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worthy even of a moment's comparison with that divine saying, in which the whole law of God is comprehended and concentrated? "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."

Accustomed as many of you are, in your factories, to the printing of a thousand beautiful patterns on your cottons and your muslins, you will be at no loss to understand and appreciate a memorable saying of Lord Bacon's-that truth differs from goodness, only as the seal or dye differs from its print; for that TRUTH PRINTS GOODNESS.

In the goodness of Christianity-in the purity of its law-in its display of the holy attributes of God-in its revelation of an awful and glorious eternity-in its actual efficiency for the moral restoration of our species -in the perfect fitness of that Saviour whom it unfolds to our spiritual need as sinners in the sight of Godwe have abundant experimental proof of its truth and divine origin. Time forbids a farther discussion of the subject. Allow me then, in conclusion, to bear my deliberate and solemn testimony, in the words of an apostle and may that testimony, by whomsoever borne, satisfy all understandings, and imbue all hearts! May it be upheld and exalted on every side! May it surmount all opposition-may it pervade the whole landmay it spread from pole to pole-may it be as unrestrained and diffusive as the winds of heaven!"OTHER FOUNDATION CAN NO MAN LAY THAN THAT IS LAID, WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST."

My address is now concluded. I thank you for your kind and serious attention. I heartily bid you farewell; and may the blessing of the Lord Almighty rest abun dantly on the Mechanics of Manchester!

Arise, my soul, from sin's dark pris'n!
Jesus, thy sun, on thee has ris'n.
Wake from thy long captivity,
Christ is born to ransom thee.
Hark! the herald-angels sing
Glory to our Infant King.

He comes the lov'd and only Son
Hath left his Father's radiant throne.
Ten thousand years were wrapt in night-
He comes, who said, "Let there be light!"
Hark! the herald-angels sing, &c.

Lo! he veils in mortal clay
Th' effulgence of his Deity.
See, it bursts in glory through
Emmanuel! God our Saviour view!

Hark! the herald-angels sing, &c.
All hail! the dawning eastern Sun!
Thy giant race thou hast begun.
We hail Thee! Source of life and light,
The chaser of thy people's night.

Hark! the herald-angels sing, &c.
The seraphs hush their harps to hear
That name-transfix'd with love and fear-
Jesus! redeeming by his blood
His people from their cursed load.


Hark! the herald-angels sing, &c.
He, ev'n thy Saviour, saith to thee,
Surely I come: have faith in me."
"Amen! ev'n so, Lord Jesus, come,
And take thy child in mercy home."

Then shall heaven's high arches ring,
Glory, glory to our King!



A Guide to Daily Walking with God, for Young Persons. By Thomas Timpson, Author of "Church History through all Ages," &c. 18mo. pp. 180. James Dinnis, 62, Paternoster Row.

A little work has lately appeared with the above title, which we think promises to be very useful to young Christians. To a large class of these such a summary of Christian doctrine and practice must be particularly so, because it contains in a few pages, concise directions for their guide in that most important of all subjects, daily communion with God. Its cheapness will, we hope, place it in the hands of many who could not afford to purchase more expensive works; and the deep tone of its spirituality will, we doubt not, communicate something of its own character to the hearts of those who use it for their guide. To raise young Christians to eminence, is evidently the aim of the worthy Author: but not to that eminence which is dangerous from its height. His desire is to render them eminent in holiness, and in the fear of the Lord; and we think the method is judicious, which he has adopted to promote this end: we therefore cordially recommend it to our readers. We subjoin from his table of contents, the list of chapters into which the work is divided. I. Address to Young Christians. II. Evidences of Christianity. III. The Gospel method of Salvation. IV. Catechism of Christianity. V. Guide to Prayer. VI. Guide to the Lord's Supper. VII. Daily Self-Examination. VIII. Daily Resolutious. IX. Divine Promises for every day. X. Personal Hymns. XI. Chronological Index to the Bible.


