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THIS Work has been delayed and increafed much beyond the original defign, ftated in the Introductory Chapter to the first Volume. This delay and this increase are to be attributed to my anxiety to obtain from the fame Pen, to which I am indebted for fo much affiftance in the first Volume, A


SCHEME CONCERNING ANTICHRIST; being well convinced that no one could prefent

a This Work was firft publifhed in three Volumes, 12mo. The fecond volume commenced with the Introductory Chapter to the second Clafs of Prophecies; and the third Volume contained the third and fourth Chapters of the fame Class.

this new and comprehenfive fyftem to the public in fo clear a light, as the perfon with whom the ideas originated. To this Perfon I am obliged for the whole of the following Preliminary Chapter, excepting only the Hiftorical proofs of the early opinions, concerning the Papal Antichrift-and for nearly the whole of the third Volume.




THE concealed Author of the chief part of this Work confiders it as a duty he owes to himself, the Public, and the facred Nature of the Subject itself, to add to a new Edition fuch Obfervations as appear to him elucidatory and important. He has chofen to place them as Notes, rather than to infert them in the Text, in order to mark their date. The Text remains unaltered, excepting P. 594, vol. I. wherein is now placed the Quotation from "The Layman," adopted in the 3d Edition, and standing there as a Note.

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