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The Publishers of Dr. Carson's works are at length

enabled to give to their Subscribers and the public,

the first volume of the series. They regret that it

could not be issued sooner. The delay, however, was unavoidable, being in consequence of the great diffi

culty experienced in reading the manuscripts.

They deem it due to the Author to state here, that

the greater number of the papers appearing in the

present volume are printed from the original manu

scripts, which were not prepared by him for publica

tion. Had he been spared to revise them, they would

probably have been much improved.

The publishers have only further to say, that they

have used every means in their power of ascertaining

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the exact phraseology of the Author in the manuscripts of the papers hitherto unpublished. In this they feel

confident they have, on the whole, succeeded. Some words, however, could not be made out with perfect

accuracy; and, in relation to these, they can only hope CONTENTS.

no serious mistake has occurred.

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