THE following is quoted in Mr. Green's "Reminiscences," as a fine stroke of satire given by the Rev. Robert Hall at Cambridge, when expounding that part of the Acts of the Apostles which refers to Festus's declaration of Paul's case to Agrippa; "but had certain questions against him of their own superstitions, and of one Jesus, which was dead, whom Paul affirmed to be alive." "Observe the contemptuous manner in which this Festus speaks of the Saviour of the world, as ‘one Jesus' which was dead. It is very remarkable, that this one Festus owes all his celebrity to this one Jesus; for had it not been for this one Jesus, we should never have heard any thing of this one Festus; for his name is never mentioned in profane history."

CHRISTIAN PRACTICE AND PRINCIPLE.-A real Christian will be more just, sober, and charitable than other men, though he will not rest for salvation on justice, sobriety, or charity.—Mrs. H. More.

INFLUENCE OF a sense of GOD'S PRESENCE.-"There is nothing that so powerfully governs the heart, that so strongly excites us to wise and reasonable actions, as a true sense of God's presence."

The first volume of the Christian's Penny Magazine, from June to December 1832, is now complete, and may be had, neatly bound in canvass, price 38. 6d. through any Bookseller or Newsman; and also any of the preceding Parts or Numbers.

London; Printed and Published by C. WOOD AND SON, Poppin's Court, Fleet Street; to whom all Communications for the Editor (post paid) should be addressed; — and sold by all Booksellers and Newsmen in the United Kingdoin.

Hawkers and Dealers Supplied on Wholesale Terms, by STEILL, Paternoster Row; BERGER, Holywell Street, Strand; F. BAISLER, 124, Oxford Street; and W. Ñ. BAKER, 16, City Road, Finsbury.




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Death, which is the happiest ?.... 133
Deep, perils of the..

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Anagram, remarkable ...... 18
Andrewes, Bishop, on the Nativity.139
Animals, nourishment and growth of,
182, 190
Anniversaries, the Baptist
Antiquities, Sacred
Apocrypha, why rejected by Protest-
Appeal to the British People.
Apprentice, the Birmingham, 187,
194, 203, 212, 221, 227


Arablan superstitions...



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Confidence, on...
Ignorance, popular, evils of .....
Conscience, lines on..
93 Ignorance and crime inseparable.. 11
Conscience, lines on by K. Charles I. Ignorance and irreligion in London 16
104 Immolation, female, in Africa.... 11
Cotton, adventures of a pound of..128 India, ancicut, commerce of..... 132
134 Indian illustrations of Scripture... 119
Cow Tree...... ..
8 Indians, American, pedestrian exploits
Cow, the clergyman's..
Crab, the great land............. 62 Infant, lines to an ..... ...... 136
Crime in England and Wales, &c. 4 Infant schools..
.. 161
Criminal Justice under Elizabeth and Infant schools, domestic ........ 174
George III.
..... 63 Infant minds, essay on cultivating.176
Crosses, ancient custom of erecting, Infanticide...
Crown, the heavenly.
Crucifixion, lines on the...
Dartmouth, Lord, and George III. 71
Days, my fleeting


Deut. xxii, 1-10, paraphrase on.. 231
Devotion, what is?
Difficulties, perseverance in ............. 94
Directory, the Christian, reviewed 235
| Disinterestedness, Luther's..... 160
96 Divine truth, pillar of........... 88
.... 159 Divine skill..


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Religion, reflections on the Jewish 134
Religion, on....





Religious institutions, British expen-
diture for


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........ 163

31 Rome in its ancient glory..

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Bible, first publication of the English,
Bible, presentation of, to Q. Eliz.. 42
Bible, Bagster's Comprehensive.. 88
Bigotry overruled.
Biography, Scripture, 36, 48, 50, 59,
67, 76, 99, 110, 118, 126, 131, 140,
148, 155, 164, 172, 180, 188
Biography, ecclesiastical, 83, 103, 115,
135, 147, 166, 171, 186, 207|

Birth-day hymn........
Bodleian Library.

Boerhaave, Dr.

Bolton on Afflicted Consciences, re-

Book-lender, the generous
Books, on..

Brahminical haughtiness .....125
Brahmin, the superstitious..
British and Foreign Bible Society. 17
British and Foreign School Society 41
British Empire, statistics of...... 27
Burder, Rev. George..
Business, a hint for men in..
Butler, Bishop, dying.

