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Thic figures express the Number of the Hymns and Psalms as they are now arranged.


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ADORE and tremble for our God

21 Bless'd is the man who shuns the place . Alas! and did my Saviour bleed . . . 311 Bless'd is the man whose bowels move • 292 All glory to thy wondrous name

. 666 Bless'd is the nation where the Lord . . 2 All inortal vanities be gone. .

• 159 Biess'd morning! whose young dawning rays 421 All ye that love the Lord rejoice . - 387 Bless'd with the joys of innocence

- 181 Almighty Ruler of the skies - - - 564 Blood has a voice to pierce the skies - . 164 Amidst thy wrath remember love - - - 360 Bright King of glory, dreadful God . . 102 Among the assemblies of the great

594 Broad -is the road that leads to death - 189 Among the princes earthly gods

Bury'd in shadows of the night .

234 And are we wretches yet alive - - - 31 | But few among the carnal wise - 193 And must this body die

642 And now the scales have left mine eyes . 335

335 Can creatures to perfecţion find And will the God of grace

• 466 | Children in years and knowledge young 505 Aie all the foes of Sion fools

Christ and his cross is all our theme

947 A re sinners now so sense less grown

Coine all harmonious tongues :

136 Arise my gracious God

385 Come children learn to fear the Lord Arise my soul my joyful powers

Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell

430 As new-born babes desire the breast

Come, happy souls, approach your God 32 At thy command, our dearest Lord

Come bither, all ye weary souls .. . 253 Attend, while God's exalted Son 221 | Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove

373 A wake my heart, arise my tongue

202 Come let our voices join to raise A wake our souls, a way our fears . 338 Cume let us join a joyful tune ...

516 Awake ye saints to praise your King 49 Come let us join our cheerful songs

154 Away from every mortal care • 406 Come Ict us Hift our joyful eyes

401 Coine let us lift our voices high

629 Baek ward with humble shame we look

Come, sound his praise abroad

426 Begin my tongue some heavenly theme - 2650

Come, we that love the Lord Rehold huw sinners disagree . . .

. Consider all my sorrows, Lurd


597 Behold the blind their sight receive . • 1261 Behold the glories of the Lamb - .

155 | Daughters of Zion, come, behold - .. .. 540 Behold the grace appears 105) avid rejoic'd in God his strength

• 137 Behold the lofty sky •

Dvar Lord, behold our sore distress

• 354 Behold the love, the generous love

Dearest of all the names above ..

155 Behold the morning sun

| Death cannot make our souls afraid

624 Behold the potter and the clay .

Dea h may dissolve my body now

628 Behold the rose of Sharon here

Death! 'tis a melancholy day

620 Behold the sure foundation stone

Deceiv'd by subtle snarts of hell

• 256 B hold the woanan's promis'd seed

Deep in our hearts let us record

. 117 1 hold the wretch whose lust and wine

Deep in the dust before thy throne . . 178 Behold thy waiting servant, Lord . 264

Descend from heaven, iminortal Dore. • 326 Behold what wondrous grace . . .

Do we not know that solemn word . Bless, O my soul, the living God


Down headlong from thcir native skice . 196 eless'd are the huinble sou's that see


Dread Sovereign, let my evening song. • 554 Blest are the sons of peace . .

396 Biest are the souls that hear and know

Early my God without delay . . • 416 B.ess'd are the undetil'd in heart.

379 | Ere the blue heavens were stretch'd abroad 103 Bless' l be the everlasting God . 125 Eternal Soversign of the sky.

589 Bliss'd be the Father and his love 663 Eternal Spirit we confess

324 Blused is the man, forever blest

208 Exalt the Lord our God

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Faith is the brightest evidence

273 High in the heavens, ete. nal God Far as thy name is known

461 High on a hill of dazzling light Far from my thoughts vain world be gone 171 |Honour to thee, Almighty Three . . Father, I bless thy gentle hand

598 Hosan na to king David's Son Father, I long, I faint to see

659 Hosanna to our conquering King Father, I sing thy wondrous grace

229 Hosanna to the King . Father, we wait to feel thy grace

532 |Hosanna to the Prince of grace Firch and uamov'd are they . .

211 Hosanna to the Prince of Gigt Firin as the earth thy gospel stands

263 Hosanna to the royal Son
Firm was my health, my day was bright. Hosanna to the Son
Fools in their heart believe and say . 182 Hosanna with a cheerful sound
Forever blessed be the Lord .

340 How are thy glories here display'd Forever shall my song record . . . 173 How awful is thy chast'ntng rod .. . From age to age exalt his name:

361 How beauteous are their fect. . From all that dwell below the skies

499 How can I sink with such a prop
From deep distress and troubled thoughts • 204 How condescending, and how kind
Fiom heaven the sinning angels fell - 197 How did my heart rejoice to hear
From thee, my God, my joys shall rise • 662 How fast their guilt and sorrows rise.
Gentiles by nature we belong . -

504 How full of anguish is the thonght Give me the wings of faith to rise . . 337 How heavy is the uight - - - Give thanks to God, he reigns above.

20 How honourable is the place Give thanks to God, invoke his name 436 How large the promise, how divine Give thanks to God most high . .

