MY THIRD BOOK - A Collection of Tales


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Página 140 - God pity them both! and pity us all, Who vainly the dreams of youth recall. For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: "It might have been...
Página 116 - I loved you, Evelyn, all the while ! My heart seemed full as it could hold ; There was place and to spare for the frank young smile, And the red young mouth, and the hair's young gold. So, hush, — I will give you this leaf to keep : See, I shut it inside the sweet cold hand ! There, that is our secret: go to sleep! You will wake, and remember, and understand.
Página 76 - All within is dark as night : In the windows is no light ; And no murmur at the door, So frequent on its hinge before. III. Close the door, the shutters close, Or thro' the windows we shall see The nakedness and vacancy Of the dark deserted house.
Página 420 - Suffer not woman and her tenderness to sit near him in his darkness. Banish the frailties of hope, wither the relenting of love, scorch the fountains of tears,* curse him as only thou canst curse. So shall he be accomplished in the furnace, so shall he see the things that ought not to be seen, sights that are abominable, and secrets that are unutterable. So shall he read elder truths, sad truths, grand truths, fearful truths. So shall he rise again before he dies. And so shall our commission be accomplished...
Página 346 - And she too, that princess fair, If her bloom be now less rare, Let her have her youth again — Let her be as she was then ! Let her have her proud dark eyes, / And her petulant quick replies, Let her sweep her dazzling hand With its gesture of command, And shake back her raven hair With the old imperious air...
Página 158 - Oh, that I were The viewless spirit of a lovely sound, A living voice, a breathing harmony, A bodiless enjoyment— born and dying With the blest tone which made me ! Enter from below a CHAMOIS HUNTER CHAMOIS HUNTER.
Página 246 - She was a beautiful girl of sixteen ; with black hair, and dark, lovely eyes, and a face that had a story to tell. How different faces are in this particular ! Some of them speak not. They are books in which not a line is written, save perhaps a date.
Página 54 - LOVE me, sweet, with all thou art, \ Feeling, thinking, seeing; • Love me in the lightest part, Love me in full being. Love me with thine open youth In its frank surrender, With the vowing of thy mouth, With its silence tender.
Página 180 - Two sudden blows with a ragged stick, And one with a heavy stone, One hurried gash with a hasty knife, — And then the deed was done; There was nothing lying at my foot But lifeless flesh and bone!
Página 76 - Come away : for Life and Thought Here no longer dwell; But in a city glorious — A great and distant city — have bought A mansion incorruptible. Would they could have stayed with us ! THE DYING SWAN.

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