Cain and Abel, biography of, 99, 110,

Camseen, description of the,..... 135

Carey, Dr., his address to Marquis

Ewe, the Black.
Example, religious, efficacy of.... 100|
Experience, Christian... 102, 108, 159
Fig-tree, the fruitless ..... 111
Florence, account of

Japan, account of
Jasmine flower, on the Indian
Jerusalem, during the Crucifixion. 15
Johnson, Dr., religious character of.112
Judea, fertility of.
Judgment, future, thoughts on ... 70
Justin Martyr, biography of..... 135
Kamschatdales taught medicine by
Krishna, historic traditions of. 177
Ladye Chapel, Southwark ....... 225
Lancashire, statistics of.... ... 175
Land, what, would I visit..
Lark, the morning...


Rose, the blighted..




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205, 213,

Last day, on the...


222, 229

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Lava, tract covered with....
Lazarus, resurrection of.
Lecture, lines on closing an
Leech barometer

.... 32

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Letters, on the invention of..

72 Slavery, Negro...


168 Slavery, Infant, in England.


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Library, the Bodleian.
Library, Dr. Williams's
Life, how to enjoy.

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65 Snow, red..


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Life, what is?


Life, the morn of


1.ife, the happy

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Local attachments..

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London Missionary Society

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London, statistics of.

107 Stones, meteoric


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Fool, the greater..



Lovest thou me?


Fox, Hon. C. J., anecdote of.... 207
Franklin, Dr., and Dr. Mather
Friend, a true.....
Furia infernalis, the.....
Gardens, Indian manner of watering,

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St. Bride's church, lines on its altar-


Mason, Sir John..

... 155

.... 139

[blocks in formation]


Mechanics, a word to...
Messiah, the...



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Mexico, volcanic remains in...... 72
Middlesex, statistics of.. ... 154
Milton, visited by James II......
Milton, loss of his sight.

St. Dunstan's church, on a relic from,
St. Peter's church at Rome..... 209
St. Vincent, martyrdom of....... 19
Student, medical, lines by a..


Studies, on, by Lord Bacon



Sun mer morning..



Summer twilight....



Glory, what is?


God is love....


God, justice of ...

183, 191

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Milton's sonnet on the massacre in
Missionaries, lives of eminent, review
Missionary efforts, hints for..... 135
Monastic institution, the
Morning in June......

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. ....


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Teocalli, a Mexican temple


Cat, ferocity of the....


Guadama, an Indian idol.


Cave, maminoth..


Child, epitaph on a..


Child, lines on the death of a

... 140

[blocks in formation]

Gurney, Mr., his address to mecha-
nics.... 195, 204, 215, 223, 230, 234
Gymnotus, the...

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... ......



Cholera improved


Christ, the love of..


Habits, mourning, of different pa-

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Nile, waters of the..

109 Time, poem on


Christ, official titles of..

75 Hail

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[blocks in formation]


Noah's Ark....

[blocks in formation]

Christ, crucifixion of...


[blocks in formation]

Hall, Rev. Robert, and Matt. Henry's

Oak, Damory's

[blocks in formation]


Oak, the British..

120 To-morrow.....


[blocks in formation]

Hall, Robert, on Educating the Poor,

[blocks in formation]

Christian, reflections of a..



Oxford University

Christian Instruction Society
Christian warfare...


Christian's Penny Magazine, claims

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Harvest moon and Hunters' moon 85
96 Harvest stanzas........
Haweis, Dr., anecdote of..
Hawker, Dr., anecdote of..
Highbury college, Islington...... 137
Hindoo superstitions
Hindoo festivals.......

Palestine, map of.


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193 Tradition, Jewish

16 Truth, Divine, regard to

78 Turkey, the Grand Seignior of..
129 Upsallata, pass of

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... 112

Vedas, the Hindoo


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.. 176

Christianity recommended by an


Hint to Christians and ministers..166

Perkins, Rev. W., biography of.. 167
Peter the Great, anecdote of..
Philosopher, the Christian.

[blocks in formation]

48 Waldenses, the........

151, 206

104 Warburton, Bp., biog. sketch

of.. 6




[blocks in formation]


Whitfield, Rev. G., memoir of, 81, 91

Christianity, evidences of.... ...


Holy Sepulchre, church of.