¡How long, O Lord, shall I complain Give thanks to God the sovereign Lord 78

How long wilt thou conceal thy face. Give to our God immortal praise

How oft have sin and Satan strove

174 Give to the Father praise

How pleasant, how divinely fair -
Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame

How pleasant 'tis to see .

397 Glory to God that walks the sky

How pleas'd and bitss'd was I

39 Glory to God the Father's name.

667 How rich are thy provioions, Lord Glory to God the Trinity 664 How sad our state by nature is

230 Go preach my gospel saith the Lord


How shall I praise the eternal God . . 44 Go worship at Immanuel's feet

How shall the young secure their hearts - 98 * God in his earthly temple lays

How short and basty is our life .

611 God is a Spirit just and wise

316 |How should the sons of Adam's race. 21 God is the refuge of his saints

475 How strong thine arm is, mighty God - 156 God my supporter and my hope 168 How sweet and awful is the place

521 God of eternal love,

442 How vain are all things here below : 329 God of my childhood and my youth

572 How wondrous great, how glorious bright - 27 God of my life look gently down 596 'I cannot bear thine absence, Lord

376 God of my mercy and my praise -' - 301'I give immortal praise . • • - .. 677 God of the morning at whose voice - 547 I hate the tempter and his charms

187 God of the seas thy thund'ring voice. 12 I lift my banners, saith the Lord

478 God the eternal awful name 86 I lift my soul to God

328 God who in various methods told . 92 I love the Lord, he heard my cries

606 Good is the Lord the heavenly King 558 I love the windows of thy grace

412 Great God attend while Sion sings 403 I send the joys of earth away

• 332 Great God how in6nite art thou - 8 I set the Lord before my face .

123 Great God how oft did Israel prore • • 441 I sing my Saviour's wondrous death . . 121 Great God indulge my huinble claim - 417 I waited patient for the Lord

367 Great God I own thy sentence just - '. 622 I will extol thee, Lord, on high Great God the heaven's well order'd frame96 if God succeed not all the cost - - - 393 Great God thy glories shall einploy - 45 ; If God to build the house deny.

394 Great God to what a glorious height - 114 I'll bless the Lord from day to day

485 Great God whose universal sway

4391'll praise my Maker with my breath Great is the Lord exalted high . 444 I'll speak the honours of my King

- 499 Great is the Lord, bis works of might . 43 l'ın not asham'd to own my Lord

322 Great is the Lord our God - .

460 In all my vast eoncerns with thee Great King of glory and of grace 222 In anger Lord rebuke me not .

600 Great Shepherd of thine Israel 463 In Gabriel's band a mighty stone

481 Great was the day, the joy was great

In Gods own house pronounce his praise - 42 Had I the tongues, of Greeks and Jews 305

In Judah God of old was known

58 Had not the Lord, may Israel say - 585

In thine own ways, O God of love . 57 Happy is he that fears the Lord.


In vain the wealthy morta ls toil Happy the church, thou sacred place

23 In vain we lavish out our lives Happy the city where their sons :

Infinite grief, amazing wo .

36 Happy the heart where graces reign .

Into thine hand, O God of truth

60 Happy the man to whom his God . . - 206

Is there ambition in my heart

28 Happy the man whose cautious feet - . 377

Is this the kind return . Hark! from the tombs a doloful sound

cz It is the Lord our Saviour's hand Hark the Redeemer from on high

538 Jehovah speaks, let Israel hear
Ile reigns! thc Lerd, the Saviour reigns. 645 Jehovah reigns, he dwells in light
He that hath made his refuge God

601 Jehovah reigns, his throne is high
Hear me, O God, nor hide thy face - 595 Jesus, in thee our eyes behold
Hear what the Lord in vision said - 140 Jesus invites his saints -
Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims 623 Jesus is gone above the skies
Help, Lord, for men of virtue fail

574 Jesus our Lord ascend thy throne Hence from my soul sad thoughts be gone 286 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun - - 49 Here at thy cross, my dying God

228 Jesus the man of constant grief High as the "beavens above the ground - 13 Jesus, we bless thy Father's name - - 19

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Jesus, we bow before thy feet . : . 526 ,Lord, when I count thy mercies o'er -... 556
Jesus, with all thy saints above .

. 216 Lord, when my th vughts with wonder roll - 160 Join all the glorious nanes

153 Lord, when thou didst ascend on bigh - 130 Join all the names of love and power - 151 Loud hallelujahs to the Lord - Joy to the world, the Lord is come .

- - 85 . 110 Judge me, O Lord, and prove my ways

301 | Maker and sovereign Lord . - - 146 Judges who rule the world by laws. . 593 Man has a soul of vast desires . . . 432 Just are thy ways and true thy word 284 Mercy and judginent are my song


Mine eyes and my desire .
Kind is the speech of Christ our Lord

Mistaken souls, that dream of heaven
My dear Redeemer and my Lord

113 Laden with guilt and full of fears

My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so

351 Let, all our tongues be one - Let all the earth their voic's raise

My God, accept my early vows.


My God, consider my distress Let all the heathen writers join

y God, how endless is thy love .

