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It excites the teachers to greater faithfulness, and the scholars lo diligence in acquiring a thorough knowledge of their leg.

When the superintendent calls the school to order, for The purpose of examination, the teachers will find it conveni. en to sit on the benches with their scholars. The examiner, when he puts a question, should name the class that he wishes to answer it. Confusion is always produced by permitting the whole school to answer at the same time.

Monthly Review.-Those who think proper, can spend every fourth Sabbath in reviewing the lessons of the three preceding weeks. No one class in a school should do this, unless the others adopt the same plan ; for it is of great importance that all the classes should have the same lesson.

Ministers. It is of vital importance to the success of Sabbath Schools, that ministers of the gospel should watch over them, and sce that all things are conducted with propriety. Many clergymen give weekly lectures on the portion of scripture which is to be the lesson for the ensuing Sabbath. This is found very useful, because the teachers and parents will there. by acquire knowledge of the lesson.

Question Book.–Every family should own a question book. It is expected the scholars will study their lessons during the weck. If they have a book at home, they can receive aid from their parents. Children are often greatly assisted by their parents and elder brothers and sisters.

Family Instruction. All families who are sufficiently near to a Sabbath School, will find it good to send their children. But there are some families who are so situated, that their children cannot be connected with any school. Some parents, who are thus situated, have already introduced this system of teaching their children on the Sabbath, either before or after the time of public worship. They usually commence the exercise by sing. ing or prayer. During the time of recitation, such remarks and inutual conversation are introduced, as render the scene in. structive and endearing. Parents of this character truly realize the spirit of Joshua's resolution, “ as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."


Genesis, Chap. i. verses 1-13.

The Creation.
What is the first book of the Bible called ?
What is the meaning of the word Genesis ?
Ans. Generation.-See the Bible Dictionary, pub-

lished by the Am. S. S. Union, words Generation and Bible, where a full explanation is given, to.

gether with an entire History of the Bible. Who wrote the book of Genesis ? What other parts of the Bible were written by him ? What are these five books called ?

Ans. Pentuteuch, or Five Books. From whence did Moses get his knowledge of all

these things ? Exod. xxxiii. 11. Deut. xxxiv. 10. When were the heaven and the earth

created ? What is meant here by the beginning ? By whom were they created ? How many years is it since the beginning of the

world? Had God a beginning ?--Repeat Ps. xc. 2. What is said of the Lord Jesus in John i. 1, 2, 3? Whom then must Jesus Christ be? What is the meaning of created ? What do you learn of the work of creation in Ps.

xxxiii. 6, 9 ? What is God called because he created all things ? 2. In what state was the earth at that time?


What is the meaning of without form, and void ? What was upon the face of the deep? What moved upon the face of the waters? What is said of the Spirit of God in Job xxvi. 13.? How will our hearts for ever remain if the Spirit of

God move not upon them? 3. How was light created ? Was not this a striking instance of the power of God ? What is said of God's word in Ps. cxix. 130 ? What is said of the light which God gives his people

in 2 Cor. iv. 6? 4. What is said of the light? What are the benefits of light ? how is it good to us? What is said of Jesus Christ in John i. 9? In what state is the soul which is not enlightened by

Christ? From what did God divide the light? 5. What did God call the light and the

darkness? What were the evening and the morn


Of what should night remind you?
To whom should you give thanks, when, after the

darkness of the night, your eyes are opened to the light of another day? What is written in Ps. lxxiv. 16. 6, 7. What did God call for “ in the midst

of the waters ?" Between what should it divide ? What is the firmament understood to be ? What aro the properties and uses of air ? Who made the firmament? 8. What did God call the firmament? Is that the heaven where God dwells ?

What day was then completed? 9. What did God say about the waters and

the dry land? Was this done? How large a part of the world is covered with water ? Of what use are seas and rivers ? Of what use is water to the earth? Of what service is it to us? What food do we get from the water ? Could we live without water ? To whom should you be thankful for this great benefit? What class of men are especially called upon to admire

this great work of God ?--Read aloud Ps. civ. 10,

11, 13, 24, 26; cvii. 23, 24. 10. What did God call the dry land, and

the gathering together of the waters? How did these appear to God? 11, 12. What did God bid the earth bring

forth? What is written of God's gracious design in this re.

spect, in Ps. civ. 14? What are some of the ways in which trees are useful

to man? How were the trees and herbs to be con

tinued and increased ? What substances are found in the earth which are not

mentioned here? Was this work good also in the sight of

God? Repeat Ps. cxlvii. 7, 8. 13. What day was then completea ?

Genesis, Chap. i. verses 1427, 31.

The Creation.-(Continued.) 14. What did God call for in the firma

ment?* For what purpose ? What else did God say they were to be for? What were these lights ? What are signs ? How do they serve to mark out seasons, and days, and

years? 15. Where were these lights to be? To what were they to give light? Did they appear as God commanded ? What do you learn from this care of God to provide

every accommodation for those who live on tho

earth ? 16. For what purpose did God make two

great lights ?
What do we call the greater light?
What is the lesser light ?
Of what use is the sun to us ?
How much greater is it than the earth ?+
Of what use is the moon ?
From whence does the moon receive light ?'
What else did God make ?
What are the stars supposed to be ?

* This lesson will be greatly increased in interest, if the teacher and pupils read the first part of “Winter Evening's Conversations on the Works of God," published by the Am. S. S. Union.

See Bible Dictionary.

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