boundary of human existence. That which is useful, though necessary and good, will yet “perish in the using;" and nothing but that which is inseparably connected with the Glorious Gospel of the blessed God "is incorruptible seed, which liveth and abideth for ever." This inseparable connection we profess uniformly to regard; and determine that it shall constitute the chief glory of our pages; while, like the sacred volume of Divine Inspiration, they embrace the principal branches of that knowledge which is really and permanently Useful.

Patronage we have recently sought, at the suggestion of esteemed Metropolitan Clergymen, and respectable patronage we readily obtained. Under such sanction, the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE, we are assured, will become much more extensively circulated, especially in pious Families and Sunday Schools, and among the busy Mechanics and reading Cottagers of our country. One great object especially is sought by our Publication-the preparation of our countrymen for the participation of the Intelligence, Holiness, and Happiness of that glorious state of our world which is approaching, because Almighty God has sworn, "As truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the LORD;-for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." Num. xiv, 21; Isa. xi, 9. Bible and

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