550 Let children hear the mighty deeds

y God, how many are my fears

281 Let everlasting glories crown

245 My God, in whom are all the springs - 80 Let every creature join - -

God, any everlasting hope -
Let every mortal ear attend -

God, my King, thy various praise -

22 Let every tongue thy goodness speak

God, my life, my love Let God arise in all his might .

God, my portion, and my love Let God the Father, and the Son

- . 169

y God, permit me not to be. Let God the Father live

od, permit ny tongue . . Let God the Maker's name .

. . 418 od, the spring of all my joys

373 Let him embrace iny soul and prove

My God, the steps of pious men.

381 Let me but hear my Saviour say .

My God, what endless pleasures dwell Let mortal tongues attempt to sing .

My God, what inward grief I feel

319 Let others boast how strong they be

My heart, how dreadful hard it is

352 Let Pharisees of high esteem -:

My heart rejoices in thy name .

347 Let sinners 'take their course

My never ceasing song shall show . . 15 Let the old heathens tune their song

My refuge-is the God of ove .

384 Let the seventh angel sound on high . . 644| My righteous judge, my gracious God - 349 Let the whole race of creatures lie

7| My Saviour and my King - Let the wild leopards of the wood


183 My Saviour God, my sovereign Prince Let them neglect thy glory, Lord


. 218 My Saviour, my Almighty Friend

200 Let us adore th' eternal Word 513) My shepherd is the living Lord ·

- 165 Let Zion and her sons rejoiee 488) My shepherd will supply my need

166 Let Zion in her King rejoice

4761 My soul come meditate the day Let Zion praise the mighty God. . 560 My soul forsakes her vain delight

331 Life and immortal joys are given . - 272 My soul how lovely is the place : - 404 Life is the time to serve the Lord

-- 609) My soul lies cleaving to the dust Lift up your eyes to th' heavenly seat - 143 My soul repeat his praise Like sheep we went astray .

132 My soul thy great Creator praise - - Lo, the destroying angel Hies - . . . . 164 My spirit looks to God alone Lo, the young tribes of Adam rise

569) My spirit sinks within me, Lord Lo, what a glorious corner stone

424 My thoughts on awful subjects roll 4.630 Lo, what a glorious sight appears

497 My thoughts surmount these lower skies 275 Lo, what an entertaining sight - . 299) My trust is in my heavenly Friend .. 342 Long as I live I'll bless thy name

23 Long have I sat beneath the sound 428) Naked as from the earth we came

315 Lord, at thy temple we appear

0251 Nature with all her powers shall sing - . 479 Lord, bast thou cast the nation off 576) Nature with open volume stands

518 Lord, how divine thy comforts are - - 519 NO, I shall envy them no more

433 Lord, how secure and bless'd are they 285 No, I'll repine at death no more

643 Lord, how secure my conscience was

. 240(No more, my God, I boast no more - 201 Lord, I am thine, but thou wilt prove

. 386 No sleep nor slumber to his eyes - - 453 Lord, I am vile, conceiv'd in sin

179| Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard 654 Lord, I can suffer thy rebukes 599 Not all the blood of beasts -

270 Lord, I esteem thy judgments right . 100 Not all the outward forms on earth - 219 Lord, I have made thy word my choice

. 10, Not different food, nor different dress.' 301 Loril, I will bless thee all my days 484 Not from the dust affliction grows

67 Lord, I would spread mysore distress 180 Not the malicious nor profane

232 Lord, if thine eyes survey our faults 570 Not to condemn the sons of men

272 Lord, it thou dost not soon appear

575 Not to our names thou only just and true - 50 Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear - 413 Not to ourselves who are but dust ..

48 Lord of the words above 405 Not to the terrors of the Lord .

462 7.ord, thou hast call'd thy grace to mind - 363 Not with our mortal eyes . .

298 Lord, thou hast heard thy servant cry - - 008 Now be my heart inspir'd to sing ... 492 Lord, thou hast gearch'd and seen me through 40 Now be the God of Israel bless'd

496 Lord, thou nast seen my soul sincere : - 320 Now by the bowels of my God . - - 300 Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray - 555 Now for a tane of lofty praise - - - 133 Lord, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand - 459 Now from the roaring lion's rage - - - 138 Lord, we adore thy bounteons hand . 528 Now have our hearts embrac'd our God' 522

.'71 Now I'm convinc'd the Lord is kind. Lord, we adore thy vast designs -.

73 Lord, we are blind, poor mortals, blind 29 Now in the gall'ries of his grace

545 Lord, we confess our numerous faults - . 225 Now in the heat of youthful blood

567 464 Now let a spacious world arise"

Lord, we have heard thy works of old

58 Lord, what a feble piece

- - • 617 Now let our lips with holy fear - ' - 119 Lord, what a heaven of saving grace. 172 ! Now let our mournful songs record

139 Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I 434 Now let our pains be all forgot .

524. kurd, what a wretched land is this : 371 (Now let the Father and the Son

609 - 012 Now let the Lord my Saviour smile . jord, what is man, poor feeble man •

. 369

577 1024, what was man when made at first. 190 Now may the God of power and grace

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