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sources whence it flows, and which may easily be pointed out, have long existed. And since the same causes are, as we shall see, ever exerting a powerful influence, it is incumbent on the friends of sound learning to be equally unceasing in their endeavors to prevent the threatened disunion of Letters from Science; and that undue preference which the latter is seeking to usurp.

There are, indeed, some points of view from which this subject has been less examined, and which, belonging as they do more especially to our own country and to the state of society among ourselves, may possess for us a greater interest, as well as some share of novelty. To these features of it I shall hereafter call your notice. For the present my intention is to point out the natural connexion that subsists between science and letters, and attempt a vindication of those literary pursuits, which seem to be every where falling into comparative neglect.

And here let me premise, that, disregarding just now more accurate distinctions, I would by the term science be understood to mean physicai science, or a knowledge of the material world. and of the secondary laws which govern it; and that by letters I intend studies which have no immediate reference to matter ; such, for example, as grammar and criticism, poetry and eloquence,

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Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages in Columbia College, New-York.


No. 11 Frankfort Street.

of Cambridge,
1978 Sept. 25,

Gift of
Prof. William Everett,

(4.4.18 5)

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1835, by N. F. Moore, the Clerk's Office

of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.


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