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PAGE Birth and youth of Sir Walter Manny

114 Sir Walter Manny made Admiral of the North 115 The Battle of Sluys

115 The Countess de Montfort

115 The Countess de Montfort's defence of the Castle of Hennebon

115 Arrival of Sir Walter Manny' at the Castle of Hennebon

115 Sir Walter Manny's complete success

over the besiegers at Hennebon

115 Battle before Auberoche

116 The Siege of Calais

116 Narrow escape of Sir Walter Manny

116 Sir Walter Manny's intercession on behalf of the sir Burgesses of Calais

117 The Charter House founded by Sir Walter Manny

117 Rules of the Carthusian Monks

117 Sir Walter Manny's Charter

118 Death of Sir Walter Manny

118 Struggles of the Carthusians during the Reformation

118 The Prior and the Proctor committed to the Tower

118 Governors appointed by King Henry to watch

and examine the Carthusian Monks The Prior and several Monks hanged at Tyburn

119 Execution of several more of the Monks of the

Charter House .
Exhortation of Father Fewterer

119 Letter of Jasper Ffyloll to Cromwell

120 Cause assigned by Jasper Ffyloll for the obstinacy of the Carthusians

120 Extravagance of the Monks of the Charter House

120 Improvement in the arrangements of the Charter House proposed by Jasper Ffyloll

121 Conversion of six of the Carthusian Monks 122 Persecution and death of the remaining Monks 122 Trafford appointed Prior to the Charter House 122 The second period in the history of the Charter House

123 The Charter House granted to Sir Edward North


The Charter House Monastery converted into a residence

123 The Charter House sold to the Duke of Nori folk

123 The Duke of Norfolk's meditated marriage with Mary Queen of Scots

123 Committal of the Duke of Norfolk to the Tower 123 The Duke of Norfolk convicted of, and executed for, high treason

124 The Charter House falls to the share of Lord Thomas Howard

124 Gratitude shown by James I. to the friends of his mother

124 Contrast between the characters of Sir Walter

w Manny and Sir Thomas Sutton

124 Birth and education of Sir Thomas Sutton 125 Sir Thomas Sutton a retainer of the Duke of Norfolk

125 Marriage of Sutton

125 Tradition relating to the connexion between

Sutton and the delaying of the Spanish Armada

125 Letter from Anne Lawrence to Sir Thomas Sutton

126 Fuller's account of the Benevolence of Sir Thomas Sutton

126 Letter to Sir Thomas Sutton from John Hardinge

126 Various Applicants for the bounty of Sir Thomas Sutton

127 The Charter House purchased by Sir Thomas Sutton

127 Foundation of the Charter House Hospital and School

127 Death of Sir Thomas Sutton

128 Sutton's Monument

128 Claim laid by Sutton's nephew to the property settled on the Hospital

129 First meeting of the Governors of the Charter House Hospital

129 Principal buildings of the present Charter

House The Hall

130 Portraits in the Governor's Room

131 The old Court Room





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State of Rhodes at the period of its conquest by the Knights of St. John

139 Bravery of the Grand-master at the taking of Rhodes

140 Conquest of the islands adjacent to Rhodes 140 The Hospitallers besieged by the Osmanlis 140 Rhodes restored to a flourishing state by the Grand-master

140 Riches amassed by the Knights of St. John during their residence at Rhodes

141 Insubordination and jealousies of the Hospitallers

141 Conquest of the Hospitallers over Prince Orchan

141 Various places in Asia taken by the Knights of St. John

141 Success of the Hospitallers in Egypt

142 Defeat of the Knights of St. John at Nicopolis . 142 The Mussulmans defeated by the Hospitallers . 142 Siege of Rhodes by the Turks

