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I. JEqer Marderi, Lower Lias, Lyme Regis 10

II. Ideal Section of Cretaceous rocks, from Folkestone to

Lyme Regis 18

III. Thlattodut suchoidet, Kimmeridge Clay, Norfolk 55

V. V. Ditaxiodus impar, Kimmeridge Clay, Oxfordshire 109

VI. Libeltula Watwoodii, Stonesfield Slate 99

Vll. Ancient Beach and Submerged Forest, near Calais ... 115

VIn. IX. Geology of Malta 145

X. New Furbeck Mammal; Trigonia Lamarck ii; Tail-spines

of Ceratiocaru, Wenlock Shale 199

XT. Arancarian Cone, Inferior Oolite, Somersetshire 249

XII. Polyzoa, London Clay, Highgate 300

XIII. Blocks of Tertiary Sandstones in a Gravel Pit, South

ampton S96

XTV. Operculated Radiata 356

XV. Cliffs and Gorges of Wales 387

XVI. Flint Cores from the Indus 433

XVII. Fossils from the Graptolitic Shales of Dumfriesshire ... 489

X VIII. Map of the North-West part of Lough Corrib 490

XIX. Map of the East part of Lough Corrib 491

XX XXI. British Fossil Coniferous Fruits 531

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Sea-worn Fissures in Mica-schist, Coast of Cantyre

8t Kieran's Cave, Coast of Can tyre

Cave in Old Coast-cliffs, Ballochantye, Cantyre

fioetrum of ^Egtr tipularis, Solenhofen

Distal extremity of first thoracic limb of ^Eger tipula

Section at Bramham Moor, Yorkshire

Section at Plumpton

Section on the Nid

Section at Knaresborough

Sections between Fountains Abbey and Ripon ...
Section from the Essex heights to Dartford Heath
Section in the Uphall Brick-field, Ilford



Section from Wanstead Flats Brick-field to the Wickham-lane Brickfield 61

Section from Stifford Bridge to Gray's Thurrock 62

Section extending across the Mouth of the Thames 101

Section showing a fragment of the Original Thames Valley 102

Section from the Thames to Carshalton 103

Diagram of a Raised Beach, near Weston-super-Mare 118

Diagram of Caves at Uphill, near Weston-super-Mare 118

Coves on the Western Coast of the Malvern Straits 157

Lichos patriarchy*, sp. nov. Llandilo Flags 168

Quarry at South Stainly, near Ripley 186

Red Bank Quarry, near South Stainley 186

Quarry at Shaw Mills, near Ripley 187

Fountains' Hall Quarry, near Ripley 187

Geological Sketch Map, from Fountains to Ripley 188

Profiles of the principal heights near Clermont, Puy de Ddme 195

Section across Casterton Low Fell, and Barbon Low Fell 207

Section through the Permian Basin of Ayrshire 246

Section of Permian Sandstone and Tuft^ River Ayr 247

Longitudinal Section of Araucaria Bidwitti 251

Section across the Valley of the Wheeler, Flintshire 254

OoniophyUumpyramidale, Upper Wenlock Shale, Dudley 283

Section of the left Bank of the Trouille 310

Section of Cliffs on the West Coast of Inishmore 338

Hills East of Glencolumbekille, looking North-east 338

Black Head and adjoining Hills, Galway Bay 339

Coast Line, Port Royal, Jamaica 347

Synclinal Hill and Escarpment 438

Section exhibiting partial conformity of new deposit to the subjacent ancient contour 442

Section near Bourton Station 443

Section of Ancient Valley Systems 443,444,445

Ancient buried Watercourses 444

Part of the Coast of South America 447

Hypothetical Land-Contour on the the principle of Coast Erosion... 448

Vale of Todmorden, near Dean Head 476

Valley of Cliviger, at Calder Head 475

Whitworth Valley, South of Bacup 476

Form of the ribs of two species of Trigonia, from Australia 481

Scale of Dion edale 535

Ice-marks on the Mendip Hills 574

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