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Printers to the University.
Sold by E. GARDNER, at the Oxford Bible Warehouse, Paternoster Row, London.

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Bayerische Staatsbibliothet




THIS Edition of the Holy Bible is an exact reprint in Roman letter of the Authorized Version published in the year 1611 in large black letter folio, copies of which may be seen in the British Museum, at Sion College, in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and in the University Library at Cambridge. The reprint is so exact as to agree with the original Edition page for page, and letter for letter; retaining throughout the ancient mode of spelling and punctuation, and even the most manifest errors of the Press. Without this extreme degree of accuracy the Reader would not have been able to judge by its means, whether the original Standard can still be exactly followed, and how far the deviations introduced at different periods, and which have now had possession of our Bibles for many years, can reasonably be abandoned.

To this reprint is added a Collation made with an Edition of the year 1613 in smaller black letter folio, copies of which are also

preserved in the British Museum, in the Library of Christ Church, and in the University Press at Oxford. That Edition was selected for the purpose in preference to the large black letter folio of the same year, or to the large black letter folio of the year 1617, because no two entire copies of either of the two latter Editions could be found, all the sheets of which corresponded precisely with each other. Many of these copies contain sheets belonging, as may clearly be proved, to Editions of more recent date; and even those which appear to be still as they were originally published, are made up partly from the Edition printed at the time, and partly from the remains of earlier impressions.

The Collation is confined to the Text, and consists of all differences of words, excluding varieties of punctuation, spelling, and initial letters. From it the Reader may learn how far it was thought necessary to correct the Authorized Text in the time of the original Translators.

Oxford, November 23, 1833.

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