142 Letter of Sultan Solyman

142 Strength of the fortifications of the town of Rhodes

143 Obstinate resistance of the Hospitallers at the siege of Rhodes


PAGE Conquest of Rhodes by the Turks

144 Probability that the Knights of St. John dwelt

at the Priory of Clerkenwell Rebellion of the Commons of Essex and Kent

144 Sir Robert Hales, prior of St. John

144 Destruction of the manors belonging to the

order of St. John by the rebels Destruction of the Savoy

145 Execution of Sir Robert Hales by the rebels 145 Letter of safe-conduct from Henry IV. 10 Walter Grendon

146 Indenture between Thomas Dockvra and sir Thomas Newport

146 Malta taken possession of by the Hospitallers 146 The order of St. John suppressed in England by Henry VIII.

147 The Church of St. John blown up with gunpowder

147 St. John's Gate granted to Sir Roger Wilbraham

147 St. John's Gate bought by Cave

148 The Gentleman's Magazine printed at St. John's Gate


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Designers. 32. St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, 1841

SHEPHERD 33. Arms of St. John's Priory, and of Sir J. Dockwra, on St. John's Gate TIFFIN 34. St. John's Hospital, from Hollar

FAIRHOLT 35. St. John's Gate, from Hollar


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Derivation of the name of Strand
Erection of Westminster Abbey by Sebert, King

of the East Saxons Tax levied on the Inhabitants between Temple

Bar and the Palace Gate The Strand in the reign of Edward III. : The Edifices in the Strand Bridges in the Strand Discovery of a Bridge during the construction of

Sewers near St. Clement's Church Stone Cross in the Strand The Strand in the time of Edward VI. Increase of building in the Strand Extracts from Gay's "Trivia' Butcher Row Houses in Butcher Row pulled down and

Picket Street erected in their room Interesting reminiscences connected with

Butcher Row The French Ambassador's house in Butcher

Row The Church of St. Clement Danes Stow's account of the meaning of the appel

lation Danes Building of the present Church of St. Clement Exterior of the Church of St. Clement The history of the painting by Kent in St. Cle

ment's Church . Fabyan, a resident in the parish of St. Clement The Inn of St. Clement St. Clement's Well The Hall Lines in Knox's ' Elegant Extracts' on a Statue

in the Garden belonging to St. Clement's Inn Sir John Trevor Lyon's Inn.

The old Church of St. Mary

156 The exterior of the present Church of St. Mary' 156 Accident at St. Mary's in 1802

157 The Maypole

157 Maypoles put down by a parliamentary ordi

nance in 1644 Erection of the new Maypole at the Restoration 157 New Maypole set up in 1713

157 Maypole removed to Wanstead

157 The Outer Temple

158 Various names and possessors of Essex House 158 Murder of Miles Stapleton Reasons of the Quarrels between Queen Elizabeth and Essex

158 Letter from Essex to the Queen

158 Essex's Irish Government

159 Essex kept for eight months a Prisoner in his Room

159 Release of Essex :

159 Essex summoned before the Privy Council 159 March of Essex into the City

160 Essex deserted by the Citizens of London

160 Assault of Essex's House

160 Essex and Southampton committed to the Tower 161 Execution of Essex

161 Character of Essex

161 Queen Elizabeth's visit to the Countess of Not.

tingham Death of the Countess of Nottingham Melancholy and death of Queen Elizabeth 162 Lines from the • Fairy Queen'

162 The only existing remains of Essex House 162 Arundel House

163 Lord Thomas Seymour

163 Seymour's marriage with the Dowager Queen Catherine


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(Concluded.) Strand Lane

164 Old Exeter 'Change The old Roman Spring Bath


Buildings on the site of Exeter 'Change Construction of the Bath

166 The Hall Roman Bricks


Worcester House Vaults under the Houses in Surrey Street

166 Marriage of the Duke of York with the daughProbability that the Roman Bath was unknown

ter of Clarendon to the later Historians of London

167 Fielding, a resident in Beaufort Buildings Ancient Palace of the Savoy

167 Cecil House Peter de Savoy

168 Durham House The Palace of Savoy, the property of the Earls Feast given at Durham House in the reign of of Lancaster


Henry VIII. The residence of King John of France in the Savoy 168 Establishment of the Royal Mint Entrance into London of King John and the Marriage of Lord Guildford Dudley and Lady Black Prince