[blocks in formation]


Williams, Dr., biography of


Chronology, British


Home, thoughts of, in India..

[blocks in formation]

.. 151

Wisdom, my book of...


Church Missionary Society


Home Missionary Society.

9 Pianter, American, the reformed.


[blocks in formation]

Church History (Timpson's) reviewed,

Honour, the way to

[blocks in formation]

Witnesses, a cloud of..



Clarke, Dr. Adam, attainments of.152
Cochineal, cultivation of ...................... 24
Coliseum, reflections on..
College, the Bishop's, near Calcutta,

Colossus of Rhodes

113 Idee: S .....
185 Idolatry.

Commentary on the Bible, reviewed, Idolatry, Christian..


Horn, on wearing a
Hospital scenes ....
Hour-glass, inscription for
Husbandman, the Kentish..
Ice palace

142 Polycarp, biography of ..

[blocks in formation]

79 Pompeii, visit to....

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Words or actions, interpretation of 232


Popish haughtiness.


200 Ignatius, biography of

51 Pothinus, biography of

77 Praise, hymn of..

232 Prayer, influence of, on the character,

106, 115

.198 Prayer, the earthenware-man's.. 232
... 115 Praying family, the, safe ..........



Worlds, terrestrial and planetary.. 15
Writings, immoral, guilt of...... 179
Yorkshire, statistics of



Young lady, dignified conduct of a, 174
Youth, lines on


Zanchius, et itaph on...
231 Zoological Gardens, Surrey..



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HEBREW PROPHETS, illumined by Divine inspiration, beheld the future condition of the world under the reign of Messiah. Contemplating the glories of that blissful period of intelligence and purity, they declared that "wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of the times ;" and the Conductors of the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE, believing this infallible oracle of God, have continued their humble labours to the close of the second year, in the hope of contributing thus to advance the kingdom of Christ, promoting at the same time the moral strength and sure prosperity of their country. And if numerous testimonies of Clergymen of the established church, and of Ministers of other Christian denominations in different parts of the empire, as to the utility of their efforts, are to be regarded, they have the happiness of having in a great measure succeeded in their endeavours.

Protestant Christianity, in all its distinguishing principles, as sealed with the blood of martyrs, has uniformly been inculcated in the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE. Its Conductors hold with sacred regard the plenary inspiration of the Scriptures the mystery of the adorable Trinity -the divinity of the Son of God-his all-sufficient atonement for the sins of the whole world-sanctification by the Holy Spirit-and the necessity of personal holiness to qualify for a blissful immortality, as the essentials of the glorious Gospel of the blessed God: and these life-giving doctrines ever form the glory of their honoured Periodical. They can hold no fellowship with the principles of Socinian infidelity: and while they hope ever to cherish the most tender solicitude for those who are included in the church of Rome, they will feel it their sacred duty fearlessly to expose and denounce the unscriptural delusions, the pernicious practices, and the persecuting spirit of that antichristian communion.

Patriotism and philanthropy also constitute chief essentials of their religion. All the great institutions, therefore, which adorn our age and bless our country, have their cordial approbation and support. The Bible Society, Missionary Societies, School, Temperance, Sailors', District Visiting, and Christian Instruction Societies, have an auxiliary in the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE, which identifies its labours with those divinely-benevolent associations, as is abundantly proved by the pages of this volume. Christian Instruction Societies especially have been materially aided by it; not only by its scriptural contents for evangelical information, but in some instances in their funds, by profits on its weekly sale-a plan which is seriously recommended to their different district committees.

In this year's volume will be found, a considerable share of information on the present State of Religion, both at home and abroad; with a selection of papers on Church History, calculated to awaken the inquiries of young Christians to this important but neglected subject; letters on Education; and a large collection of original Essays, critical, experimental, and practical, which it is hoped will tend, under the Divine blessing, to enlighten the minds and confirm the faith of the growing disciples of Christ.

Sincere and grateful acknowledgments are tendered to the many contributors to the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE, for their valuable communications, by which its pages have been enriched, and a continuance of their various favours is respectfully solicited.

Divine Providence, in the eventful period which is closing, has removed to their eternal reward several of the most eminent servants of Christ; whose virtues adorned our British Israel,

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