Jane Grey Return of King John to France

168 Lady Jane Grey declared Queen by the Duke of Second arrival of King John in London

168 Northumberland Death of King John at the Savoy

168 Execution of Lady Jane Grey and Lord 'GuildAnger of the Citizens of London against the

ford Dudley Duke of Lancaster and Lord Percy

169 Durham House granted by Queen Threatened destruction of the Savoy

Sir Walter Raleigh Complete destruction of the Savoy during Wat The New Exchange built Tyler's insurrection

169 Anecdote of the Duchess of Tyrconnel Incident mentioned in Stow's Chronicle relating Mr. Gerard's Plot for the assassination of Crom. to the burning of the Savoy

170 well Hospital built by Henry VII. on the site of the Alterations near

Northumberland House Savoy

170 York House, the birth-place of Bacon Various possessors of the Savoy before the Com

Possessors of York House previous to its being monwealth

170 occupied by Sir Nicholas Bacon Religious meeting held at the Savoy

170 Bacon early a Courtier The Savoy Conference

171 The gradual rise of Bacon Meeting of Presbyterian Divines at the Savoy 171 Jonson's lines on Bacon The Savoy used as a hospital for sailors and sol York House bestowed by James I. on the Duke diers by Charles II.

171 of Buckingham Nearly all the remains of the Savoy swept away

Water-gate at the end of Buckingham Street at the erection of Waterloo Bridge


Murder of Buckingham The Chapel

172 Northumberland House Monuments in the Chapel of the Savoy

172 Exterior of Northumberland House Anne Killigrew

173 Interior of Northumberland House Gawin Douglas

173 Pictures in Northumberland House Richard Lander

173 Anecdote of Goldsmith's visit to NorthumberFuneral of William Hilton, late keeper of the

land House Royal Academy


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PAGE London Associations


Stow's sense of the injury done him by Graf. London, the oldest City on this side the Alps 182

191 Changes that have taken place in London 183 | Temper and Character of Stow

191 The earliest investigators of the Antiquities of Stow again brought before the Ecclesiastical London 183 Court

192 Fabyan 184 False Accusations made against Stow

19 Fabyan's Chronicle'


Stow falsely accused by his own Brother . 192 Fabyan's merits as an historian

184 Allusions in Stow's various Works to his BroArnold's • Chronicle, or Customs of London' 185 ther's unnatural conduct

19? Warton's account of Arnold's method of compil. Stow's complaints of the Ingratitude of Men 193 ing a book 183 Stow's love for his Employment

193 John Stow .


Labours and Hardships undergone by Stow durBirth of Stow 185 ing the progress of his Work

191 Stow's library examined by the Council in 1568

Stow's Old Age and Infirmities

194 Papistical books found in Stow's library

186 Patent of Beggary received by Stow from the Strype's account of Stow's religious opinions 186 Crown

194 180 Collections made for Stow in various Parishes : 195 The will of Stow's grandfather 187 Stow's disregard of Poverty

195 The will of Margaret Stow

188 Further details of Stow's History to be found in Evidence that Stow followed the trade of a tailor 188

195 Stow's account of the execution of the Bailiff of Edmund Howe's description of Siow's Person Rumford 188 and Character

19€ Story told by Stow of the Tyranny of Sir Thomas Death of Stow

196 Cromweli 189 Stow's Monument

196 Goodman's Field and the origin of the name 189 Quarrel between Stow and Ditcher Stow's residence in the parish of St. Andrew 190 Anthony Munday's edition of Stow's 'Survey of Stow's Summary of the Chronicles of Eng


197 land' first published

Strype's edition of the Survey of London

197 Stow's · Anuals' 190 Strype's peculiarities of Style

193 Probable date of the commencement of Stow's

Strype's principal Works

198 "Chronicles' 190 Strype's Annals of the Reformation'

198 Dedication of the second edition of stow's Sumo James Howel's . Londinopolis'

193 mary' 190 Dr. William Stukely

198 Richard Grafton and his plagiarism 191 Death of Stukely ·

199 Stow's vindication of himself from Grafton's Burial of Stukely

200 charges





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Fitz-Stephen's description of the Tower .
The building of the lower vulyarly attributed to

Julius Caesar
Various opinions concerning the Founders of the

The Tower supposed by Stow to have been built

by William the Conqueror
Foundations of buildings discovered near the

White Tower
Bishop Gundulph
Tempest in 1090
Additions made to the Tower by William Rufus

and Henry I.
The Tower used as a Prison in the reign of

Henry I.
Imprisonment of the Bishop of Durham in the

The Tower held by the Bishop of Ely against

King John
The Bulwarks of the Tower strengthened in the

reign of Henry III.

202 202 203

Leopards placed in the Tower by Henry III. • 205
Improvements made to the Tower by Henry III. 205
Reparation of St. Peter's Church in the reign of
Henry III.

Last important Additions made to the Tower in
the reign of Edward I.

205 Commission issued for inquiring into the state of the Tower

205 Palatial Character of the Tower

200 Mud wall between the Tower ditch and the City 206 Captivity of the Duke of Orleans in the Tower 206 Representation, in a copy of the Poems of the

Duke of Orleans, of the Tower in the fifteenth century

206 Considerable repairs to the Tower during the

reigns of Edward IV. and Richard III. 208 Scaffold and gallows set up on Tower Hill 203 Ancient names of the buildings in the Tower 208 Paul Hentzner's Description of the Tower in 1598

208 Plan of the Tower in 1598


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Preparations at the Tower for the Coronation of

Charles II. Magnificence of the Coronation Procession Heath's description of the Dresses at Charles II.'s

coronation The Tower a place of Kingly Residence on ac

count of its safety Religious Festivals at the Tower in the reign of

Henry III. Parliament summoned at the Tower in 1236 The White Tower Resemblance between the Chapel in the White

Tower and the Choir of St. Bartholomew's

Priory Edward' I. and the Alchymist Raymond Lully Seclusion of Edward III. in the Tower Execution of Mortimer on Tower Hill Illustrious prisoners in the Tower during the

reign of Edward III. Festivities in honour of the Coronation of

Richard II. Tournament held in London in 1389 Coronation of Queen Isabel . The Council Chamber of the White Tower Richard II. forced to resign the Crown Coronation of Henry IV. Death of Henry VI. in the Tower Coronations of Edward IV. and his Queen Entrance of Edward V. into London The Duke of Gloucester and the Bishop of Ely Imprisonment of the Lords of the Council Execution of Hastings Coronation of Richard III.

219 220 220 221

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Murder of the Princes in the Tower
Discovery of the bones of Edward v. and his

brother Coronation of the Queen of Henry VII. The marriage of Prince Arthur with Katherine

of Spain Accession of Henry

viii. Residence of Edward VI. at the Tower Coronation of Queen Mary Coronation of Queen Elizabeth The Tower Menagerie Leopards presented by the Emperor Frederick

to Henry III. Sports witnessed by James I. in the Tower Removal of the Menagerie to the Zoological

Gardens The Regalia Various Monarchs by whom the Crown Jewels

were pledged The present state of the Regalia Birth of Thomas Blood Conduct of Colonel Blood during the Insurrec

tion set on foot to surprise Dublin Castle Blood's purposed vengeance on the Duke of

Ormond Visit of Blood to see the Regalia Attempt of Blood and his Accomplices to steal

the Regalia Flight and Arrest of Blood and his associates Blood taken into favour by King Charles Death of Blood Lines on Colonel Blood in Rochester's · History

of Insipids'

229 229

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* Called “ Entrance Gate" under the Cut. It forms the entrance from the outer into the inner ward.

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